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The countdown ends on the 1st of September. For me, the month of September is Halloween Eve. So, I have oriented the countdown as such.🎃

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday-This That and the Other Part Deux

Hey, Y'all!! It's raining again. Yeah, just like I said it would yesterday. We will be having rain off and on all day long for the whole week and into the next. Although the weather people say we will have Thursday and Friday partly sunny with no rain, I will have to see it to believe it since the weather is for San Antonio and not east of them. The good thing is the diclofenac is working for most of my pain but I do have a bit now and then if I don't move. I tend to take advantage of being pain-free and if I stand too long my back gives out on me. Then it's back to the heating pad. 
Yesterday,  I had my doctor's appointment. We went over my blood work and he was quite pleased. I did much better than I thought I would. I lost another 10 lbs. and my fasting glucose was 79 instead of 120 like it was 3 months ago. My cholesterol went down 60 points to 133. I'm aiming for less than 100 but less than 200 is fine. My doctor was completely happy with my efforts to cut sugar and fats from my diet. Goddess knows I am too. He does want me to see this new doctor for my arthritis though. I said that was fine with me. So he is setting up the appointment with her. I'm guessing I'll have a butt load of tests to go through again. Oh well, the price one pays for getting old.
Lucy under my art table watching me.
Lucy is free to go after her incarceration in the kitchen for a few days. I let her off one day early for good behavior but she's on parole for the rest of the week. If she breaks parole, she's back in the slammer, um I mean kitchen. So far, she's been nice to Spunky and not bothering him. Somehow the evil will show itself and she'll be back to teasing that poor ol' man again just as she usually does. She just can't help herself.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday- This That and the Other

David was ambushed by a bunch of little girls yesterday outside HEB. Yeah, he said the girl scouts got him and they hog-tied him and had one of those mobile-pay machines so he had no excuses. He said they threatened to tickle if he didn't hand over a credit card. The girls are good! Anywho, he came home with two boxes of my favorites and two boxes of his against his wishes. I'm wondering just how hard they twisted his arm. Yeah, really.
Lucy pleas her case
Saturday, Lucy was bitten by Spunky. He got her on the leg. It wasn't a savage bite or anything like that. He nipped her most likely. All I heard was quite a lot of barking and then screaming and more barking. David was the only witness to the altercation so I played the judge and jury. Lucy pled her case by coming to me limping and crying as if she was maimed. Spunky fell asleep and so I asked David what happened? He said Lucy was teasing Spunky by jumping on him as he slept and he got mad and lashed out at her like a piranha and succeeded in making contact considering he's blind. I asked Lucy if it was true what daddy said and she just held her front leg up to me with tears in he eyes. I told her playing innocent after bothering the boy was not going to help. So I sentenced her to four days locked in the kitchen. She is currently trying to appeal her case.
It's been cloudy for twenty-one and raining off and on for five days in a row now. You know, I don't mind the rain because it's great for the plants and trees but twenty-one days straight of no sunshine is way too much. But this morning we have sunshine. YES! SUNSHINE! It is supposed to be partly cloudy today but starting tomorrow, it's going to be rain for the next three days or so. Y'all up north have it much worse. Snow one day, sunshine and in the 70's the next. Flooding, tornadoes, high winds, ice, and snow. Mother Nature is bipolar and needs to get back on her meds and keep taking them on a regular basis or she's fucking pissed with us because of all the nasty shit humans have done to her.
Well, I have a doctor's appointment to get to right now. All y'all play nice and have a magical day.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday - Sleep Deprived, Pain, and Lucy

I'm very tired today but I have this immense amount of energy coming in like fart spurts. My energy cycle has been ongoing since Sunday morning. Lots of housework accomplished in the form of spring cleaning. This morning I kind of petered out and my pain is getting the best of me now. We have a front sliding in from the west for tomorrow and I've been feeling it since last night. 
I kept seeing the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld in my mind as I was trying to get comfortable last night, shouting, "NO SLEEP FOR YOU!" Yeah, that was all night long. So I got up and quietly cleaned house by picking up toys, I started my sourdough starter, I even repotted my little lemon trees and petunias for the coming summer. This morning my pain drugs are attempting to work but it's a no-go. I'll try to sleep again later tonight and dope myself with a sleep-aid if I can't. There will be sleep for me!
Lucy was a little mischief maker yesterday. She started by stealing Spunky's favorite toy and hiding it from him. Then when that wasn't enough, she stands in front of him and slaps him with her face and runs. He can't see her so he barks then she barks at him and then there's a bark fest. David yells at them because he can't hear the TV and turns up the sound. So the dogs bark as loud at each other as they can against the loud TV. This all gets to be a bit tiring because it ebbs into my solitude in the living room. So I end all the noise by turning down the TV, giving Spunky back his toy, and grabbing up the perpetrator of this whole fiasco and dumping her on the couch in the living room and putting up the puppy gate to keep the little troublemaker from bothering anyone ever again. Ahhh, peace. 

Lucy stealthfully curls up to me as cute as she can and plops her head heavily onto my laptop keyboard. Here we go again.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. So I'm posting it today because, because, well, fuck it. That's why.

 When you get that special love note...

Or ...

 The cute box of chocolates...

Or the french kissing...

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday - This and That

I've been hurting all weekend and I'm hurting today too. Well, enough of that shit. Last Friday, David had jury duty. It didn't take long for him to come home. They picked who the lawyers wanted and boom, he was home. He took a vacation day so it became a three day weekend for him. I spent the day in the living room and we conversed through chat online. Lucy was also sleeping the day away next to me on the couch. Oh, the life of a pampered puppy. 
On Saturday we went out for lunch with my step-daughter and I got to meet her boyfriend, Jack. He was so sweet, very polite and very talkative. I liked him right off and I could see the love in Jenna's eyes for him. We talked about all kinds of stuff. We must have been there eating and talking for an hour and a half because it was almost two o'clock when we left. They were going deer hunting after lunch. He gave us some ground deer meat and sausage. David loves sausage. After lunch, there was a Girl Scout cookie sale set up right outside the restaurant as we left. Oh yeah, GS cookies. David bought two boxes from the girls and we left. I was really feeling my back pain by then when my pills wore off before the car ride home. Yeah, I was screaming inside my head so I wouldn't ruin the time spent with my loved ones. Thank the Goddess it was only a fifteen-minute drive. 

When I got home I laid down on the couch with the heating pad after I took my pills. It was pure heaven when they finally kicked in. Just in time too because the cold front came in around that evening. I didn't even feel it. I had David bring my lemon trees in and my petunias too. They will be in for a couple of days and then the weather will get into the 70's again by Tuesday. 
Sunday, I washed five loads of laundry. In between the folding and moving laundry from the washer to the dryer I was watching the Olympics with my dear friend the heating pad. The opening ceremony was pretty cool. Well, I'm going to let Spunky outside so he can bark at the guys working on the road. I have a house to finish cleaning. Y'all have a magical day.

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