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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Religion in a Nutshell

Friday, December 14, 2018

First Responder Friday

Notice: This guy is a police officer. Wait until he 
finds out there aren't any doughnuts either.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


I'm moving a lot slower than the past few days so all y'all bear with me. I'll get there, eventually. I finally got my Ancestry DNA read out. It came in my email on Monday but I wasn't feeling well enough to post it so I'm doing it today.

Yeah, some of y'all don't know it but my name really is Patricia. Leeann is my middle name. Anywho, here is my DNA profile side by side next to David, my sexy beast so y'all can see. I guess my ancestors were mostly German with a big ol' smudge of Viking blood thrown in for good measure. That would explain my brother Richard. The dude is as big and tall as a house. He puts grizzly bears to shame. Now I can call him Big Swede and get away with it. BWAAAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA! Damn, I nearly peed myself. 
Okay, yesterday was an awesome day. The weather was warmer than usual and I was feeling really great - for a while. I had decided to vacuum, dust, and mop the house. Bad idea, amiright? Anywho, I washed blankets, cleaned house, and then right before feeding the puppies I gave Lucy a bath. Bathing her was the torpedo that sank my ship. She fought me all the way. I didn't know such a tiny dog could wear me out. I finally had her all washed and dried. She was soooo soft and smelled so nice and clean. I fed the puppies and then I immediately called David and asked if he could cook dinner for himself. I wasn't hungry because I was having an MCTD episode and I really needed to get a warm shower and take my pain meds and get rest in bed. I finally woke up around 9:40 this morning. I could bearly move an inch. I took a hot shower so my joints could loosen up a little and get my back to stop hurting. Arthritis is a bitch. I am still hurting even at this very moment. Well, I had to go get my blood drawn this morning because I have 2 doctors appointments next week. Next week Monday morning I have my family doctor appointment so I won't be posting until I get back home. On Friday next week, I have an appointment with my Pain management doctor in the afternoon so that won't mess with my blogging time. Anywho, I got back home and crashed on the sofa with my laptop and that is where I still am right now.

One more note. To all my friends I won't be sending Christmas cards this year in the mail because it's just too hard on me. But, I will send many of you e-cards this year instead. I may do this from now on if it is easier for me. 
Well, y'all have a magical day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Wet Dog Wednesday

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