Halloween Begins

Monday, November 30, 2015

I Am Free

Yes, David has gone back to work, but only for a few weeks because Hexcel will close for another holiday week soon. And so, it will begin again. Another week off for him and a week of crap for me.

Our Thanksgiving was great. As you know, we don't like to eat big with turkey and all the fixings. We had baked chicken breasts with a yummy orange glaze that many of you asked for the recipe. So here it is:

Orange Glaze

2 tablespoons vegetable oil                                  
1/2 cup orange juice
1 teaspoon orange zest
2 tablespoons honey ( I used orange honey)
1 teaspoon yellow mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Mix all ingredients with a whisk. Baste heavily every
15 minutes for a thick glaze. Great for chicken, turkey, or ham.
I baked the chicken breasts for about an hour at 350 because they were very plump. So the glaze was quite thick and just perfect. We also had baked potatoes and green beans. We both decided not to get the cranberries. It was a bit much if we did. We didn't feel like stuffed piggies when we finished and were able to take our evening walk without feeling sluggish. 

The weather was a bit colder than usual out here, but it was nice. We had a bit of rain, but it was a great day. David's daughter came over to visit before she drove back to Austin. She was here for about an hour before she went home. She always comes down to see her grandparents and have dinner with them over the holidays. It works out rather well.

Thursday morning David and went to IHop for breakfast. But before he got out of the car he sneezed and coughed all over me and the car insides. YES! He did! All over me! Now I have his cold. I had a cold something like last month, I believe and got over it quite fast. But this time my immune system is way down. I feel like shit right now and seriously, I want to kill David for doing this to me. Yesterday I lost my voice completely and David was being just plain mean to me, asking me to speak up because he loves my new sexy husky voice. He's such a bastard. 
Today I woke up and my voice sounded like a 14-year-old boy's voice. Yes, it was cracking like crazy. The puppies made me laugh because I talk to them a lot, and they kept tilting their heads as I was talking. My voice was so different that I think it alarmed them.

So today, I'm taking it easy, except for doing laundry and some minor cleaning.  Oh, and fighting this fucking cold with a vengence. I'm hoping this doesn't change into Bronchitis. I'm coughing like a cat hocking up a fuzz ball.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday-Day 2 of My Incarceration

Hey!!! It's Day 2 of my incarceration. I was just thinking that in about 3 weeks I'll be going through this all over again. YES! I know, Right? I get to do this again when David goes on Christmas break. Yeah! I can't wait! I dream of this every day.

Yesterday I was able to hide out on the front porch for about an hour with a mug of coffee before David came looking for me. It was so nice and cool. Then I went for a nice walk but he caught up to me. I can't even get any alone time with a walk. Crap on toast! Right now I'm finally alone. I sent him on a little shopping trip for chicken breasts, oranges, and potatoes. We forgot to get these items when we went shopping for groceries. With all the crazy shit happening at HEB, he should be gone for 30 minutes or so.

We are not having turkey for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is over rated as far as I'm concerned,  it's a food glutton's wet dream. We both like to keep it simple. So, we are having baked chicken breasts basted with orange sauce, baked potatoes, green beans, cranberries, and pecan pie for dessert. We like to keep it simple.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 1 Of My Incarceration

Well, David is off for a week so my incarceration has officially started. Yes, I can't do shit around here without him bitching that he doesn't want to hear me moan and groan about pain. Not only that but I have to be accessible to let him know he did a great job when he does anything around here. I have tried hiding in the living room, but it didn't work. He found me and brought the puppies along with him. It's ridiculous that I can't have an hour alone to read or do anything I want. *sigh* Right now he's at a doctor's appointment that I intentionally set up for today for him. At least I'll get an hour or two of ME time. So, later gators. I have stuff to get done before he gets back.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday - Monday's Ugly Sister

Well, the front came through this morning. Yessiree, it did. I not only felt that fucker, but I heard and saw it. It was loud with heavy rain and wind. Quite a few pecans hit the windows and there are a few branches on the ground this morning too. Right now I feel quite nice, the pain in my back is down to a minimum and at least I can walk as opposed to last night when I had to use my cane to get around. 
So later this morning I'll be going to pick up the branches and scavenge for some fat tasty pecans to go with carrot medallions for tonight's dinner. I'm planning on hamburger steaks, orange honey carrots with pecans, and twice baked potatoes. I'm meal planning today, meaning it's spaghetti Tuesday on Wednesday(you have to be a Walking Dead fan to understand), chili for Thursday with cornbread, Friday is our date night out or Rosie's Pizza night if I feel crappy from the weather. 

Well, the puppies want to go outside and chase squirrels. Besides I have work to do so y'all keep safe and have a magical day.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Late Monday Post

I know this is a bit late for a post, but I was busy catching up on all the bloggers. Shit, I have so many to read each day it's crazy. Anywho let's do this.
Lucy and Pebbles came very close to catching their first squirrel this morning. The girls were out by the pecan tree looking up for squirrels. I came outside to call them in when I was finished cleaning house. They refused to come so I went to the gate to call them again when a tiny squirrel came running through the garden fence towards the tree and the girls. Lucy saw it running and instantly crouched down in a defensive move. It was like watching a football game. The squirrel did a side to side move in front of Lucy, she copied him and the squirrel got the drop on her and scurried between Lucy and Pebbles and made it to the tree. I sware it did a victory dance as it chittered at them both from the branch above. The girls were humiliated, to say the least, that a squirrel got the better of them. 

It's raining right now. It should be raining up until Thursday so I'm going to have to take things slow. There is a front coming in tomorrow and I've been feeling that fucker since yesterday. Once it goes through it won't be so bad. You see, I can deal with rain, it's the fronts that kill my back. The change in pressure makes it unbearable. So I have my meds to knock my ass out and David will be cooking just for tonight. 
Beginning Friday, David will be off for a whole week. That means my incarceration will begin. For a whole fucking week! Nothing but trashy TV shows all day long. YES! ALL DAY LONG! Let me let you in on some shit that I do daily here at home. If, sorry, I mean when I'm not on the heating pad and exercising or walking, I'm cleaning or doing laundry. I do the laundry on Mondays and Fridays and I clean house, meaning I fuss here and there with the vacuum, dust cloth, and mop on those same days. I do my exercise routine every morning and then hit the treadmill to walk hopefully five miles (which has still eluded me) while reading blogs and the news. 
On Tuesday through Thursday I go outside with the puppies and let them attack the tether ball while I pick up dead branches that fall or do minor gardening. Then I blog for the week ahead like for the Wet Wednesdays editions. Sometimes I'll go to the Pecan Bottom by the river with Lucy and let her walk the track with me if it's nice and not too hot out. Sometimes like for instance if I wasn't in so much pain I would cook dinners for David and I for the whole week. I am thinking of going to the new library branch near us when it is finished being built and getting my library card. I could walk there if I take my time. 
Anywho, when David is off, that all changes. You see, if I decide to go somewhere, he will go with me. His excuse is that what if I need help or wouldn't it be better just to drive there. The whole idea is to get away. He will want to watch TV all day long. That TV is off when I'm home. It doesn't go on until he comes home after work. I only watch a few shows a week after dinner and that is on DVR because my meds knock my ass out at night after 7:30. So it's kind of quiet here during the day. 

This blog post has gone way too long today so I'm going to go and get things finished up around here.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sorry Y'all

I just got back from the doctor's office. I'm sorry, but I feel like shit and I'm quite tired, so no blogging today. I'm going to take my meds and a hot soothing shower and go back to sleep.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Let's Do This, Monday

I finally hit the wall. The wall that slams into your body when you least expect it. Yes, that wall that stops you dead in your tracks and says, "You're my bitch now." I ran into it Sunday morning at about 4 a.m. It wasn't cushioned like I would have liked it to be. Nope, that fucker hit me hard this time. Jumped onto my back and drove a cold steel spike right into my lower spine. It actually felt like I was having my spine torn from my body. I nearly screamed. So fucking much pain. I almost passed out in the living room. 
I was sitting on the couch reading and I had the heating pad on my back when it hit. I couldn't get off the couch. All I know is I ended up in the ER with the worst back spasm in my life. They gave me a really nice muscle relaxer cocktail. I highly recommend it. We were only there for and hour and when I got home I fell asleep and stayed that way for almost 14 hours. I have no idea what prompted the spasm because I wasn't doing anything but sitting. Thank the Goddess I see my doctor on Thursday morning. I think I just over did it on Saturday and my body decided to pay me back all for the mistreatment.

I'm alright now except that I went through a really bad flare up of pain this morning. My whole body was hurting. It's got to be the cooler weather that we are having that triggered the flare. Usually the colder the weather the worse I feel. That's why I live down here in Texas. So ironic. I love the cold, but the cold hates me.

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