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Monday, April 29, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm In Need Of A Pintervention

I need a Pintervention for the next few days. Seriously y'all, I spend more time on Pinterest than in reality. David left me here last night to go to bed and I forgot about the time, spent something like ten fucking hours on Pinterest before I noticed the time. It was four in the fucking AM!! SHIT!!
 It's like a fucking drug. I love it and yet I hate it. So today I said no pinning or Facebook. Well except for my usual Ramsay meme for Melissa. But otherwise, under no circumstances will there be any pinning or Facebook today.
Oh but I have to go look at those Samoas cookies that Kallan Kennedy posted from Pinterest. I LOVE Samoas, so I have to go check out the recipe and try it. It's just one little pin, that's all. I won't be on long. Promise!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flowers And Stuff And You Know, Thangs

These are the pictures I took yesterday morning after the fog lifted.

This is the front porch with the gardens we put in last year. Lucy, my little baby girl (Boston Terrier) is photo bombing as usual looking for squirrels to chase.

 In the center of this side of the garden is a tiny hydrangia, one of two I planted this spring. You can barely see the thing but it's got the gray cement air vent right behind it. On the far right is the wisteria that David chopped down to nothing. I thought it would die but it came back with a vengeance.
The 2 white trellis panels David put up for the morning glorys and the climbing rose bushes we planted this spring. David hacked and chopped the fuck out of my white gardenia bushes next to the stairs. I'm still pissed at him for it. The pink bougainvillea hanging baskets from last year are still doing good also the pink and red knock out roses that Lucy is photo bombing again.
I put creeping phlox into this basket so it would spread a bit before I transplant in the garden. I have red, pink, white and purple phlox in 2 baskets soaking up the sun and getting strong
Morning glory babies on the right with the pink climbing rose in the center against the trellis
This is one of 4 lantana that we planted last year.
Pink and red knock out roses
This little tree was our Christmas tree last year. it was only a foot high, now look at the rascal. Creeping phlox in the hanging basket on the porch next to it.
Mock orange on the right and one of 5 bougainvillea I have around here and there.
David's 2 tomato plants that survived the winter. They have tiny tomatoes already.
These are regular phlox with creeping phlox growing among them. I also planted a bulb from my neighbor. The thing is about the size of a baseball so I planted it in the center.  She got it from Corpus Christi. It just looks like a mummified baseball. I don't think it'll hatch or whatever it's supposed to do. I'm wondering if it's a pod like from Invasion of The Body Snatchers.
These are sweet peas I planted two months ago. they're starting to climb the front porch corner trellis. They're about 8 inches tall now and will get up to 10 feet tall.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Yes, today is Earth Day. I'm already doing the recycle/reuse thing here at home. In fact, it's my mantra and has been for years now. David and I barely have any trash for the garbage men to pick up on Thursdays because I recycle all paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, and I compost all veggie food scraps, grass clippings,dead leaves, and even get horse manure from the horse stables down the street when they have their shows here in town.

I also have three water barrels for rain water for watering the plants. I got David to only use natural pest control, meaning ladybugs, lace wings, etc... and I make my own weed control with vinegar and a little soap. Vinegar also controls red ants. Buggers bite like hell out here.

We have a Point Of Use hot water heater in our house that only heats the water when we need it. No water tank to waste gas reheating over and over again. We have a low water use toilet and shower head and sink heads. I make my own laundry detergent and use a dryer rag for permanent press clothes in the dryer. Otherwise everything else gets hung out to dry.

David and I insulated the house because there was none when we renovated it. I love the pollution free fresh air out here so I never use the AC in the summer unless the temperature goes above 95. It's not the heat that kills you here, it's the humidity. We are also looking into getting solar panels installed. We are currently checking on the prices and installation, and how much off the grid we would be. I want to be so far off the grid that we have the electric company buying energy from us.

So that's the Earth Day poop on how I'm trying to make my carbon print as small as possible. I wish people would continue doing more everyday and not just for today. Our mother can't do it alone.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm Back To Abby Normal

Many of you don't read my Facebook page and I'm glad you don't because then you would know that I really DO need to be institutionalized. But hey, been there, done that, got the hospital gown to prove it.

Anywho, I was reading through all the wonderful well wishers, comments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Y'all are so sweet and wonderful. I just want to hug each one of you for your love.

Anywho again, this is what I posted on my Facebook page this morning when I woke up from a tranquilizer induced haze.I am much better today. I'll be on my meds for a while for everyone's safety. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAAAA!!

I'm just waking up out of a drug induced haze. This "Week from Hell" is over I hope. I haven't turned on the TV and I really don't want to.
David was watching the BPD capture the other bomber from a boat in someone's back yard last night. He was watching that whiny dumb fuck Diane Sawyer. I stopped to catch a bit of it and couldn't take it hearing her whiny stupid voice asking people the same question of the situation that they just explained to her. UGH!!! I just wanted to reach through the TV and slap her fugly face.
"Listen to them, Bitch! The guy just told you he walks his dog by there every day!"
*SLAP, SLAP, choking sounds form Sawyer*
But I feel a bit better today thank the Goddess. I will be posting in my blog tomorrow as usual.
 — feeling wonderful.

Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm At A Loss

There is SO MUCH SHIT going on this past week. It seems like the week from hell so to speak. Thus, I have been tuning out of it in order not to go into a crash and burn depression situation.

It's not that I don't have feelings for the victims of all this fucking calamity, it's just that I need very much, for my own mental health, to find a way to cope with all of this fucking crap. It isn't easy for me because I see it plastered all over my Facebook page from my friends and fellow bloggers.

I have tried to dismiss the carnage by posting funny stuff for everyone on my blog and Facebook page in hopes of keeping myself as well as others spirits high. That there is goodness out there in this world dumb fucks who think that killing and maiming are the order of the day.

I'm tired ... almost to the point of tuning out completely. Every day I do what I need to do for everyone on the web I put on my brave happy face for David, kiss him goodbye as he goes to work and then I cry and scream at the walls and ask why? Right now I'm millimeters close to quitting.

I wish I had a funny blog post today but it's just too hard for me to cope right now. I'm so sorry I'm letting you all down. I'm just so sorry.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Favorite Videos Of All Time

These are my favorite videos of all time. Well besides the Monte Python and The Holy Grail part  "She's a Witch", or the "Bring Out Your Dead" skit, I love this first one with the dog called "The Ultimate Dog Tease"


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