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The countdown ends on the 1st of September. For me, the month of September is Halloween Eve. So, I have oriented the countdown as such.🎃

Monday, September 30, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Almost Abby Normal Again

I'm back to my Abby Normal self . . . almost. Although, I feel like someone whacked the shit out of my lower back with a 2 by 4. I mean to tell ya, the recovery hurts more than the back pain I had before the Radiofreqency Adlation. I'm thinking the reason why it hurts so bad is because the doctor did a bilateral RA, meaning he performed this bugger on both sides of my lower spine.

I've been alternating on ice and heat to curb the pain and swelling. Thank the Goddess I'm not black and blue. I do have some red poke marks from the needles but that's about it. Getting around is a bit better. My legs don't hurt as much when I walk but getting up and down stairs is like a whole new level of pain. It will get better. I was told that this procedure will kill most of the pain for at least 10 months to a year before I'll have to do it again. Crap on Toast!

Debra, you're gonna smile when you see this. While I was on the table with the electrodes in my back I was thinking of that scene from "Young Frankenstein".

I'd like to thank all my blogger friends for the Get Well wishes. Thank you all so much. I would have been on sooner but sitting was like the biggest pain in the ass for me. I need to go lay down now with the heating pad because blogging is is a real killer for me. I will get around to reading all your blogs when I can. Until then, please bear with me.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Radiofrrequency What??

My husband just called me a grumpy cat. All because I wasn't happy that he blamed me for losing an MRI bill that HE misplaced. The bill was paid but the MRI people owe us $154 that we overpaid and they haven't sent us a refund. Big fucking deal! They will send it when they get around to it. Just give them time.

Anywho, It's beautiful today and nothing is going to ruin it. I have lots to catch up on. There are oodles of blogs to read that I haven't had time to read last week. I was busy running all kinds of errands and buying shit before tomorrow.

I'm having a Radiofrequency Ablation done on both sides of my lumbar spinal area. The pain in my lower back has gotten worse and it's been hard to sit, stand, or walk. So tomorrow I will be getting this done. I have a little explanation if you want to know how the doctor will perform this.

What Happens During Radiofrequency Ablation

An intravenous (IV) line will be started before the procedure begins. It will be used to give the patient drugs to make the procedure more comfortable and to calm fears. The area will be carefully cleaned and numbed before the IV line is inserted.
During the procedure, the patient needs to be alert to help the doctor to correctly place the electrode used during the ablation procedure.
The doctor will use X-rays to guide twin, insulated needles to the proper place next to the nerve. A tiny electrode is placed inside the needle. A small radiofrequency current is directed to the medial branch nerve of the joint capsule for 60 to 90 seconds. The radiofrequency waves make heat. This destroys the nerve tissue that is sending the pain signals to the brain.
The procedure is done with sterile technique to minimize the risk of infection.
After the procedure, you will be taken to a recovery area. The nurses will monitor you and be sure you do not have an allergic reaction. You will be allowed to leave once you are stable.
You should rest for about 24 hours. During that time you should not drive a car.
You may feel more pain for several days after the procedure. Your doctor may give you additional pain relieving medications until this goes away. There may be some swelling or bruising where the needle was inserted. A cold pack will help reduce the swelling.

I've had this done before, but it always feels different. So I have been told to take it easy after the procedure. No dancing, jumping through hoops, running the 5K, picking up elephants, etc... I'm to lie down with an ice pack and take it easy for 24 hours. Then I can pick up that elephant. Really, I know what I'm supposed to do. So I will really take it easy and behave myself, or David will beat me, hurt me, and make me write bad checks.

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Dog Day

Last week Friday David went for a follow-up with our family doctor. It wasn't good and I'm glad. Glad because David has gained weight and he's borderline diabetic now. He hasn't been doing his morning walks like he used to. Most of it is my fault because of my health. Having back and then knee surgeries has taken a toll on both of us.

So on Saturday morning he got dressed in his ol' walking gear and put the harness on Spunky and both my boys went walking. He was only able to make it around the mile long walking track once but that's pretty good since he hasn't walked in three years.

Spunky is 95% blind now and he fared pretty well. He remembered all his pee spots and didn't lag behind. In fact, Spunkers was leading David around the track. He was soooooooo happy. When they got home, that crazy dog wanted to play ball. I told David we have to hook him up to the Grid with all the energy he has to spare.

We later took Lucy for a ride with us over to New Braunfels to do some extra shopping for a special BBQ sauce that David loves and that the HEB doesn't carry here. She felt so special. She kept wanting to get into the front seat with David while he was driving. I made her stay in the back by blocking the space between the front seats. She kept giving me the angry eye.

While David was inside shopping I took out my camera and snapped a few pictures of her. She was looking all over the place watching people.

The last picture was when David got back to the car. Lucy went into the back seat for the ride home. She was happy.

Friday, September 13, 2013

10 Things I Love About Autumn

I'm a list maker. I can't help myself. I just love them and love making them. So I have made a list of 10 Things I love About Autumn. Why don't y'all post a list of your own. I want to see them.

                       10 Things I Love About Autumn

  1. Cooler temperatures during the day.
  2. Baking!  I can start baking again without the kitchen getting too hot.
  3. Drinking hot coffee in the morning outside on the front porch.
  4. Being able to wear my cozy sweaters.
  5. Taking walks in the crisp, cool air and seeing the leaves turn color.
  6. Making Thanksgiving dinner.
  7. Watching football, both College and NFL games.
  8. Foggy and sometimes rainy days.
  9. Sitting around the fire pit in the evening in the garden roasting marshmallows.
  10. Sleeping with a goose down comforter to keep me warm.

Funny Demotivational Friday

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