Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday - The Ugly One

It's 64 degrees outside this morning. YEAH, 64 fucking cool degrees, People! The bad thing is that it will be hot today. San Antonio says 91, but I say in the mid to high 80's. You see this is a small town. We don't have big blowhards running around warming up the air out here.
Anywho, I am enjoying my coffee right now with the windows open. The wind is blowing a light breeze just enough to make the wind chimes stir. It's pretty nice today so far. Yesterday I busted my ass cleaning and doing laundry because I didn't feel like it over the weekend. So today I don't have a thing to do. I was going to just stay in bed and watch TV all morning, but I can't do that. It wears on my mind that I'm doing nothing when I can be doing something. I just have to be busy or go insane.
David has a birthday coming up this Sunday and we will most likely make a day of it. He loves to go to IHop for breakfast on his B-day so IHop it is. Then we will be visiting friends if he feels like it. He has no family to speak of except his daughter. She will most likely come down from Austin to visit. I love when she comes to see us.
Sunday night also starts the new season of The Walking Dead. David is so psyched for that. He has gone completely nuts with this zombie craze. He has gotten completely into the online Walking Dead comic book. He even reads it when he comes home for lunch. I won't say every waking moment is spent on that online comic book, but it's close. Thank the Goddess that his office has limited online web access. Otherwise, he would never get shit done.
This has been one fucking boring post. I'm sorry, but this is a quiet town, nothing really interesting or big happens here. So I'm going to repot some house plants right now and pick up and shell some pecans that fell from the trees in the yard. I might make a pecan pie tomorrow and a couple of banana bread loaves. Who knows.

Monday, October 5, 2015

SNL on Trump

On Saturday night, David and I watched the SNL opening skit and nearly died laughing. You have to watch this. Well, you don't really HAVE to watch it if you don't want to. But it is funny and Cecily Strong is hilarious as Melania. The way she pronounces Republican and that "he puts his hair on one strand at a time," made me lose it completely. So if you didn't see this yet, enjoy.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Wow! Before ya know it October just sneaks up on ya, huh. It's a bit crisper in the air in the morning. Coffee tastes much better with pumpkin spice in it. I just add a pinch to my cup and it gives me that "October Flavor". The kind of flavor that comes with autumn.
pecan or apple pie
hot spiced tea on a cool evening
deer walking in the fog
warm sweaters
apple cider
picking apples
cold nights around the fire pit
falling leaves
colors of autumn
I could make one hell of a list and go on forever, but I won't take up your time here. If you are not being flooded out like everyone on the east coast then take some time to enjoy October 1st.

Monday, September 28, 2015


The regular NBA season will be starting on October 27th. That can't come too soon for me. Watching pro football and basketball is when I am the happiest. But to get into the season a bit sooner here are some highlights of previous games of seasons long gone.

Friday, September 25, 2015

This morning I finally got about two hours sleep. My bout with weather related arthritis pain is slamming me against the wall again. Apparently we are supposed to get rain either today or tomorrow. Just fucking great. So I'm cutting this short. Y'all have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I'm Going to Catholic Hell . . . Again

Shit! How one little guy in a white dress and skull cap disrupt the internet is beyond me. I could not get on to do anything this morning. All the sheeple were skyping and tweeting to their hearts content. Yes, I was watching the live feed of the pope's speech, only for the first ten minutes. You see, Lord Vader Boehner made me laugh. He was blubbering like a cry baby. Blowing his nose. Then sticking that nasty handkerchief back in his coat pocket. EEEEEW! 

The pope could calm down the most rambunctious bunch of kids, just look what it did to Congress this morning. The pope put half the world, not to mention all those on Capital Hill to sleep this morning. That little man can really bore the living crap out of a person when he speaks. The only highlight that got me going was that it looked like Justice Ginsburg was flashing some knee at the pope during his speech. She quickly covered it up when the TV cam picked up on it. You Go Girl! Turn that man of the cloth on! Yeah!

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