Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stupid IT People

I apologize for not being able to post yesterday, but I was offline all day. Apparently there was a hiccup when Time Warner updated their system which caused a major nationwide shutdown of services. Just fucking lovely.

When David woke up yesterday morning he noticed our online service was not working. He said not to worry, give it a while so their IT people could get things back online. So he went to work and I stayed in bed on the heating pad reading. David later called around 2:45 and asked if we were back online. No we weren't. So I was stuck calling Time Warner. Their robot answering system said there was no outage in our area. This has happened before and I was thinking the router might be out so I opted to talk with an IT person. Just my luck I got an idiot IT from India with a bad microphone.
When you get that disgusted look
Anywho, I said our TW router was not working and that the Online light was not on. He asked me to do this, that and the other, but it didn't work. It was a fun waste of 20 minutes of my time on the phone,  I was getting mad until I noticed the little white button on the front of the router. Get this, he never, ever, during the whole conversation, said to try pressing that white RESET button. Not once! So I took it upon myself to try it. Well, low and fucking behold, it reset the router and everything started to work just fine.

Now I know it's rude to bitch at someone when they are trying to help you, but when they don't know to ask you to press the obvious RESET button first, then they shouldn't be in IT to begin with. I have no sympathy for stupid people who don't know how to do their job. I fucking lost it with that idiot.
Borrowed from a friend
I then hung up and went to start dinner. I didn't have time to do anything on my computer so my day was pretty well shot to hell. Oh wait, that wasn't all. We later got a call back from TW asking how they did. You can pretty much guess how fast David took the phone from me when I started bitching them out. I was shaking. I was so fucking pissed, I wanted to hit someone.
So, how was your day?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Having A Bad Day

Lower back pain SUCKS!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Magic With Dogs

If you read my blog, heaven help you you'll notice I love videos that play tricks on dogs. Dogs show such unique expressions when something is not right.  So entertain yourselves with some of the cutest WTF, and I see what you're doing here moments with dogs and *cough* magic.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's Thursday

I gave in to my needs. I went back to my old loves, heating pad and pain meds. I just couldn't stay away. Well I'm back to square one now. I've been  sleeping when I can and doing minor house chores when I can.
Last night I fell asleep with the heating pad on and woke up scared. I'm always worried that I'll burn myself or start a fire even though it turns itself off after and hour.  It has a fail safe mode that if you turn it on by accident, and don't move the heat settings for 1 minute it will shut off. It's so cool.
Anywho David did some wild and wooly yard work this past weekend. He cut down the tomato bushes. Yes, yes he did. The heat was effecting the size of the tomatoes and they were splitting bad. So he decided to cut them down. I told him that when the cooler temperatures come in September it wouldn't be such a bad idea to buy new tomato bushes. It doesn't get really cold here until near the end of November. So he is going to see if the nursery has any to sell. We're hopeful on that subject that they will.

Something we need desperately to get done around the house, is fix the hot water heater. The heating element is going out. I love molten lava hot water when I do the dishes or take showers and it's like 3 minutes into washing with hot water when it turns into cryogenic stasis ice cold. The kind of heater we have is a Point of Use Tankless water heater. Meaning it only heats the water when you need it hot. The heating element goes out on that thing like clock work every year. It's the build up in the jets. I really wonder if this is a regular problem with everyone or just the model we use. Sigh*, I need to do some online analysis.

Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm Breaking It Off

Dear Pain Meds and Heating Pad,
   It was such a lovely weekend that we had together. Yes, a threesome is delightful but it gets old when it lasts the whole weekend. It's not you, it's me. You see, I can only take so much of you both before I get bored and want to seek something more in life. Something that makes me feel better. Something that I just can't find with you anymore. Please don't feel sad because I'm leaving you for something better. Just remember the love we shared this weekend, and that one day I will come back to you once more.

Leeanna's Arthritic Bad Back

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Out For The Week

I'm going to take the rest of the week off my friends.  My back is reading me the riot act again. I over did it when I went swimming yesterday. So now I'm back on my pain meds and they should be kicking in real soon.  My Goddess, it's so painful just to sit or walk.

So I'll try to be here on Monday, if possible.  I have some new and funny things I want to share with you.  Have a stellar week y'all.
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