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Friday, June 28, 2019

This and That

I know, I know. I've been out of the loop lately. I've been vegging out so to speak. The weather has eased up a bit. We were in the 100's for a few days last week and the on and off rain showers have helped keep the temps down. Our area, most of Texas will go into a dry spell for the next three to four months now. No more rain as it should be but hey anything is possible here.
David is going to be off for the usual 4th of July holiday week. Yeah, the place he works for shuts down for the week so he will be home bothering me to go here and there with him, which I wouldn't mind doing except that I do have my bad days with pain so we will have to see what happens. He did want to go to the coast for a couple of days and I said how about just a couple of hours instead. We can't take Spunky and we can't leave him alone for too long so that pretty much puts a damper on any long term time plans. Otherwise, I do want to go shop for a pantry shelving unit to put all my baking appliances and bowls and other stuff on. I found what I wanted in Wayfare but it would take too long to get it. So, I'm thinking David's toy store, Home Desperate might just have what I'm looking for. He will be glad to go because he always finds something manly that he really doesn't need. Yeah, it's the caveman thing again.
So, it's been really quiet at Casa Del Loco lately. Nothing really to report here. I did watch the first and second Democratic debates. Personally, a Harris and Warren ticket sounds kinda awesome to me. Both women are powerful and know what should be done. The men all sound like they are out of touch. Biden got his ass handed to him by Harris. State's Rights my ass! He's old way out of touch with what's going on and not fast enough to take care of business. Sanders is okay but he's older than dirt and yells when he talks. I don't like that, never did. Everyone else, pack it up, regroup and try running for the Senate so the Dems can have the Senate as well as the House in Congress for 2019. 
Well, that's all I have to say. I may not be blogging as much next week because I might be out and about with David. Y'all have a magical day and weekend. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday Morning Stuff and a Shout Out

Scared Lucy when the first boom of
thunder hits - the ears go back and
 the baby seal comes out
Saturday morning we had a dry thunderstorm. Yeah, no rain. Dry as a popcorn fart is what my brother, Zomby Woof would say. So, because we had a butt load of thunder, Lucy stayed at my feet, hugging my leg the whole time, shaking. It was the strangest feeling. Not like a dog humping my leg but as if a giant cell phone was strapped to my right shin and it was on vibrate. So yeah, this wasn't a constant vibration I felt, more like a zzZZZTT, zzzZZTT. All I could do was laugh because I'm thinking since she has fleas right now they are probably experiencing mini 8.6 earthquakes with aftershocks. She refused my hugs or any love from me. So, there she sat, attached to my right leg, scared as hell, vibrating like my cell phone and I'm wondering, should I answer that?
This morning there is a big ol rolling thunderstorm, with rain, that is hitting east of Victoria Texas rolling west and all I can think is I sure hope Pam and her sister Ellen are okay. Yes, That's a shout out to both of those wonderful women. This morning Ellen is going into the hospital in Houston for a heart oblation and new heart medication observation to stop her afib and fluttering in her heart. I'm confident everything will go well for her. She has a great doctor and the procedure is minimally invasive.
more Lucy
 Well, I have a little bit of housework to do around here and the puppies are outside while it's not that hot yet and I need to go get them inside before the storm swings up our way. I can't wait until their flea and tick meds get here in the mail. David said they should be here by Thursday, Saturday at the most. So, all I'm saying is, US Mail Service if you could just move that package a little bit faster than most I would be a might bit happier woman who happens to have a little dog that misses sleeping with her mom and dad in their bedroom.  All y'all have a magical day.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Blessed Litha

Summer Solstice or Litha as I call it starts officially at 10:54 CT for us in central Texas. That's officially the start of summer for all you non-pagans. So far it's a dreary morning. No sun just clouds. Although the sun is trying to push the clouds aside once in a while. But it will be a glorious day today no doubt. The past few days have been up in the 100's which is strange for us in my part of Texas. We normally don't get into the 100's until August. But with the climate change thingy going on, things are getting strange.
Spunky is barking so we have to go outside and enjoy Litha. So y'all have a magical day and Blessed Litha to all y'all.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

This and That

I really don't know who to believe anymore. The weather guy from last night said we might get showers today in the afternoon. The morning weather guy says we won't get anything today. Personally, I'm going to take the evening weather guy in his word. I looked at the radar to see what Texas is getting right now and I saw this. The red dot in where I am.

Yeah, it's working its way down towards us and it's building itself up. I expect it will hit sometime this afternoon around 1 or 2pm. It's on its way.
I found a new toy while I was surfing the web yesterday. Here's the site.,-98.47/11
It's actually an in the air flight list almost like what the ATC's see. You can zero in on planes and if you hover or click your cursor over a plane icon a little window will pop up on the left and give you the flight path, speed and what kind of plane it is also it will give you the destination. This site covers all flights, private planes, government planes and helicopters too but you have to get up close to certain cities to see the little blips for helicopters and if there is no info then the plane or whatever is most likely government operated, like a fighter jet. It's kind of fun to monitor this stuff. I tracked a helicopter in Los Angeles for 3 minutes. That thing was moving everywhere. Also, I noticed there is hardly any air traffic over Ukraine. There were a few planes going in and out of there but there were also a few with no call signs when I hovered over them so they are obviously government planes. Traffic over certain countries is very limited and others look like beehives of activity. It's a bit of fun and info in case you want to track a flight a friend or family member is on. Just something to play with.
Well I have a few things I need to get to today so all y'all have a magical day

Monday, June 17, 2019

B o r i n g !

I'm up but moving real slow. Pain and loss of sleep is the reason. I was up with a thunderstorm early this morning right around 2am. David never heard it hit but Lucy let me know about it. Right now it's like deja vu. All the weather stations say that we will have rain most of the day, So, I will be having a little puppy sitting on my toes vibrating until all this thunder and rain is over.
Yesterday, David and I went to Saltgrass for a Father's Day lunch with the kids. We had a great time. The place was totally crowded. I think we sat and talked and ate for over an hour. I had to grin and bear it until we all got up to leave. Yeah, I was in pain. When I stood up I thought I was going to break in two. David left to go get the car and I was there with his daughter and her husband, both are so wonderful. I could see from the front patio that the parking lot was busy so it took a while for David to get back to pick me up. When we finally got home, I took a hot shower and took my pain meds and then I went to lie down for a little while but fell asleep. Next thing I knew there was a thunderstorm in progress. So that was my Sunday. Saturday was meh. All I did was goof off and watch tv.

Friday, June 14, 2019

. . . and then Lucy said it was aliens that did it.

I'm going to be busy this morning getting the laundry washed and cleaning a topsy turvy house that got tossed by two very rambunctious puppies last night. Yes, they were playing most of the night and when David woke up early this morning he reprimanded both the fuzzy babies while they were trying to sleep. When I woke up I swear the place looked as though the police tossed it looking for drugs. There were toys everywhere. In fact I stepped on a few ragdolls in the hallway. I mean to tell ya they emptied their toy box of everything they could find and then some. There where sofa cushions on the floor in the living room and my seed porn magazines were strewn everywhere with pages that were torn to shreds. What the fuck happened last night was all I could wonder. Was there a full moon? Spunky was probably not even in on all this carnage  because he's both deaf and blind so I won't even label him as a culprit. But Lucy. Now Lucy is the only one who could have done all this. So, she has been outside in the yard on "The Chain" while I clean and she got a good tearing down from me for last night's party. And no, I do not beat my dogs. They get one hell of a verbal scolding that makes them wish I'd stop talking to them though. So, today I have spent a good portion of this morning cleaning up. I still have some mopping and dusting yet to get to. I'll be bringing Lucy inside in a moment because it's starting to get too warm for her out there, besides, she looks as though she has atoned for her sins.

Yesterday, I decided to take a partial day off, although I did wash our jeans and a load of towels. Today, I have all of David's work clothes which are all khakis and polo shirts and a few of my dresses, scrubs, pants and t-shirts from going on two weeks worth now. I tend to hold off on washing unnecessary clothes like my things because I like to mostly wear my scrubs during the day. May I say something in defence of wearing scrubs? They are the most fucking comfortable pieces of clothing on the face of this planet. I happen to own eight pairs, that's tops and bottoms, of scrubs in all kinds of colors. Okay, back to my day yesterday, I seemed to have gotten off track there.

So, yesterday, I did washed two loads of laundry and then I baked two air tight containers worth of about four dozen cookies each. One contains oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies and the other is chunky peanut butter cookies. Then I made two loaves of beer bread which I froze and then also made two loaves of sour dough bread which I also froze only one loaf. The frozen loaves are not baked. So, all I have to do is take one from the freezer and put it into a loaf pan and let it defrost and rise and then just pop it into the oven. It works so nicely that way. I also made some orange scones for this morning which I am finally having for my breakfast which was put on hold while I cleaned up said carnage from the Viking Queen, Lucy's mad romp last night. Yeah, she really did a good one.  So, I'm finished with my breakfast and the laundry buzzer just sounded so I have more stuff to get to. Y'all have a magical day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Life Hurts

Morning y'all. It's one of my many bad mornings. I rolled out of bed and my body isn't working as usual. My lower back is screaming at me again and I can't find my earplugs(pain meds). Yeah, I've looked everywhere that I can but they are eluding me at this moment. So, I'll have to wait for David to get home from work at lunchtime to get them for me. I have a sneaky suspicion they are hiding under the bedside table. I might have knocked them off there last night. So here I sit with my heating pads. I did take a couple of extra strength Tylenol to cut some of the screamings from my body down to a co-operative level. But it wasn't enough to make it easier to stand so I could get some breakfast. I really hate this shit. I sometimes wonder what will happen to me if David dies. I won't be able to cope. He's the one that makes my life bearable. He's the one that makes me get up and go outside. I'll be up shit creek that's for sure.
Yesterday was a beautiful day. the temperature was in the mid 80's all day and it wasn't as humid as it had been in the past. Today is turning out like that too although it's overcast for the morning. It should be sunny and in the high 80's today. Lucy has taken full advantage of the weather too. When I let her outside she runs around like she's in a race. She has been my nurse as usual. right now she is sleeping really close along my left leg. She knew I was in pain the minute I woke up because she crept close to me as if she could help me. At least she tries and I have to give her loving hugs for her awareness. I'm going to go lie down in the bedroom. My day is not going to be a good one. All y'all have a magical day.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Tennis Porn

So, Sunday morning the French Open was on TV. I was setting up my blog for the morning when My brother, Zomby Woof called to say hi. Then he asked if I had ever really listened to a tennis match? I didn't follow what he meant, then I turned up the sound on the TV and realized the noisy match going on between Nadler and Thiem.
So my brother then said doesn't it sound like gay porn? I started laughing because damn, listening to the guys grunting and groaning every time they hit the damned ball was actually a little if not getting ridiculously funny. Nadler is so vocal it made me wonder. I've heard that some women in the crowds love to just listen to the guys because of the erotic grunting and groaning.
I know the girls are bad with their screaming too, especially Sharapova. She sounds like she's getting fucked hard. Even the crowds were known to get into making fun of her screams when she plays by screaming back at her or laughing loudly. She sounds like a small yappy dog is being beaten.  I'm just wondering what kind of coach tells them to scream or moan like that when the player hits the ball. Is it necessary at all? Does the coach get off on that kind of thing or what?
Y'all have a magical day.


Friday, June 7, 2019

MCTD is Not For Sissies

I'm moving quite slow today. I had a flare yesterday evening and for the life of me, I can't figure out what the fuck brought it on. So yeah, I'm very tired and my whole body hurts like hell including the headache behind my right eye. When I woke up this morning I didn't want to move because it was the only few minutes that I had experienced no pain of any kind. Yes, for only that one little minute but then I realized if I don't get up really soon there would be a wet problem and I would be forced to strip the bed and wash sheets so I listened to the master and practically crawled to the bathroom. Then I let Lucy and Spunky out and I changed clothes, found my cane and hobbled into the kitchen to toast an English muffin and pour some juice before I take the barrage of daily pills. I sware, every morning I pledge my soul to my pain pills before I take them. It seems only appropriate to do so because they are the only things that allow me to really function in life otherwise I'd be a writhing ball of human flesh in physical suffering or should that be torture. Yeah, I like the torture thingy better. 
Anywho, I've made it to the sofa and my beloved heating pads. I now have two of them one for my lower back and one for my shoulders that I can drape over. It's really cool because it looks like the letter U. part of it is for my upper back and neck and then it can fall over my shoulders to keep them from hurting so bad. David found it at a drug store here in town. Somehow I wonder if the rainstorm that we had yesterday evening triggered this flare. I was fine until it started to rain, then my body literally fell apart. So today I have laundry to get started on but I'm going to do only one load. Other than that I plan on just sitting here on the sofa doing very little all day until my body decides to crawl out of its funk.
So y'all have a magical day.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Baking Made Easier

Yesterday's comments said some of you wanted to see the pictures of my canning dry ingredients from Monday's blog post. Well, I did take the pictures I just couldn't find the file that my camera hid them in on my laptop. It wasn't in my regular pictures file and I wasn't in the mood to go hunting for them at the time I posted. BUT. Since some of you wanted to see it, I tore into my computer files and found them and here they are in order as I took them. They are a bit fuzzy because it's hard doing the job and taking the picture at the same time with one hand. My usual photographer was busy mowing the lawn Sunday and he didn't want to be bothered by girly shit.

So, I have all the dry ingredients measured and poured out onto the parchment paper.

I turned the parchment paper into a spout and let the ingredients fall into the 1-quart jar. I give the paper a couple of flicks with my fingers to get every last bit of flour and other dry items into the jar. You can reuse the paper over again for other jars too.

Everything is in the jar safe and dry and will keep for up to four months. I would advise not to set up any active dry yeast for sweet bread, buns, etc. since that is a dry ingredient in all recipes that must be activated separately. If you set up your dry ingredients for future recipe needs always, always sift the dry ingredients before using. Make sure the dry ingredients can be mixed together prior to adding wet ingredients. Like you can have the flour and sugar together when making your cake mix. Just be sure to check with the recipe before you do this. Also, make sure to add a small piece of masking tape to the bottle with the expiration date on it which will be four months from when you set your bottled ingredients up.

I didn't have the 3x5 index card to put on them but I found a small notebook of pages I could use. I wrote the name of the recipe and then what to do and the wet ingredients to add. This one was my Buttermilk Biscuit Mix that I improved the recipe last month. I also made two yellow cake mix jars and a scone jar mix that I mixed up for breakfast Monday morning. All I had to do was preheat the oven, sift the dry ingredients and add the wet ingredients and do what I needed according to the recipe on the bottle. It was that easy. It's kind of fun knowing I'll have mixes of these things when I need them and they aren't store bought, all homemade.

Lucy Approved
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