Halloween Begins

Thursday, June 28, 2018

It's Thursday, Blah . . . Blah . . . Blah . . .

You should see this. We are at a moment in time that needs to take a turn for the better. If we don't change things this November we are all doomed and I don't want to be part of that. I want a better America. We need to vote bad Republicans out. The ones that are aiding and abetting the NRA, the rich, Putin and his cronies, and the White Nationalists. If you don't vote, you are only helping them win by default. That's how we ended up with the fat screaming orange carrot demon in the White House today.
SO, register and vote them out this November.

Okay, I feel better now. All y'all can relax. I'm finished yellin and a screamin. Tuesday, I didn't post anything and I'm really sorry about that. I've been so tired lately and not sleeping and all. I think that with all my body pain and the shit happening in our country that the stuff I usually take for pain isn't working for me anymore. I'm taking two generic sleeping pills every other night just to get any good deep sleep. My pain in my back is at an all-time high and I'm doing everything I can to postpone another radioscopy procedure. It was getting to the point of having one every four months and that is just too much. So I'm holding off on that until I can't walk.
On a different note, Lucy was fired as my nurse. Yes, I had to let her go. I caught her sleeping on the job just way too many times. She was giving me the big brown eyes treatment (see picture below), so I officially gave her the job of guard dog. David said paying her in treats is much too generous so I'll just pay her under the table.
Lucy, giving me the big brown eyes while I write.

In case you're wondering, yes, that is a blanket on the sofa. I keep it there to protect the cushions from dog hair This picture was taken from my left shoulder in the living room. I was telling her a story. She seems to like the sound of my voice because she almost fell asleep with her head on my elbow. I know, I'm a boring woman. Currently, she is sleeping after a long morning of guarding me while I was outside watering the courtyard plants. The poor thing. She works so hard. 

Well, I'm going to try my luck and get some zzz's. I doubt I'll fall asleep at all but at least I'll try.

Friday, June 22, 2018

I Made It!!

Hooray!!! I made it through the week without having to hide bodies or post bail. Let's see what the weekend brings.
All y'all have a great weekend and play well with others.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cute Protection

Last night I knocked myself out. Yes, I finally got some sleep. I took two sleeping pills and waited. Now usually it only takes close to ten maybe twenty minutes for me to fall asleep after two sleeping pills and I do take melatonin too, but last night it took more like three hours. My body was actually fighting sleep. It was nearly one in the blessed a.m. before I hit dreamland but I did get tons of great sleep.
This is Lucy. This is what was sleeping next to me.
This morning when I finally woke up my body was aching all over. It was raining. I really wanted to stay in bed and ride out the day but I have puppies to take care of and things to do. Lucy was sleeping next to me in bed when I woke up and she took over the bed as soon as I got up. She has this thing about keeping me out of bed. She stretches across the bed so I can't lie down. Lucy thinks I can't or won't move her because she believes I'm not strong enough. She's such a little thing, about as small as a medium-sized cat with a big dog complex. Oh yes, she thinks she's a Rottweiler. Yes, that's what she thinks she really is. When I go outside to water and weed the garden and the courtyard plants she stands guard. I fucking kid you not! She stands at attention, facing away from me watching out for danger and she moves when I do. It's freaking weird, like what is she protecting me from? Killer squirrels? Ants? She also does it in the house. She follows me everywhere I go and when I stop moving she does too and she immediately takes up the defensive stance facing away from me. It's fun to watch her do this because I've never seen a dog do this, ever. 
The first time I saw her stand to defend me was when I was folding jeans from the dryer in the laundry room. She was facing away and I thought it was odd behavior. She moved when I moved and always with that posture. Later when I was making dinner she did it again. When I was sitting in the living room reading she would stand guard and then get tired and come to sit next to me on the sofa eventually falling asleep but she would still be guarding me because she planted herself so close to me that she would feel when I got up to do something. I started noticing her doing it to David too. She would guard him when he was making lunch. If we were in the same room she would move into an area to widen her guarding stance. I told David and he didn't believe me until one day when he actually paid attention to Lucy's movements. He walked into the kitchen and she was close to him and then stepped in front to guard. He said it was the strangest thing. I said she must be taking up Spunky's job. He can't see or hear so she's taking up what she believes in her mind to be her job now. It just blew David away at how smart that little girl is.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Fuck This Shit

That's how I feel today. Fuck this shit. I'm so tired of that nasty orangutang in the oval office throwing his feces at our allies and making friends with asshole dictators and then implementing their tactics here in the U.S., it's getting worse. We need to impeach that fat bastard and do it quickly. 
I guess I'm just tired of my pain, it puts me in a really bad mood and it keeps me from sleeping. Nothing is working. My RA in my back is so bad when the humidity goes up that it feels like my legs want to detach from my hip. I can't do a thing about it except apply the heating pad, do my exercises and take my pills. It really sucks. What is really bad is a storm that is brewing in the gulf and I can feel the pressure building in my hip. The rain forecast is for all week. Don't get me wrong, I love the rain. It's great for the plants, trees, etc. I just hate the effects of it on my body.
Yesterday, our neighbors across the street celebrated Father's Day, and the soccer game, Mexico's win against Germany and possibly everything under the sun, moon, and stars. Yes, it was off-key drunk singing at the top of their lungs until 3:30 this morning. It's really quiet over there right now. Some of them might be nursing hangovers in their menudo. 
Yeah, get the bong, I'm done.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Late Post

I didn't feel like getting on the internet today but here I am. I'm having a hard time of it today. Popcorn showers are heading inland from the coast. My hands hurt. I hate flares. I'm hurting almost everywhere. I think my nose and my toes are the only things that don't hurt. Give it time. I have to see my pain management doctor tomorrow. That will be fun. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

It's Tuesday - It's Hot Dammit!!

Y'all, I'm having a bad day today so bear with me. I'm feeling a disturbance in the farce. Yes, hurricane season is upon us again and there is something that is brewing in the Gulf that I've been feeling since Saturday. It's stupid but my back is really feeling it. I'll be taking it slow for the next few days.
The weather here has been hot as it usually is for June. We did get a minutes worth of rain on Saturday and that is all so far. But starting tomorrow, the forecast says that there's a 30% chance of rain for every single day until next week. BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAA*snort*HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!
Yeah, right. Anywho, it's been in the 90's we only hit 100's for a few days. We got lucky. But hey, it's only the middle of June. The weather could go either way.
Because of the heat, David and I have been eating salads for dinner. I hate eating heavy hot food during summer so it's salad time again. tonight we are having Frito salad without the Fritos. I love this salad. You cut up iceberg lettuce into bite-sized pieces, dice up a tomato or two, dice a couple of pickle-sized cucumbers. Now I like the dill pickle-sized cucumbers for my salads. They're small enough for one salad for one person, plus they have very few seeds. Back to the salad prep. Open a can of pinto beans rinse and let drain then put into the salad. Before you serve the salad let it chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. When ready toss the salad lightly and serve with French or Catalina dressing. If you want the Fritos in the salad, add them and toss right before serving. You are supposed to toss the salad with the dressing but I like to give my salad eaters a choice. Note* do not re-refrigerate and serve as leftovers. The salad will wilt after an hour so plan the salad in serving sizes so there is no waste.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Shit and Thangs

Over the weekend David walked carefully around the outside of the house taking note of where there were wasp nests being built. He found the little bastards have been busy. Five nests were found with one big one on the outside of the front porch. When we have these nasty shit balls flying around and making a nest, you just can't deal with them in a normal manner. You have to get scientific. So, David went to Home Desperate, his scientific toy box and found among other toys, a very good wasp spray that you can spray from several feet away. Once the wasp spray hits its target it foams up and covers the nest instantly. He said the wasps didn't have time to come after him. That was good because David and I got stung quite a bit last year. Anywho, we have a long summer to contend with those little flying fuckers. 
Spunky and a blanket nest
I washed the puppy blankets and folded them up and stored them away for autumn. Lucy was so upset about that. She loves making a nest with them and Spunky loves hiding under them. But it's getting much too hot now for any blankets. David took the puppies and gave them a bath Sunday. Afterward, Lucy kept giving David nasty looks. She wouldn't even go near him. She told me he tried to drown them with the hose but I wasn't buying it. They needed their bath. They were two very stinky puppies and just like little three-year-old children they had their dinner after their bath and curled up with each other on their huge pillow bed and fell fast asleep. David and I actually had the whole evening together. It was so nice. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Nasa Rover on Mars Shows Life

Yesterday was an interesting day for Nasa. The Rover actually found evidence of life on Mars. This is the picture from the Rover. It's not really clear. The camera lens might be dusty from a recent dust storm.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Good News and Weird Shit

I had a few ideas thrown at me in the comments from my last post about my pills. I do have a large pill caddy just like the one posted in the picture above. David got us both pill packs when I started having trouble keeping track of my dosages. It's an AM/PM pack which is perfect. I'm just having trouble keeping track of my antibiotic pills that I have to take three times a day. I forget if I took it even though I probably did already. Like I said my short term memory is so fucked up, hence the post-it notes.
Anywho, I'm a happy camper. I saw my doctor yesterday and he was really happy about my blood tests. Everything was in the normal range for once. My fasting blood glucose was 86 last time it was 99 and my A1c was 5.8 where my last reading was 6.3. I was so fucking happy because I have been working hard to eliminate sugar from my diet completely. My white count was high indicating that the UTI is still being fought tooth and nail. I have to give another urine sample and CBC when the antibiotics are finished. One of the problems with MCTD is UTI's that can lead to kidney infections. I have to keep an eye on that. I can't afford to lose my kidneys. Oh, and something funny came up on my record. Since all the doctors have gone computerized, meaning anything put into the computer on a patient like x-rays, MRI's, blood test results, anything. It means any doctor can look up your history and see your junk, and that includes a picture of the patient on the record so that the doctor knows he has the right patient at that time. Weeellll, my picture came up from the picture I have plastered on my blog. Yes for some strange reason the computer program that they use takes shit from the world wide web and it grabbed this:
Now, what is so funny is that none of my doctors have known about this. They don't pay attention apparently except the PA that was at my doctor's office yesterday. I heard her saying but that's not a picture of my patient. I said I don't have a picture because I want to remain anonymous on the web. I said that picture sums up my life so far. It comes from this meme.
I don't know who drew that or who came up with it. I wish I knew because it fit's my life to a tee. I have searched the web and can't find the original owner. So, if anyone knows, please tell me who it is so I can talk to that person. Anywho, the PA thought it was so unprofessional that I let the doctor use it. He knows me, he thinks it's funny.
Lucy is out cold napping right now. She is such a diva. Yesterday I was doing my nails and Lucy came up to me and put her paws on my knees. She does that when she wants her nails done too. I have a special nail file that I use to make it seem like I'm doing her nails. She loves the attention. When I'm done she looks at them and gives me a cute wide smile as a thank you. David said I have ruined that child. In my defense, I did not ruin Lucy, she was that way when we got her. She was a diva from the start. When we acquired her, she had her toenails painted bright red and a red bow headband was on her head. She was like that from the beginning so I'm innocent of any wrongdoing. I just compounded it tenfold over the years. That's all. But all y'all didn't hear that part from me. 

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