Monday, April 15, 2019

Notre Dame is Gone

The Notre Dame Cathedral is gone. The fire which is still burning has gutted the church completely and many Catholic treasures and artwork and the iconic rose stain glass windows are all gone, lost forever.
It's been on fire since a little after noon central time and I've been watching on MSNBC since it started showing the fire. It's now 3:50pm here, 10:50pm in Paris at this time that I write. There is a bright orange glow coming from the inside of the building. A work of architectural art is now lost forever. Paris firefighters are moving back because the stone walls might fall soon. Strange how this is happening. 


  1. I feel saddest of all about those beautiful rose windows.

  2. If seen as a Tarot image - think of the classic card - the Falling Tower! According to many of the websites - we are in Tower Times!



  3. Very sad - 800 years of art and history gone or severely damaged.


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