Thursday, August 9, 2018

I'm Finally Home

I'm home! I'm home! I AM HOME!!
I left the hospital yesterday afternoon around 3:30. I have to say that I almost had to stay another day if it wasn't for me pushing myself during my physical therapy sessions. I really endured the pain of walking just to get out. The nurses, the CNAs and the PT staff were super excellent at their jobs. They kept me comfortable and as pain free as possible. Everyone was super from the time I initially entered the hospital until I left it, I have to say I was nearly spoiled to death by all of them but I just wanted to be home.
But getting back to when I got home, David got me safely into the house without Lucy attacking me with happiness. David locked her up in the living room with the baby gates. When Lucy finally saw me come into the house through the kitchen door, she nearly shook all her hair off from happiness. I mean to tell you she was crying and whining and wagging her little body so hard that I thought she was going to break something. When I got settled into bed, David released the "Kraken" and Lucy went nuts. But she was very careful with me. I know she had some idea her mommy was still in a bit of pain because as soon as she jumped onto the bed where I was, she delicately walked up next to me and laid her head on my stomach like she was saying she missed me and was glad I was home again. Poor little thing made me cry. She slept next to me most of the night except when I got up a couple of times.
Anywho, this morning I put my old brace on when I got out of bed. I washed up and changed my bandage, took my drugs did my exercises and ate breakfast. It's about a little after 10 am right now for me and I'm getting tired and I might take a little nap because sleeping at night is very rare with the intermittent pain spasms and having to get up for the bathroom breaks. I'll be posting now and then when I can. Love you all so much and thank you for the "get well" wishes.



  2. this is all great news. glad you are home!

  3. Lucy is a doll. What a sweet baby.
    I'm glad you got home. I hate being away from mine.
    Definitely rest.

  4. Awww. Lucy is such a smart little puppers! Funny how she knew you were still hurting.

  5. Hi Leeanna -- I've caught up on the posts I missed while in Manitoba . . . So glad your surgery went well and you're back home again! I hope everything heals up quickly and well and that it solves some issues for you!

  6. Home Sweet Home. Sleep when you can, helps the healing! I'm in love with Lucy!

  7. Happy Dance! So happy for you!!! Sending you and Lucy BIG HUGS!!! Take it easy!!!! Rest!!!


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