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Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Back In The Saddle Again - For Now

Well I'm back to torturer the shit out of everybody. I missed You all it so much.. So everyone tell me what you did over the summer; not all at once please. It can get very annoying listening to all the voices besides the ones that pay rent for brain space.

As for me, I'm not so sure but there might be a problem with the surgical cement they shoved up my leg. My Immuno doctor said it feels like it didn't set right. RED FLAG ALERT!!! RED FLAG ALERT!!!  Yes I have that sick queasy feeling things are going wrong again. Already I wished I had opted for the joint injections because I know I ain't gonna walk right ever again. But what the hell. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

I am walking but it's with the walker and it's only to the bathroom. I like to take the sightseeing tour around the house when David isn't home I can. Speaking of ol' Nurse Ratched, I have been teaching him how to cook. YES!!! You heard me, he's cooking dinner instead of hitting the local Jack'in the Crack. Our phones have a pager system the allows us to talk to each other in a civil tone instead of me throwing furniture into the hallway to get his attention when I need my pain meds.

Anywho, I am teaching him to cook via speaker phone. It's a nice feature he found out about in the directions we keep on file. The man keeps everything just for this purpose. I started off with a simple spaghetti sauce. Then I got him to make a hash with diced potatoes, fried hamburger and corn. He made Taco casserole last night and also spaghetti with meatballs that was to die for! I lost 30 pounds since not being able to cook, etc... and now I'm gaining it all back. SHIT!! I was doing damned good too. I'm so pissed.

Oh yes, not to forget the puppies. Every 2 hours I have to let them out to do their thing, which is terrorizing the neighborhood. They found out we have new neighbors and they have a couple of BIG puppies. Both ours and our neighbor's dogs take to jawin at each other through the fence until they get thirsty and nearly dying and in great need of water or forget where they live or fall down from lack of oxygen from all the barking. It's very hard for me to get them back into the house sometimes. So I have to threaten them. It works most of the time but they're getting wise to me because they know I won't "beat them within an inch of their lives". Smart little shits. So I just wait and little by little the heat  gets to them and they want to come back in.

David has fixed a little bed for them to sleep on in the bedroom. Lucy is my nurse. She loves to sleep next to me in bed. Pebbles does the same. Spunky thinks everything is his so he has taken over the dog bed.

I'd like to chew the fat more with y'all but my Home Health Nurse is getting out of her car now. so ta ta for now my loves.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spider And Other Bug killer

This is for my sweet friend Judith at ,she has a natural spider killer recipe. If it doesn't work then try this one. I've found it to be very effective against other bugs too.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Quick Update

I went to the Ortho doc yesterday and he took out my stitches. I hate staples. They hurt so much when they are taken out. I don't have to see my Ortho doc for another four weeks and hopefully that will be the day he sets me up for my knee surgery so I can get back on track.

Then around one pm David and I went to see my Immu doc to see if the infection is dying away. The infection was Staph Aureus which is not the flesh eating kind of bacteria. Thank the Goddess. It was the kind that likes to hang out with metal implants like knees and hips and eat bones. It displays all the symptoms of Strep A but isn't as deadly unless not taken care of.

Well my infection numbers for my CRP are way down from 11 to 2.3which is fucking awesome!!! That means the antibiotic is working like crazy. Can't wait to get this PICC line out of my arm. It doesn't hurt, it's just bothersome.

David has been a great nurse all through this and the only thing that bothers me is can he get through this in the next 5 weeks. I married such a sweetheart.

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