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Sunday, September 20, 2020

How to Revert Back to Legacy Blogger

OMG!! It works!!!
This morning I was looking at the Blog roundup that Infidel has once a week and I saw how a blogger reverts back to Legacy Blogger. You would have to have a translator from Google to read her blog but it's all here.
But in case you aren't computer savy and you want the old Blogger back here is how you do it. 
You will need to open a notepad program that I hope you have with your computer. Just minimize it until you need it. 
First off, copy this address below by right clicking and choose the save and then open up the notepad and then right click and choose paste to keep the address there then minimize the notepad again:

Then go to blogger as if you were going to post or read something. Look at the Blogger ID address which is yours in the browser window. It will look something like this:

The red xx's are where my Blogger ID is. The ID is usually a bunch of numbers. You want to copy only your unique address which would be where the red xx's are. You don't need the http:/ stuff, only what comes after the posts/ part. 
Okay, right click to save the unique address and then go to the notepad and open it up the address that I gave you for Legacy Blogger, it should still be there. Now, highlite the red xx's part only and delete it then in between the equal sign and the ampersand sign right click and paste your address that you copied. Then copy the whole thing in your notpad and go back to New Blogger and delete the whole address in the browser window and paste the address from the notepad. Now press enter and the Blogger Legacy will be there. Cool huh? 
Now you will need to keep the Legacy Address on the notepad for as long as you want to use it by saving it on notepad. I have mine saved as Legacy. So now when I want to blog I go into notepad first and copy the Legacy address and then go to Blogger and rip the old blogger address off the browser window and paste the Legacy address to it and presto like magic I can work in the Legacy Blogger without a problem. In fact I did this whole blog post while in Legacy. I hope this was easy for all of you to understand.
Y'all have a magical day.

If you don't have Notepad on your computer you can go to - 
and type in Sticky Notes in the search window on the left top of the page and then click on the high rated stars and the free areas and then download the Sticky Notes program that you like. You can then use that instead of Notepad. It works just as well.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

 Hey, y'all. I'm going to take a couple of weeks off. I'm not well and I need to recoup. I thought I was over the flair but it's still causing trouble. So, y'all have a magical week or two. Stay safe and wear a mask.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Pacific Coast Fires

The videos below are not taken from the movie, Bladerunner 2049. Some of the pictures above show parts of the Bladerunner movie to compare with the pictures taken now. These are taken from the California San Fransico Bay area and show what California, Oregon, and  Washington are experiencing right now. Mother Nature is purging.

Sept 9, 2020

Sept 10, 2020

Sept 10, 2020
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