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Monday, April 19, 2021

This, That, and Thangs

It's been a while since I was able to do any blogging, sorry about that. There is a bit of news here in my part of the world. Minor stuff but to me it's news.

David and I finally got our second Moderna vaccine two weeks ago and yes we will continue to wear our masks and follow CDC guidelines. Anywho, I had a really bad reaction to this second shot and it put me in bed for about three days. I had a feeling that my lupus was acting up more than the shot. The body pain was unbelievable but I got through it. The following week brought more body pain and fatigue when a few cold fronts made their way slowly through the area. I'm very sensitive to weather fronts for some reason. That was that.
Beehive picture posted from a few months back

David cleaned out his favorite tool shed and then moved it. When he moved it to the new spot, he started cleaning the area behind where the shed was and he found what were parts of a beehive. We looked up into the trees and the beehive that I showed y'all in a previous blog entry, the one I just reposted the picture above, parts of it apparently fell in the back of our shed.
David's hand is holding up the bottom of the hive.
You can't see his hand at all, it's that big. The layers are impressive.

He opened up part of it and there were these dead teeny-tiny bee-like wasps.
These were the only Mexican Honey Wasps that were
found in the whole nest when David opened it up.

His thumb is there in the picture for reference. We found pieces all over the area. So what we believe is that the bees (Mexican Honey Wasps) froze during the long week of temperatures that were between 10 to 25 degrees F back in February. The hive most likely tore itself to pieces and broke away from the tree branches during a week of heavy winds a few weeks ago and parts of it fell in behind the shed and into our neighbor's yards. For such tiny creatures, they built a massive hive in less than a year.
Lucy before her cataracts

Lucy has an appointment with her new eye doctor next week in San Antonio because her other eye doctor retired a week before her appointment. It took a month to get this appointment. So, we have that news too. We are hoping that the fact that her cataracts has really blown up in the past month won't complicate her eyesight when it is taken out. She can barely see now and it's so heartbreaking to watch her like this. I'll keep y'all up on her progress.

Well, I have laundry to get to. Y'all have a magical day, stay safe, and wear a mask.

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