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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Beware, It's a Rant - Texas Government Sucks the Big One

 Ahhhhhh Texas, home of the motto "Pass the Buck". Everyone is screaming at the Texas government for poorly handling the power situation while Gov. Greg Imbicile Abbott is laying blame on the New Green New Deal that has never been really implemented. You got it, he actually said it was the fault of TGND for the Texas outages. Really? You dick wad sorry ass excuse for a man! Sorry people. But it's true. He actually said it was the fault of the wind turbines. Stupid . . . so and so.
Well, the people of Texas are having to function on our own out here, with very few shelters for those without power or water. Those who have no power, water, cell phone, wifi, etc, are having trouble like in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. San Antonio has issued a boil water notice. I don't know about the other cities or smaller towns. There are long lines wrapping around outside of every HEB and Walmart Super Center.  People can only buy two of an item. It's bad.
Anywho, we finally had a melt yesterday which dried up the roads but there are no trucks to bring in much-needed food, water, propane, and other necessities for the people of Texas. They are stuck or had accidents. With no power, people are dying because they can't run their oxygen tanks and other much-needed equipment. Dialysis centers are all shut down because no electricity and workers can't get to work because most small towns have no sand trucks or snowplows. And the worst of it is that it is snowing . . . again . . . at this very moment.

A few minutes ago, more snow until 10pm.
We are expecting about 6 inches.

David and I are fine. we really never lost power and the pipes are fine, knock wood. The power outage affected everyone without solar panels. That is one thing we invested in and it paid off. We are okay because somehow when I heard last week that we were going to be having snow and below freezing temps that we stocked up on meat, canned goods, flour sugar, eggs, and milk. We have shared with neighbors that are in need of food. So things aren't too bad for some of us. 

This will blow over and people will forget as we often do. When it comes time to remember that the Texas governor, senators, and representatives up in Austin passed the buck during the snow freeze of '21, people will not vote them out next year. When the time comes the people of Texas will have forgotten and just vote republican as all gnat brains always do and everyone will watch as the world passes the cave dwellers of the backward state of Texas by.

Monday, February 15, 2021

We come from the land of the ice and snow From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow

Out the front door

Fuck it's cold! It's like an Arctic wasteland outside. The wind chill is -10F and it's 14F right now but it's slowly climbing. It's been 10F all night and then we started having rolling blackouts. So far the first one was 15 minutes and then the second one was 45 minutes. Thank goodness we have a really well-sealed house now after the renovations 15 years ago. David said that he's really thankful that I suggested it. This house was so drafty and cold in the winter.
Side yard

Anywho, it started snowing around 10pm last night and finally stopped at 3am. We have about 1 1/2 inches of the white stuff and except for the freezing cold, it's like heaven. So fucking bright too. I've forgotten how bright it can be. I wish I'd kept my skier's sunglasses. But down here in south-central Texas you don't need them unless you plan to go out deep sea fishing off the coast. The weather people from different TV stations are all in agreement that it will get colder tonight and that this won't be easing up into the higher temperatures until Wednesday. The weekend will be back in the 60s. So for the time being we have everything we need and there are no road crews to clear the streets so we're going to enjoy the winter wonderland for as long as it lasts.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

It's Tacky Tuesday . . . everybody dance nekked


Yeah, here in Texas the weather is like that too. One minute chunky rain, the next it's sunny and 12,000 F and we're melting into the pavement. So this morning It's like 35F, cold as fuck and I'm wondering why the hell am I up at 4:30 in the morning. Oh yeah, because Lucy is doing a pee-pee dance for my viewing pleasure. So I let her out and turn up the heat just a tad because, yeah, it's cold as fuck and then some. I let Lucy back in because she's sitting patiently waiting for me to open the door. Poor babygirl shivers all the way back towards the bedroom pausing in the hallway because the wall heater is blowing nice hot air down to the floor and it's seeping into the other rooms of the house. But yeassssss the heat right there is sooooo nice. I look down at her and I swear that she's smiling with her eyes closed as she takes in the warmth. I trudge back to bed and Lucy pads behind me and as we get into bed the heater clicks off. Well, that was well-timed.
But I can't go back to sleep because today is the day to call for one of the few 5000 Covid vaccine appointments to be doled out here in town. They will be taking appointments at 9am. I get up, change and make myself a slice of peanut butter toast and a glass of cherry/cranberry juice. David feeds Lucy and we both get ready to storm the Bastile so to speak in 4 hours. I get the phone ready with the phone number on auto-dial and he gets his laptop ready. 8:59am comes and I'm already auto-dialing the number over and over again to get an appointment. Busy, always busy. David shouts BULLSHIT! It's only 3 seconds into the onslaught and he says that the appointment slots are all filled online. How is that possible? What the fuck. It appears as if there were no slots to begin with. How did this happen? Were these slots sweathearted? Meaning they were most likely given away to relatives and or friends of those involved with the sign-up. I'm continuing on my end to call and I ask David to do the same on his cell phone. It's almost 9:30 and still nothing but busy signals and once in a while there is a ringing but then immediately it changes to a busy signal. David has given up, so have I. We both kept dialing until 10:30 and it was busy every time we tried. We will try again the next time that we hear about openings. We will get the chance eventually. Maybe. Like in 30 years. Maybe.
Now David is busy looking for old photographs of his uncle's house. Anna has asked for them to show her husband. David's uncle was an avid hunter. He used to hunt big game in Africa when it was still glamorous to do so back in the 1940s and '50s and the inside of their house was like a fucking big game museum. David has pictures of the inside of the house before it burned down to the ground but we can't seem to locate them. Yesterday, we tore through the storage bins of holiday stuff in my side closet, no luck. Today we found a bin full of pictures he showed me when we were first married and I was going through stuff to put in safekeeping. I have been looking for all these pictures for so long and I never knew he put them inside a bin in his closet way in the back. I'm going to put them all in frames and hang them in the TV room. They need to be up. 
I just heard David cussing and fussing again. My guess there is something he dropped and broke because there was a little sound of glass breaking. Most likely he dropped one of the frames from the pile of pictures. I have to go see what the damage is. Y'all have a safe magical day and please wear a mask.

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