Halloween Begins

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Cosmo - The Tudor Girls

Just to let you know, I will be posting Wet Dog Wednesday and then I am out for the rest of the week until Sunday. Y'all have a great safe Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Stuff and Thangs on a Monday

Oh, I forgot to tell all y'all about the repair guy who came to fix the dryer last week. He showed up on Wednesday afternoon and took a look at the button. I said it had only come loose and that it just needed to be put back in place. I said I would have done it but David told me it would invalidate the warranty. The guy said there was no listed warranty and that it might not be the button. So I watched and I should have made a bet with him because the button had indeed slipped out of its little place and that was all that was the matter. He said if it happens again just open the top and put the button back in its place again to save us some money. That was it. Shit, I could have saved us an $89.50 house call. 
This morning I had no arm strength to get out of bed. That really scared me. Even though I work out doing arm exercise reps with  5 and 10 lb weights every single day, I just had no upper arm strength at all. I had to keep trying over and over again to roll out of the waterbed and I finally did it with a lot of effort. After I took my hot shower and got dressed I immediately went on my favorite IM spot and called out a fellow lupus warrior to talk. I found out through Megan (Only the names have changed to protect the innocent), my friend who also has MCTD, that the loss of arm strength is part of the illness. Scared me even worse. She said all you can do is keep working out and pray that you have the arm strength when you need it the most. She said that she loses her arm strength from time to time too. I need to counteract this shit and I wish there was something else along with my exercises that would help me. Since the cold weather is starting to set in now that we are approaching winter, it's harder to get around because of the RA. I've been lucky because I've only had a few episodes where the lupus was triggered and slowed me down with exhaustion and pain. But the other parts of MCTD are ganging up on me to slow me down.
I bought a pair of gloves from Amazon and they should be here by Tuesday. They are recommended for Raynaud's sufferers. They aren't waterproof and that isn't a problem since I have a pair of kitchen rubber gloves that I can wear over them if I have to do anything that is messy. They should help to keep my hands warm and keep the Raynaud's at bay. Other than all that my life is hunky-dory.
David is home for a whole week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I've said before he gets a whole week off for the holidays for Thanksgiving it's one week and Christmas thru New Year's will be two whole weeks off this year. So right now I have to fain deafness so he'll leave me alone which doesn't work all the time because he will seek me out and bother me for the littlest thing. It's that usual time of the year for me where I have no privacy. But when I think about it, I should be happy and grateful to have him around and I really am, it's just I wish he wouldn't bother me every ten or fifteen seconds to ask me about something that he could look up on the internet.
Just a few minutes ago he came inside to ask me how I wanted some plant cut down. I asked what plant? He showed me and I had to go out to show him. Later he will be binge-watching something on Netflix. He'll come asking me, "Did you know???" To which I'll say yes. Then he'll ask more questions. I think the poor man is lonely sitting in the TV room all by himself. I would be in there too but I like the quiet and the sofa is good for my back. So I'll sit here with my heating pad writing on my laptop or reading a book and he will turn up in the living room asking me something just to have company. I wonder if he bothers his coworkers like this when he's at work. It's only one week and not two. *heavy sigh*
This morning before he went outside to dilly dally around, he said that he found the mixer I was talking about the other evening. I have always wanted a Kitchenaide mixer. The one with the four-quart bowl and three attachments. The one I wanted is more than I can afford so I have just reserved myself to use the little handheld and brute force to mix cookie and bread dough. Anyways, I told him I only wished for it in a perfect world where we wouldn't be out $400 if it broke down. That perfect world does not exist and he isn't going to buy it, end of story. I think the wheels are still turning in his head even though I told him emphatically no. N. O. NO!! I wished I had never answered his question about a perfect world gift. He's so devious.
Well, I have to go outside to see what he's screaming about. All y'all have a magical day.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Impeachment Inquiry and Other Shit

I'm watching the inquiry again today. All of a sudden a butt load of people is coming forth to testify. Amazing isn't it? One thing I do while watching is that I look at the people sitting behind the people testifying and the representatives. It has come to my attention that the aids in the back of the representatives look like knuckle-dragging mouth breathers. I wonder if they are or were ever married, engaged, going to be arrested soon, the usual thoughts. But I'm trying to be good and not talk politics as a rule on my blog. But one item, why is it that Rep. Jim "Jimmy the Pimp" Jordan never wears a suit jacket? So I'll leave y'all there with that thought.
Last week Wednesday I posted the picture above for Wet Dog Wednesday. No one knew what it was about. It is in regard to Melania's "Be Best" campaign. Don't ask me what she means by to be best. It's a stupid campaign considering her husband and the shit he is involved with and the way he conducts himself. SO, the dog has its eyes almost shut and it looks like Melania's eyes, hence the Be Best meme.
Okay. on to other shit. Yesterday, Sears called to cancel the appointment with the repair dude to repair the drier. Now I have to wait around for this guy to show up on Wednesday. I love it! I just really love it! I have shit to do on Wednesday and I have to now change my schedule or wait until Friday. This is one of the reasons why Sears is having so much trouble keeping patrons.
Well. Lucy is at the kitchen door screaming to be let inside again at which time she will be begging to go out in about five minutes. Y'all have a magical day.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Debra over at She Who Seeks is asking all bloggers to grab and display this badge on their blogs. The badge was designed by Junemac2 on her blog 57 Beyond. If you have a blog please grab this badge and display it on your blog.
I woke up a bit late this morning. It was a busy weekend for me. Cooking and cleaning. A minor front came through here Sunday and thank the Goddess I barely felt it with the TENS working so well. We had to lug a load of laundry that really did have to get done to the laundromat. Our dryer on button was damaged when David was showing off and he threw the laundry basket onto the dryer. He had put some clothes away for me while I was making BLTs for lunch on Saturday and apparently it struck the on button and caused it to become disengaged from the opening that it sticks out of. I didn't notice until after I had washed a load on Sunday. Having the button semi gone like that caused the dryer to not work. Soooo, that meant we had to go get the load dried or risk mildew. So, the repair guy is going to be here sometime this afternoon. I have a strange feeling Mercury is retrograding all over me.
I have two little trolls Bostons at the kitchen door waiting to be let inside. It's still a bit cold out but not too bad. It's fun watching and hearing their jaws chatter. It's just the funniest sound coming from a little dog. Lucy does it just for fun more than Spunky. I think she just likes the attention I give her when she does it. I tried getting a recording of it but she shies away from cameras or anything electronic. Hell, she even hates my TENS and won't come near me if she sees that I'm wearing it. 
Our weather is getting warm again. It will be in the 70s during the day and 40s at night. It's just where we should be for November. December brings us into the 60s and 30s. January will bring us into the 30s and 40s during the day and 20s and 30s at night. So it nothing changes we will be fine.
I have work to get to. Little trolls make a lot of work for me around the house, dragging toys and blankets and stuff around. So y'all have a magical day.
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