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Thursday, June 8, 2017

It's Thursday, I Got Important Shit To Do - But...

Hey y'all, today ex-FBI director James Comey is testifying before the Senate committee. I've bought plenty of popcorn and made some sweet iced sun tea. I am planting my ass in front of the TV which I normally don't do and I plan on also watching what dimwit #45 will be tweeting. This is going to be one hell of a circus act, two rings, without a net no doubt.
Spunky sleeping on his bed
Monday I tore the TV room apart. Since I haven't been in there in a long while, I noticed there was a nasty smell in the house. I went from room to room and I found it. For the life of me, David must be nose dead. That TV room smelled like someone took a crap. Really! It did! So I cleaned house on Monday like a crazy woman. I washed all the dog's blankets and mopped the floors.Then about an hour before David came home, I made his dinner and set it in the microwave. Then I made the puppies their dinner and set it on the counter. Then one by one I proceeded to drag their nasty screaming butts into the bathroom shower and gave them baths, dried them off and after I took my shower and cleaned up the bathroom, I fed them their dinner. I threw all the towels into the washer for a wash. By the time David came home for dinner, I was lying on the heating pad watching TV in the bedroom and the puppies were all cleaned up, fed, fat and tuckered out from fighting me in the shower. They had fallen asleep on their newly cleaned bedding.

By the way, Pebbles is still with us. David didn't have the heart to take her to the vet and end her life. She barely gets around but she can still move. She has a ferocious appetite when eating but she just can't keep the weight on. This weekend we will be taking her to the vet to see what we should do about her. I will keep y'all posted.


  1. i am glued to the tv today! i hope you can squeeze out more time with pebbles. teddy is so old now too. it's so sad.

  2. So far 45 hasn't tweeted. His lawyers must have him hog-tied!

  3. Oh sweetie I am so sorry about Pebbles...

  4. Poor little Pebbles!!
    I think the ex-FBI dude did great!


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