Friday, December 6, 2013

The Tether Ball Game

On Wednesday, the puppies and I had a grand ol' time playing under the pecan tree. David went and strung up an official tether ball for them to play with. They absolutely love it as you can see.

Lucy taking one last look at the ball

Pebbles wants to play more. She was the chihuahua we rescued from the puppy farm.
She has finally come out of her shell and trusts us now. We call her Squirt and she seems to like that name
Time to go inside - Lucy all tired out but happy.
The same for Spunky
Pebbles aka Squirt can go another round
Spunky all tuckered out and hot - cooling off the best he knows
Fell asleep
Lucy is down for the count and Squirt is in the kitchen sleeping
Everyone of them are fast asleep right now. Probably recharging their batteries for later no doubt.


Vickie said...

I love the stories and pics of your babies! They are DORABLE!!!

Unknown said...

Who knew a tether ball would make dogs that happy and smiley?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great exercise and fun for them! How about "Squirty Pebbles" as a name? Sounds odd though, doesn't it. Like a weird medical condition or something.

Leanna said...

Thanks. But don't tell them that because they will be unbearable to live with.

Leanna said...

For Bostons' it's a requirement. You have to have a tether ball.

Leanna said...

I call her Squirt most of the time because she's so little. I call her Pebbles when she's in trouble. Much like if you got in trouble and your mom called you by your full name.

Pickleope said...

But...So...So who won?

Leanna said...

I lost count but I'm pretty sure Lucy dominated the game.

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