Halloween Begins

Thursday, June 22, 2023

To All Stupid Spammers

 To everyone who comments on my blog. I regulate the comments which means that I decide what shows up on this blog before you see it. SO. If you feel you have to put spam in my comments section selling Casino privileges for your blog or sex trafficking your bitches from your site then I will not post those comments. I will report you to Google Blogger and they will take action against you. Be advised. I have all your spam comments promoting your businesses and I will turn them over to Blogger and Interpol. They love putting scum like you out of business. I've done it before and believe me it works. If you want to ask me if you can sell something on my blog that is legitimate and will help someone, then I will consider it and let you know by email, that's if you provide one. 

Otherwise. . .


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Squirrel Fakes a Crime Scene

This flying squirrel faked his own death and created a whole crime scene…for attention.

Monday, June 12, 2023

TЯ☭mp Is Fucked!

I know, I know. License and registration. Wait! What?!? No, sorry. Let's back up here. Over the weekend my back acted up because 

Something like this chair but not specifically this chair.

I was sitting in a hard-backed chair for an hour on Saturday afternoon at a favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch with my amazing, beautiful stepdaughter and her equally amazing, handsome husband. We were celebrating her belated birthday, looking at breathtaking pictures, and talking about their latest trip to the Grand Canyon last week. Anyways this post is not about what went on during that wonderful Saturday afternoon, but what is going on now. My back is acting up and I have been in terrible pain since sitting in that awful chair. Note to self: don't ever, ever do that again. 

Anywho, I have been stuck in bed with pillows and heating pads, and a shit load of pain drugs. Yes, every six hours I try and somewhat fail a bit to finish my back exercises to help relieve the pain. To pass the time while here in bed recuperating, bored out of my mind, I have been reviewing the printed PDF of the 37 count TЯ☭mp indictment but I went further. I actually found on TikTok someone who I dearly love to watch because he's a no-nonsense man,

He also has a Youtube channel here: and really I highly recommend that if you are interested in knowing about the 37 count indictment of TЯ☭mp and what it means and how fucked he truly is then really, I highly recommend you watch this Youtube video here:

and the written PDF indictment here:

Yes, do both.  Read along as Hawk reads it for you. Hawk explains it very well and he skips over some of the indictment because some of it repeats itself. So, yeah, if you want to know about history unfolding in front of your eyes, listen to this indictment, and if so, read along. I did and it was really tough at first but then I was somewhat of a captive audience with nothing better to do at the time. As I was reading only one thing came to mind, TЯ☭mp is beyond fucked. They have him by the balls if they can find them. He will do time for this unless someone figures out a way to throw the case out of court. Enjoy the hour and a half of this reading and think about it. Let me know if you think otherwise.

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