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Texas! Uh Yeah, We Had a Drought

Lake Travis in drought conditions-The Express-News. 
Canyon Lake
The drought in our area of Texas is almost if not completely over. Lake Travis in Austin is still down by 30 ft.  With more rain coming in the next couple of days, it should be completely full. Canyon Lake is full to capacity. Canyon lake feeds the Guadalupe river which runs through Seguin and feeds the town it's major water supply. So we are really happy here.

Yesterday, it rained hard and the thunder storm was a bit frightening for the puppies, but they quieted down when the rain stopped falling so hard. They aren't so scared of the thunder as they are of heavy rain hitting the roof. Overall, on the rain gauge we got 1.4 inches yesterday and 2.5 inches Saturday. It's been wonderful for us with the rain and all. Not so for others in lower elevations where the rain pooled and caused flooding. My step-daughter told us she was fine in Austin. She was not in the area of flooding. Thank the Goddess.

More news on the waveless waterbed. The puppies hate it. They don't like walking on it, much less laying on it. Not a problem. Otherwise, I'm doing great. My backaches in the morning are not as bad as they were when we had a regular mattress. I wake up feeling refreshed because I can sleep all night without pain. I hardly feel any pain when I get up. It's a blessing! If you have bad back pain get yourself a waveless waterbed. Make sure you test it out by lying( or is it laying-whatever!) on one in the showroom before buying.

I am not a doctor, I don't endorse the waveless waterbed, but I feel better for having one to sleep on. I have suffered greatly with my arthritic spine for years and this is the best thing by far that I have found to get a great sound sleep on.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Monday

Well, we bought the waveless waterbed. It was so easy to set up, for me, cause I didn't do shit. Aahahahahaha. Really, David just lugged the thing and placed it into the waterbed frame we already had. He unfolded it, put the conditioner in it, and then ran the hose from outside through the window into it. Then we waited until it seemed full and disconnected the hose and pushed all the air out of it. It was fun because we over filled it and when we slept on it the first night we kept either rolling out of bed unintentionally or rolling into each other. It was fun cause I laughed most of the night. Let's just say we didn't get much sleep. The next morning we let water out of it and it was better last night.

The waveless it pretty good. Better than a Serta mattress, that's for sure. I slept on my side without my spine killing me. In fact, I slept like a baby all through the night. The first time in years. I wake up now without so much pain, but it is still there, just not as much. David was so happy. The only thing is, is that I do get stiff later in the day, but that's because my back gets tired from my sitting or standing too much. Besides the weather has been wetter than usual. That alone is not a good thing for my back.

Speaking of weather if anyone saw that tornado watch on Saturday night for San Antonio we were okay. Never got any high winds or tornado just a shit load of rain. It was a hell of a thunder storm that we got. Yesterday was beautiful and hot. Today is overcast and we are expecting more rain. Which I have no problem with. The more the better so we don't have to water the gardens or the pecan trees.

Well, I have laundry to do and I just know David will be calling me outside soon to ask how should he prune the roses or something he's trying to cut down. Maybe I should just hide his cutting tools. Sounds good to me.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Funny

You know you're getting old 
when you go to an antiques auction 
and three people bid on you.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spinal Osteoarthritis is Not For Sissies

The temperature is dropping again. This morning we had a "gully washer" of a rain storm. The temperature plunged to 64 and I stayed up all night with my fucking back pain. Gawd I hate this shit. Spinal osteoarthritis is not for sissies. It's just fucking awful having to deal with it. Shit, the wind is kicking up now.

I know I should be civil about all this good rain, with the drought and all. Because when it's over, we will have to wait until winter or spring before the rain starts up again. It's just not a good thing for my body. Not a good thing at all.
Anywho, David and I are going to a waterbed store this Saturday to buy a waveless waterbed. This sucker has lumbar support or some weird shit like that. But David wants to get it so I can sleep better. So far, we have tried 3 different types of mattresses. So we shall see how this one plays out.
Oh!  I wanted to tell y'all that so far the little metal laptop desk I bought at Amazon is working out perfect. It was money well spent. I can use it at my computer desk too. So cool! I'm so glad I got this thing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Oh Woe Is Me AHAHahahahahaahahahahaaa! Yeah right!

Humidity is being a bitch again today and we have a 40% chance of thunder showers. I didn't want to get up at all. I was so comfortable in bed with the heating pad. But things need to get done around here. It's been 2 weeks since I last cleaned or did laundry so I'm busy this morning stripping a bed, six loads of laundry, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. How the fuck can 2 grown people have 6 loads of laundry is beyond me. Shit! I'm wondering what the fuck did David do while I was stuck in bed. I hardly have any time to blog, but he has time to make 6 fucking loads of laundry. I just can't wrap my head around that one.

I have an answer for your comment this past Sunday, Pickleope. It will be in this coming Sundays post, and yes it's an Olsteen original. You'll love it. Probably make you die laughing and even bow down to this Meme Queen here.

Well, I really have to get to the dungeon and do my housework. What a world... I leave you with what looks like "Cows Gone Wild!" Actually, it's how cows react to being let out after being cooped up all winter. Happy Happy cows.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm Back (and I found something to keep me online)

Yes! I'm back! I finally got the one item that will not keep me away from blogging while I'm stuck in bed on pain meds and my heating pad.

I was hunting for a laptop stand and I found it! YES! I was trolling on and there it was. The perfect laptop stand for someone who is bedridden like me. It's perfect for elevating my laptop so I can type while I'm in bed from back pain. It has a metal mesh backing so airflow is not obstructed and it is fully adjustable to provide optimum angle height of the laptop keyboard so I can type without having to strain my neck to see the keys. It's heavy duty metal so it will last a long time.

Safco Products Onyx Mesh Adjustable Laptop Stand, Black, 2161BL

This picture doesn't show the height I use. But I love this thing!
So y'all!
I'm back online. Unless there's a power outage from the storms and I lose Time Warner. 
I'm So Happy!

Monday, May 11, 2015

To my readers,
I am taking a few minutes to let y'all know I'm ok. I'm just overly tired and in a buttload of pain. I'll be back soon, just give me some time.
Love you all

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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