Friday, February 27, 2015

Ask Me Anything Friday

It's Ask Me Anything Friday. Yes! You can go ahead and ask me anything you like. BUT! You can only ask one question per person per Friday. So go ahead and ask me anything you want to know that has been nibbling on your brain for a long time now. Go Ahead. Ask Me Anything.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Answers to Friday's Questions

Baby it's cold outside! The  weather isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it is damned cold out there. I love cold and dreary, but my body hates it. I won't let the pain get me down though. So now, let's get to the answers for your questions.

The first one is from Debra,

Where did you live in Hawaii? Was it on the base in Oahu?

No, we didn't live on the base (Schofield). We, my mom, sister, and three brothers, lived with my grandparents in Wahiawa which was very near Schofield. We only stayed with them for a while then we moved to the northwest side of the island to Makaha. This was in the early 60's so the island wasn't that commercialized at the time. There wasn't the scenery blocking highrise hotels everywhere. It was still a nice place to have kids running around barefoot and alone to school through pineapple fields. It was still an innocent wonderful time. 

Living in Makaha was fun because we lived across the highway, which was a 2 lane black top that was rarely traveled, from Makaha beach. We would hurry though our homework and then run across the highway to the beach to play until mom called us for dinner. I was 9 yr's old and the oldest.

If you Goole Map Makaha beach, we lived where the Maunalahilahi Botanical Garden is now, and the highway is now 4 lanes. Makaha has built itself up from just a little place it was when we lived there.

The second question is from Birdie,

Do you have kids?

Sadly, no. David and I thought hard about it after we got married and decided it was something we didn't think was really necessary for our happiness as a couple.  He already has a daughter in her 30's from a previous marriage, living and married in Austin. We didn't want to have children so late in our lives. Some people might think we are selfish, but we were thinking of the child having elderly parents before he/she graduates high school.  

As for Pickleope, I will not even repeat that question. Like EWWWWWWW DUDE!!!  I do not, and will never perform lewd, crude, or rude actions. You are one sick puppy. Just plain EWWWW!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ask Me Anything

It's Ask Me Anything Friday. Yes! You can go ahead and ask me anything you like. BUT! You can only ask one question per person per Friday. So go ahead and ask me anything you want to know that has been nibbling on your brain for a long time now. Go Ahead. Ask Me Anything.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weather, Vikings, and Postings, Oh My!

Our cold spell is over for a bit here in Texas but not for too long. It's supposed to get cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey by Monday morning. Yes! In the 20's!! I know right?!? That's fairly fucking cold out here in south central Texas where it doesn't get this cold that often. It will last about two days, maybe three. Then I hope we can get into planting our tomatoes and other veggies. I also need to move the rest of the more sensitive flowering plants like my begonias and bougainvilleas outside when it heats up to the 80's.
Oh! Oh! Tonight is the start of Season 3 of VIKINGS!!! YES!  We are so hyped about it. Three years ago, I was recovering from knee surgery while watching the middle of Season 1 when I got David hooked on it. Now David  and I can't wait for the new season to start again. He has been watching all the sneak previews since they started, but I refused because I want to be surprised about what I watch. I did do some reading and found a lot of history on real Vikings that I hope the show will follow. Other than that it would be nice to see a History Channel show actually show something close to real history instead of those stupid reality shows. Whoever got the idea for dumbing down America with reality shows should be shot.
Here is a map I found of extensive Viking settlements and raids throughout Europe, Iceland, Greenland, and Canada, The dark maroon color represents where they lived during the 8th century, red is the 9th century, orange is the 10th century, yellow the 11th century, and green represents Viking raids or attacks they made but never lived in. Pretty cool, eh?

Anywho, on to other shit. I now have decided to make Friday the "Ask Me Anything" day. You can ask me whatever your heart desires, but, you can only ask one question per Friday, per person. I may or may not answer it if I deem the question too sensitive. I will be posting the answers to the questions on Mondays and if the post is too long, Tuesdays. Otherwise, Mondays and Thursdays are for posting whatever news I have to tell you that is going on in my life. Tuesdays will be "Tickle Me Tuesday". Wednesdays are the "Wet Dog, Cat or Wierd Animal Wednesday". Saturday is for "Silly Sign Saturday", and Sunday is "Funny Religious Shit". So, now you know what to look for on my blog in case you only come to my blog for that one day. But it's okay, I do this for my entertainment, psychotherapy, and to keep from getting arrested. David told me two weeks ago that he was not using the income tax refund as bail money anymore.

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