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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Yes, Yes I am

Don't be surprised if I tell you now that David is probably planning to either divorce me in the very near future or kill me and make it look like an accident, which won't be hard to do because I am the most accident prone bitch this side of the Mississippi and Bravos rivers. I fell again but this time my right knee gave out. I was able to get up but dayum, that hurt. I fell right after getting out of bed this morning so I didn't have time to put on my leg brace. I'm rambling again.
Anywho, I'm costing that man a lot of money in medical bills. Before he even met me he never saw a doctor except for a bad ear infection and that was when he was just starting high school. Now he sees our doctor every four months and I'm seeing three doctors one every three months. It's getting ridiculous. I told David we need to cut down and see the family doc once a year, my pain doc once every six months and my rheumatoid doc every six months. Otherwise, we are going to be in the poor house inside of a year.
Well, it's Thursday. I have a butt load of laundry to do today but I'm going to break it into four loads. Two for today and two for tomorrow. I really hate doing laundry on weekends because David likes to drag me out of the cave and take me places. So I generally have a thing about no housework or laundry on weekends. Today I'm doing white clothes and towels and then I'll do the jeans after. Tomorrow it will be his work clothes and then my clothes. It works out pretty well that way. I have nothing to do over the weekend but maybe watch some TV, lounge around or watch him putter around in the yard while I drink iced cold lemonade. Sigh, the hard life of a Texas housewife. Whatevah shall I do?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wet Cat Wednesday

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tickle Me Tuesday

Monday, July 16, 2018

It's Monday - UGH

Sorry, I'm late posting today but I had to go sign the insurance paperwork for my surgery. As I said it's going to be on the 6th of next month. I'm not too happy about it but it has to be done. It's only 3 days in the hospital so that's not too bad. David will be off the day I come home. He doesn't have to take off. I can fend for myself. I'll be getting around with a walker and besides, Lucy will be hired on as my nurse where she will spend most of the day sleeping next to me while I have my leg up and I'm reading. So there's that.
David did the grocery shopping on Saturday morning because I didn't feel good. I gave him the list and he's pretty good at sticking to it so I didn't worry. But when I finished cleaning the bathroom and I was putting my cleaning bucket away under the kitchen sink I noticed a large bag of wild rice on the kitchen counter. He often leaves stuff out that needs to go into pantry containers but this was ridiculous. On the counter was a huge bag of wild rice. I'm talking 20 fucking pounds of it. What the fuck am I going to do with 20 pounds of rice? I even asked him that and he came back with, "you had on the list a BIG bag, so I got a BIG bag." David always tries to piss me off and make it funny. So here I am grabbing all my large containers for the rice to be poured into. He did the pouring and laughed the whole time about it saying that this rice should last a couple of days.  We filled three large plastic containers to the very top. They are now in my pantry on the floor. I need to be more explicit when I make the grocery list next week. He's going to find out just how explicit I can be. I have plans for you David.

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