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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yesterday and Other Stuff

Wednesday morning I died. Oh yes, I fucking did. There was a nasty front in back of a line of rain that stretched from Big Bend here in Texas clear up through the U. S. of fucking A. The bad part is that the front was moving way too slow for my liking and in the middle of the fucking night. I was writhing in pain. My arthritis was kicking my spine's ass this way and that. I couldn't get any sleep.
When the front finally made it through my area it was nearly 5 a.m. I was so tired that I almost slept through the morning before I realized I had to post the cats edition of Wednesday's post. I was like a zombie the rest of the day. I didn't get anything done. Last night I slept all through the night, just like David. Yeah, he's a heavy sleeper. I wish I could sleep like him all the time
So this morning, I'm stuck doing all the lovely stuff I wanted to do yesterday. Cleaning and laundry. Yes!! The two most hated subjects on every person's list. Oh. Yes. They. Are. No matter if you're single or married you hate cleaning house and doing laundry. Especially if you'd rather be perusing through Pinterest and looking at vacation spots in the Caribbean, or wishing you had thought of that to do for your wedding, or a neat new recipe you just happened to see that you might try soon. Yeah, I'm a pinaholic too. But I'm trying to go to the Pinaholic People Anonymous but it's hard. But, hey, PPA is there for us.
Oh, there are a few things I wanted to share with all y'all. First, my new glasses Did you seriously think for a moment I would show you what they look like on my face?


The puppies new bark box. for this month. It was chock full of all things baseball. Spunky has claimed all the toys for himself, of course. This venture is turning out to be a good thing for the puppies. Sorry, the picture was dark but I had a splitting migraine that day and I closed all the blinds and drapes in the house. No way was I going to have the camera flash on either.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Starting Over

Answering your comments yesterday about live trapping. We really tried that several times, but they are much too fast and smart. We can't kill them because they are red tail squirrels. Texas has a law against that.

Yesterday, I started soaking new flower seeds for planting. I picked up some pretty four-o-clocks and I found some leftover seeds from my dwarf hollyhocks. This coming weekend, David is going to set up chicken wire to keep the squirrels from getting to any new seedlings that sprout. I really hope this works. He said that I can plant the seedlings and then close the chicken wire up to look like a giant onion over the pots when ready. He said it should keep squirrels out until the flowers bloom then I'll take the wire off. Until then, he said he is working on enclosing the courtyard. I really don't think that is necessary and besides, it will be a great expense to do so. I can live with giant onions, ahahahaa.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Damned Squirrels!!

I'm really pissed now! All my flower seedlings that I transplanted have been eaten . . . BY SQUIRRELS!! Yes, those cute little furry creatures that everyone loves. Those nasty little bastards have eaten all my plants. My hollyhocks, larkspurs, yarrow, and bachelor's buttons are all gone. They couldn't reach the tomatoes, peppers, green beans or peas, but that's just a matter of time before they figure out the chicken wire cage we made to protect them.
At first, I thought it might be insects feeding on my flowers. I never thought for one fucking second that squirrels would do that. But I saw it with my own eyes at 6 a.m. Saturday morning when I let the dogs outside. So, now David and I are wondering what we can do without killing them. We already tried firing plastic BB's to deter them but it did no good last year. The little fuckers ate all of the tomatoes and other veggies we had planted. All though, I did manage to can quite a bit of the veggies they didn't get to but, they still cleaned us out. I'm going crazy thinking of what to do without committing murder.  

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Funny

LOOK!!  Dumb and Dumber

A good ol' East Texas boy won a bass boat in a raffle drawing. He brought it home and his wife looks at him and says, "What you gonna do with that? There ain't no water deep enough to float a boat within 100 miles of here."

He says, "I won it and I'm a-gonna keep it."

His brother came over to visit several days later. He sees the wife and asks where his brother is.

She says, "He's out there in his bass boat," pointing to the field behind the house.

The brother heads out behind the house and sees his brother in the middle of a big field sitting in a bass boat with a fishing rod in his hand .
He yells out to him, "What are you doin'?"

His brother replies, "I'm fishin'. What does it look like I'm a doin'?"

His brother yells, "It's people like you that give people from East Texas a bad name, makin' everybody think we're stupid. If I could swim, I'd come out there and whip your ass!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Raining Here

OY!! It's a floodin down here in Texas! So I've heard. Ain't seen it yet but I heard about it. I did ask David if he finished that ark yet. Ya know, just in case we need it. Nope, not yet, but he's workin on it. We did have a pretty bad storm this morning with a butt load of rain. It scared the puppies and they ended up in bed with me. After it stopped I got dressed and made coffee. David said that the office lost phones, so if I needed to call him that I should call his cell but that email would work better. 
In other news My back, as usual, has been giving me fits of pain. It's the wet weather here. I can't seem to figure out what to do lately because nothing is working for the pain. I do see my pain doctor next month so maybe he might set me up for more injections that won't do anything for me. It's arthritis and there is nothing in this world that can solve this problem.
This past weekend David had to dig up my little Gardenia bushes near the front steps. They were some of the plants that died when he failed to water everything during my recovery time. I don't blame him because he was going to work,coming home and having to feed the puppies and then taking care of me and them and himself and do minor housework. He was just too tired to go outside and set up a sprinkler. So I understand. Well, the man went crazy and bought me 2 red Knockout rose bushes and 2 red Geraniums to put in the place of the Gardenias. I just love that man to pieces. He planted them this past weekend and surprised me. I really didn't think he would go out and buy flowers for me like that. 
Last week Friday I finally got the call for my glasses. It was only 7 days wait time. Better than I expected. I went this morning to get them. They feel weird because they're not full frames, they are frameless or should I say half frames so they feel lighter than my old ones.  But they are so nice. I can actually see again 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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