Halloween Begins

Monday, December 30, 2013

Something To Make You Laugh

This short film from Canada is awesome. I almost tinkled my pants laughing so hard.

Published on Dec 11, 2013
Written and directed by Animator Alvise Avati and produced by Animation Director Eamonn Butler. Beans, a short film with an unexpected ending, showcases Cinesite's creature animation skills. We hope you have fun watching and sharing it! Find out more on our website:

We're also hiring now for positions in Montreal and London - find out more here:

Written and Directed
Alvise Avati

Eamonn Butler

Executive Producers
Antony Hunt
Courtney Vanderslice-Law
Peter Nagle

VFX Supervisor
Richard Clarke

Art Direction
Jean-David Solon

Concept Art
Andrea de Martis

Grahame Curtis
Royston Willcocks

Richard Boyle

Alvise Avati
Eamonn Butler
Peter Clayton
Tom O'Flaherty
Adam Bailey

Texture Artists
Nicolette Newman
Gary Newman

FX Animation
Andreas Vrhovsek
Luke Wilde

Lighting and Compositing
Zave Jackson
Nikos Gatos
Jonathan Vuillemin
Dan Harrod
Joel Bodin
Jason Summersgill

Editorial Post Production and Sound Design
William Marshall-Wilkinson
Christopher Learmonth

Ronald Siy
Alexander Savenko

Post Production and Sound Design

Special Thanks
Dan Pettipher
Caroline Garrett
Helen Moody
Michele Sciolette
Duncan Rodger
Giuseppe Chisari
Alessandro Cangelosi
Pierpaolo Navarini
Mirco Paolini
Mario Aquaro

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Major Award

This morning I was just going to sleep in. UGH! Not a chance. My back is killing me like no other time in my life. I tried getting rid of the pain by doing my exercises but no dice. Crap on toast! This is going to be a rotten day.

I started laundry, grabbed an oatmeal cookie and some coffee and watched the rain falling out my kitchen door. I love rain but it hates my back. I had to rummage through my purse this morning to find my pain meds. So now I'm waiting for those little buggers to start working. I'll be feeling better the rest of the day when they do.

When I'm not doing laundry or picking up puppy toys, or throwing the ball for Spunky, then I'm on the web checking out blogs and the news. This morning I buzzed on over to Debra's Blog  and found out she got an award and passed it on to me.
SQUEEEEEE! YES! Thanks Debra!
So according to what I saw on her blog, you have to pass this award on to 4 other bloggers. Which I will do gladly because they deserve an award too.

1. Pickleope Von Pickleope

2. Aoibheal's Lair

3. Airing My Dirty Laundry

4. Wiccan Writes

Friday, December 20, 2013

Flash Mob

I love Flash Mobs.  Especially if they are cultural. This is really cool.
Watch it - enjoy it. Consider yourself flashed on Friday.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pampered Puppies

Lucy snuggled in. Lazy bug!
DAYUM!!! Today is a lazy day around here. David won't be home for lunch today, "the company is feeding him". That's what he calls it when Hexcel caters lunch for a holiday before the they shut down for a week. That also means the puppies and I are in for a really do nothing, lazy day.

All three puppies were on the bed with me this morning. Just a snoring like little ol' men, all snugged under their blanket. Yes they have their own blanket on the bed. It's to keep muddy or other feet from leaving tracks on David's and my bed. I had the bed heater on David's side turned to 4 so they would be warm. It's fucking 73 degrees outside and they are trying to keep warm. Little pampered brat dogs! Here are a few pictures of them in bed.
All three spoiled puppies snuggled in for sleep. Spunky on the right in the back,
Squirt on the left, and Lucy, my snuggle bunny, up front.

Spunky is the blind ol' man. Sounds like one too when he snores.
He's 11 yrs old now.
I layed down on my side of the bed and not a second later this little snuggle bunny, Lucy, came
over to snuggle with me. She loves her mommy. Squirt is in the background. She came out from under the blanket to see where Lucy went.

No more pictures mom. I'm trying to sleep.
Snuggled in for a long Winter's nap.

Monday, December 16, 2013

New Blog

I have been going over stuff in my head the past few days (no I didn't get a migraine from it) about starting a new blog. I will be starting this blog on January 1st. This new blog will not have light happy shit. No, something darker and not for everyone. Meaning that you will have to email me for access to my Black Ledger.

This will be my deepest, dark thoughts, yes, things so black that I get nightmares or could be locked up for just thinking of them. The things that would make you say that woman is seriously under medicated. The kind of shit that I would be locked up for, not in prison mind you, but in a nice grey padded cell with my own stylish white jacket that ties in the back.

I'm not short on my meds. I take them everyday. I'm just getting tired of the bullshit that I have to fork out to family and close friends. This will have my secret rants on family issues, stupid things I run across during my day. Stuff I can't put in my fun blog. I will not be posting anything about other bloggers. Y'all are my best friends. This is my form of therapy. It is for my own purpose. To keep me sane now and then when I need to get the hate out before it eats me alive.
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