Halloween Begins

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

So Far . . .

Blessed  Solstice everyone. It's also the first day of Yule for us. David gave me a little crystal ring bowl for when I take off my rings for baking or washing dishes. It's very pretty and it catches the light from the window and sends rainbows onto the walls. I gave him a CD that he was looking at when we went to the book/record store 3 weeks ago. Anyways, it's rare these days when I get to come on my blog and let you know what is going on in my world. I'm pushing the envelope these days and I'm trying to keep going. Lupus is trying to keep me in bed but I'm really pushing back today. So there's that.

Saturday before last, David and I drove up to Lake Travis in Austin to see his daughter and her husband. They recently sold their condo north of Austin and bought a fandamtastic beautiful home in a pretty little gated community on the southeast side of Lake Travis. The home is fucking huge, 15-foot ceilings, a loft office area for her, 5 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths. The master bath has a Roman-style tub. There is a dressing room/closet off of the master bath that could qualify on its own as another large bedroom. John, her husband, hooked everything up electronically so the place is phone or voice-activated. Really, it's quite wonderful. The kitchen is a baker's kitchen with a marble island that looks like it's about 8x4 ft in size. It's fucking huge. I mean the baking I could do in that kitchen is a dream. I could go crazy in that place, it's so fucking big with everything you could ever want in it. But alas, it's not mine.

But the first thing I noticed when I walked in was their Christmas tree. The tree is decorated with decorations that they might have bought on their trips to Europe. It has ornaments that signify traveling around the world. It's so pretty but the tree is about 6 ft tall, really dinky in that house which would look normal in a normal-sized home with normal-sized ceilings but in this house, nope. It should be a 10 or 12-foot tree. I know they will get a larger tree for next Christmas. They are still working on the decor of the house but to me, it's just fucking awesome. They did a wonderful job so far in their new home.

After the trip to Austin, lupus kicked my ass for going out and enjoying myself. Really, I think lupus is my mother incarnated. I can't say reincarnated because the bitch is still alive. But I believe because she can't be here to make my life a living hell that she has lupus pay me a visit in her honor when I'm having a good time. That has to be it.

Anyways, after the trip last week, I was stuck in bed for 4 days with pain from swollen joints, so much fatigue that not even sleep could help, and just an all-around awful feeling. It felt like I had the flu minus the throwing up and diarrhea. I finally started feeling better on Friday and then a cold front came through this past Saturday and I was back to square one again. Bitch can't cut me a break for a few days. I have so much baking to do. I mean there are like 16 cookie dough rolled logs in my fridge and I have 4 rum yule log cakes to make. What the hell! I promised so much for so many and I can't deliver on the promises. I feel defeated. But! I'm going to try to get as much done as I can.

I made it to the living room couch. It's taking me so long to write today with my pain. David opened up the front door to let in the sunshine. It's cold in the 40's outside right now. He said that it will warm up to the 80's by tomorrow. Climate change is for real folks. 30's freezing cold for a few days and then we get sweltering heat in the 80's and 90's the next. At least the warmth will make me feel better, I hope. If I feel better today, I might make the cranberry sauce for our Yule dinners. It doesn't take much to make it so it won't take too much energy from me. But for right now I'm going to rest for a few hours on the couch.

Y'all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe and healthy.

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