Halloween Begins

Friday, November 18, 2022

Hey Y'all!


Finally! I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to even breathe. To start off, David's fishing trip was said to be so-so. For one thing, they didn't catch much in the way of fish. David's daughter, Anna caught the first fish. She had a ball and wants to do it again but only when it's warmer. David caught a Black Drum and a Red. He said it was slim pickings because the wind was blowing the water out of the bay and the fish went with it. Saturday they stayed out fishing until around 10:30pm. He came home with a bad cold. He tested negative for Covid so I'm happy with that. So far I have avoided his cold by wearing a mask around him and I'm sleeping in the living room. Which is fine because I stay up most of the night with my back pain anyways. 

It's been cold and we have turned on the space heaters because it's cheaper than the furnace. We can turn on the heaters only when we are in the room so it saves us money. They also heat more efficiently than the furnace does. So there's that too.

I have to cut this short. I have to go grocery shopping. Just a few things for baking. I ran out of eggs while making cowboy cookies. So I need to get a couple dozen. I have three cheesecakes to make before Thanksgiving for my neighbors. I better get going. Y'all stay safe and have a magical day. 

Friday, November 11, 2022

Hey Y'all

First off, I'm hoping y'all that live in Florida, Georgia . . . FUCK, basically the east coast are taking shelter or got out in time to be safe. The pictures I have seen so far, from one of my friends who lives on the Florida coast make me worry. She lost 90% of her homes on the coast because of beach erosion from Ian and then now Nicole. Please take care and stay safe. Your home is not worth your life.

David has packed for his two-day fishing trip so many times I lost count. He hasn't been weekend fishing since 2014. I have no idea why he hasn't continued to go fishing on weekends but this packing and repacking is damned near driving me batshit crazy. He walks around the house mumbling to himself looking for stuff to pack. He's damned near spooking the puppies and the cat. When the kids get here, I better check his bag before he leaves to make sure he didn't pack the bathroom sink or anything else he won't really need. Yeah, he changed to a bigger bag.

You won't believe this but he ordered a pack of five plastic rain ponchos from Amazon yesterday. He just now got them. He tried one on and of course it fits. It's a fucking poncho for Jebus's sake. He said, "Yes! It fits! Okay. they go into the bag." Yes, that was him mumbling out loud again. He ordered the pack of five so everyone would have one for while they were out fishing on the coast. "They", meaning his daughter, son-in-law, best friend, guide, and himself.

There is a sweet cold front moving our way. It will be here at about 2pm. Yes, I'm feeling the change in barometric pressure. Been feeling it coming since Wednesday evening. Lots of fucking pain in my back and other joints. Yes, it always happens and there is nothing I can do about it. The pain will end when the front passes over our area. That front that is coming might hurt David's fishing trip with rain but it won't stop them. They are expecting cold temps with rain. But then again, they could have a bitchin clear day and catch their limit.

Anywho, I will be alone with the puppies. Yes! He already told me to call if I need him. Like, yeah, right. Out on the ocean and he will fucking teleport himself home in a flash. So, he gave me the neighbor's phone numbers in case something happens. I must have my phone on me at all times and I am not to do anything that would cause falling and/or death and/or dismemberment or not being able to get up. He sounded like one of those teen slasher movie commercials. "Don't go in the attic. Don't go in the basement. Don't go in the barn, shed, or doghouse. Don't shower or grab the shower curtain a la Janet Leigh in Psycho. Don't do the dishes. Don't do the laundry. Don't clean the house. Don't eat or sleep or bathe or fart." 

Well, I have laundry to start. The kids got here early so David is now gone. Yea, the house is all mine. I have the passwords to all the streaming sites. It's binge-watching time! Going to make some popcorn. Y'all stay safe. 

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Well Crap on Toast


I completely forgot to post Wet Cat Wednesday. I slept late yesterday because I've been having a bad time staying asleep. So I slept in yesterday. Sorry, I'll post it next week as usual. I'm a bit behind in posting this because I'm busy with housework and laundry so bear with me.

David was hopping busy the past two days trying to get a fishing trip together before it gets too cold. He would get a date that was free with their fishing guide and no one could get free that day. So after a day of back-and-forth calling and haggling, everyone said yes to a Saturday. They will drive down Friday evening, fish Saturday, then come back Sunday.

David was going through all his fishing junk. Pretty funny because all his old fishing clothes don't fit. He has grown out and nothing fits. It's always good to wear an old long-sleeved shirt over a t-shirt to keep the sun from burning and it also keeps the mosquitoes from biting. The shirt he used to wear is close to 3 sizes too small now. So he grabbed one of his old shirts from when he used to work at the office.  

I asked him when was the last time he went fishing? He couldn't tell me and I asked if it was around 2013 or maybe 2014? The sell buy date gave it away.

He said it must have been around 2014 because there were 3 mini cans of Pringles in his fishing bag. I took pictures so y'all could see I wasn't lying. 

He took the seal off of one and took out a chip and ate it. He said they still taste pretty good. I'm not buying it because he'll eat anything good or bad past the sell-by date and no I'm not going to taste it. Someone has to be alive to call the coroner. 

So, he just left to go get more munchies, a new fishing license, some new fishing line, a new water jug because he lost the last one, bug spray, and whatever else he might come across that he thinks might want to end up in the shopping basket. 

I have a load of laundry to finish because the dryer alarm just screamed my name. Y'all have a magical day and stay safe.

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