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Monday, February 27, 2017

Funeral Trip and Cooking Comfort Food

Hey, I'm back! Just like a bad penny, right? Well, the trip was a long drive up to South Dallas via I-35. I had a friend that lived up there and she died suddenly late Sunday night. I knew she had cancer and I thought she was kicking it again because this was her second round with that bastard. I guess cancer won this time. I got the call that the funeral was going to be on Wednesday so I packed quickly and drove up there Monday morning and I came back on Thursday. I was numb from her unexpected death. Still am. But I can't dwell on it, life goes on.
David didn't go with me because he had meetings and such at work. I was able to find my way up easily thru I-35 and I almost got a ticket for speeding. I was going as fast as the other cars, but I got picked. It was just after I drove through Temple. When I told the officer I was driving up to Dallas for a funeral, I guess he took pity and just gave me a warning. Nice cop and soooooo cute. Oh, if I wasn't married and 30 years younger... The trip took almost 3 hours. I took the toll road(Texas Autobahn) I-130 to bypass the heavy Austin traffic. Nobody drives on it very much so it was clear driving all the way up past Georgetown. Then I took I-35 the rest of the way. I made better time driving the Autobaun than I-35. Bunch of assholes drive like sightseers up there north of Waco. But I did get to Dallas in record time. Glad David wasn't with me, I would have never heard the end of it. It was a fast trip but it took a toll on my back for sitting in the driver's seat for so long. I'm glad I brought my heating pad for the hotel and my meds so I was okay. It took most of the last part of the week when I got back to get out of my funeral funk and stop hurting physically. I'm feeling much better now, so don't worry. 

I forgot to set up Wet Dog Wednesday for y'all, sorry about that. Although I did have something for Funny Friday. Hope y'all liked that. It was full of symbolism. I thought it was funny and wanted to share it. I need to get my shit together and get back up to speed. I've used up all my blog material that I saved and the year isn't even over yet.
I made something so fucking easy for dinner Saturday night that David couldn't believe how good it was. That man is so easy to please. I made a Campbell's soup meal that I used to make for dinner when I was living at home before I was married. I cut up 2 chicken (boneless/skinless) breasts into bite sized cubes. It should equal to about 2 cups worth of chicken. Place the raw chicken cubes into boiling salted water and let cook until done. Drain the chicken in a colander and place it back in the pot on low heat. Add 2 cans of Condensed Cream of Chicken with Herbs Soup and 1/2 cup milk. Stir to blend and add cracked pepper. Let cook on low heat. It's going to be thick so don't worry. You can add frozen peas or chopped spinach at this time if you want. I usually add frozen peas and let them cook up on the low heat in the chicken mixture.  If you like carrots, I peel and slice 3 large carrots into medallions and cook separately until almost done, then add to soup mixture. The carrots are great because of their flavor and color. Next, I set up a medium-large pot of salted water for egg noodles, a pot that's a little larger than the chicken mixture pot so I can add the chicken mixture to it. Cook the egg noodles to when it's al dente. it's not limp or over cooked, drain the noodles and add the chicken soup mixture, mix gently and serve hot.  It's a great comfort food meal that you can serve in a bowl on a cold evening.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Going on a Trip

I hate to do this, but I need to take the next 3 days off. There are a few things I need to do and that means travel. So I'll hopefully be back by Friday. I have to go pack and get ready. Y'all play nice.

Monday - A Sneaky Snake and A Dumbass President

Yesterday, I was busy weeding my flower garden in the courtyard. You won't believe what I found in one of the rain barrels that I use for watering the garden. I took the lid off one of the barrels and found a cute baby Banded Water snake swimming around in it. YES!! The little guy was pissed because he couldn't get out.
The little bugger was almost a foot long so it was just a few weeks old at best. I knew it was a non-poisonous water snake because it's head was slender and smooth, not blocky like a Cotton Mouth. Also it's eyes had round pupils, Cotton Mouths have a vertical pupil. (Thank you zoology, animal anatomy and physiology.)  I picked it out of the water barrel with my hand rake and showed it to David before I let it go into the garden. David was wondering how a water snake would get so far from the river. I was thinking it was looking for food. I wondered if it was the only one, so David and I took sticks and began moving the Wandering Jew and Hostas and we also checked the other water barrels. We didn't find any snakes. Even though we didn't find any, that doesn't mean that we won't come across another one soon.
Did anyone see trump's speech over the weekend? I hope not. Anywho, his ego was unchecked as always. He praised himself as he always does, called out the FAKE NEWS as he always does, and then he mentioned immigrants and something bad that happened in Sweden.  Huh?? WTF??

I quickly went to Twitter and found out it was of course, fake. Similar to the Bowling Green Massacre a week ago, everyone started making fun of trump's remarks. That dumbass came back and said he was watching the Fox Faux News, Tucker Carlson program about a documentary that was about the climbing crime rate and terrorist attacks by immigrants in Sweden. Since he saw the program this past Friday night obviously he thought it had just happened. trump is just a plain idiot. He only sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants to hear. Then he shouts out lies because he doesn't fact check anything. He needs to be impeached due to insanity because getting rid of him for his lack of IQ points won't cut it. Everyone on Twitter and Facebook is making fun of the fake Swedish attack that they are calling it the Swedish Meatball Massacre. Just like the fake Bowling Green Massacre. And yes, I'm having fun with it too.

So everyone is going to their local IKEA for a candle light vigil tonight in support of The Swedish Meatball Massacre. Show your support for Sweden and pray for the quick end of trump's presidency. Thank you.

Monday, February 13, 2017


We have a cold front coming into our area early Wednesday morning. HAHAAHAHAHAAAA! It's only going to bring the temperatures into the 60's. Oh My! Break out the parkas and mukluks. I mean come on! If it's going to be a cold front then make it a real fucking cold front. Not this little weenie bitch of cool air. But yes, I'm feeling that BITCH heading our way. Anytime the barometer changes my hands, wrists, and back hurt. Arthritis is kicking my butt right now and I can't make it stop. Pisses me off to no end. I've taken my Tylenol, let my hands sit in hot water, which did work for an hour but then the pain came back. I'm wearing my Copper Compression gloves and I was wearing wool gloves but I had to take them off to type. Well enough of that shit.

Did anyone see the Jake Tapper, Kellyanne Conway SNL Fatal Attraction skit? But people aren't laughing at it. I thought it was so funny, especially the ending. Saturday Night Live has gotten quite controversial with their skits but if trump and his staff can't take the heat, then too bad.
The Walking Dead started their second part of Season 7 last night. It was pretty good. Nobody died and the Ricktatorship is back. It's just the problem of getting everyone behind him and his bunch to fight the Saviors. Funny analogy, the Saviors could be like trump and the Republicans wanting everything from everyone and using force to get it. While Rick's people, the Hilltop, The Well, and now this new bunch of people that Rick's group came across at the end of last night's episode are the Progressive Democrats. 

Hey y'all, my pain is getting worse, so I'm going to soak my hands again and then get the heating pad and wool gloves for awhile. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Planting, Greenhouse Dreams and Zombies

It's been a wonderful week. Sunny and warm with cool nights. It will be raining this weekend which will be great for my flowers and roses. On Wednesday, I tore into my garden pots. I got rid of all the dead growth from the tiger cannas and repotted them. and I planted four o' clocks, hollyhocks in bridal colors, and yarrow. The morning glories are coming up along with marigolds and moon flower. I'm looking for night blooming plants online this weekend to see what to buy for my night garden. 
Other than that, I'm bored as usual. David is either bored at work too or just keeping tabs on me today. He has called 4 times now and it's bothersome. He might call it a day at lunch and have a long weekend. If he does, I have a butt load of work for him outside to take care of. We need to get the veggie garden going this weekend or the tomatoes and what not will be late growing. I want my jalapenos and bell peppers going before it gets too hot. Bells and tomatoes don't do so great in the heat out here in my part of Texas unless you have a greenhouse. I keep trying to talk David into getting the plans for this fantastic little greenhouse that would make it nice to grow our tomatoes and other veggies long into the hot summer and cold winter. There's this great site that has greenhouse plans for free. They even show you what you need to have and what to buy. They have step by step pictures to help you. One day he'll crack and do it.Otherwise, we are salivating for the beginning of the second part of season 7 of The Walking Dead to start. It begins this Sunday night. David has been sending me emails of TWD previews and I'm not watching them because I want to see everything on Sunday night. I don't want to ruin it by knowing how it's going to go before the show. I am showing this preview teaser, though. Y'all have a great weekend and stay safe.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Thank Gawd It's Monday!!

It's finally Monday. I can't believe I'm saying that but yeah, I'm sooooo fucking glad it's Monday. I'm through with the flu too. I'm not sure but I think I caught it from a child at my doctor's office. He was there for the flu because he barfed all over the bathroom. But I'm really glad everything is over with.

Anywho It only lasted 2 days with me and I'm so glad my immune system was strong enough to handle it because that was a nasty, nasty ugly bug. It would have killed David. He doesn't do well when he gets the man-flu. Because of that, I stayed in the bedroom and he slept in the living room. Would you believe he bleached! YES! BLEACHED every glass, plate, and spoon I used. I think that's a bit overboard but DAYUM. 
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