Halloween Begins

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tuesday - this and that

I've been watching everything on TV that has been leading up to the Impeachment sham that is going through the Senate. Midnight Mitch has set everything up to fail. I knew this would happen and sure enough, it has. So I won't talk about this crap anymore. Y'all can see for yourselves that nothing will be done about the Orange Baboon and he will be able to go on throwing shit and ruin the laws and the constitution by wiping his ass with them.
Okay, I need to get away from this. The past few days leading into weeks I have been ill. Lupus and Cedar Fever has taken its toll on me and my lungs. I never thought CF would get to me but it has. It is when the Juniper or Mountain Cedar tree releases it's pollen in the winter here in parts of Texas. It can get so bad that people end up in the ER with breathing problems. Usual CF pollen problems (allergies) are itchy watery eyes, runny nose, mild fever, coughing, sore throat and for many, breathing problems. To tell you the truth I have lived in this part of Texas (south-central) for nearly 18 years and I never experienced this shit like I have now. I have to carry an inhaler until this shit is over and that won't be for another few weeks. It sucks to be me, yeah, I know. So what else is new?
I made 5 dozen cookies two weeks ago and they are all gone. David was looking for some to take to work yesterday and I told him I needed to make a new batch. He's like where did they all go to as if he had no clue. The man stuffs a plastic container with them every morning before he goes to work and then refills it again in the afternoon when he comes home for lunch. It's amazing he isn't six feet wide as he is tall. Where does he put that stuff? He says he eats them but I wonder if he's giving them away. I could be poisoning most of the town and not know it.
Well, I have to get back to laundry and cleaning house. Y'all have a magical day.

Monday, January 13, 2020


It's been a rough weekend not to mention last week was rough too. I would have a nice day and then two or three really bad days would drag me under. The weekend was the worst. I spent all of Saturday and part of Sunday in bed. I just couldn't move. I put on the TENS and was able to make dinner and wash and dry my blankets and change the sheets but that was it. I thought I could go to bed but I couldn't get comfortable. My body was rebelling so I stayed up for a couple of hours and then tried again. Nope, the bod said not tonight. I had just too many aches and pains to sleep. I even tried doping myself but it still didn't work so I stayed up reading for a while longer. I think I finally got just too tired because of the drugs and I fell asleep around 1am. There has to be a better way.
Right now I'm sitting in the living room debating if I should go lay down for a bit. Lucy is all for it. I just want some peace. Just a little diversion from this unending pain in my arms and legs. It's constant and there seems no letting up any time soon. I thought of watching Netflix for a while to take my mind off of it but I can't seem to concentrate. I need something to help. Sorry this is a nothing post. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better.
Y'all have a magical day

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

It's Tuesday Y'all

Okay, my back is dying. So is the rest of my body but that is beside the point. I made my oatmeal raisin cookies that David has decided that he likes better than my chocolate chip cookies and they're healthier too. I also made the cowboy cookies which David took two dozen to work with him this morning and I hope he was sharing them. Now let me tell you something about these cowboy cookies. 
First off, when you are baking them, you have to take them out of the oven when the outside rim of the cookies are lightly browned. Then let them cool on the cookie sheets for about a full three minutes otherwise they fall apart. They are very delicate when hot. They will crumble into a heap of hot mess. So you need to let them cool a bit. Eating these cowboy cookies is next to being in cookie heaven. Jeeze I think I just had a cookiegasm. I mean to tell you these are like eating every cookie you have ever made all rolled up into one and they are so soft and chewy too. YES! They are that fucking good. So go make them if you get the chance before winter is over. They're fucking great cookies.
David survived his first day back at work quite nicely. He didn't bother me all night after he got home. I think he was watching something on Netflix. He came to bed earlier than he usually does. He must have been more tired than he let on because he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I know because I was layin on my heating pad in bed reading. The man was out cold. Poor sweetheart.
I have some more laundry to do since I didn't do any last week and I still have some cowboy cookie dough and oatmeal raisin cookie dough to bake up. So, all y'all have a magical day.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Move Along, Nothing to See Here

David is back at work this morning after two very very long weeks. It's so quiet except for the puppies playing. It's just so nice. Anywho, he has called me twice so far this morning. He's not bored just wished he had retired or something. Let me tell you, he sits at his desk most of the day with minor interruptions then he takes a little walk and talk around the office area to exercise his legs. He does that something like every two or three hours. About 95% of his time is product checking specs on the computer, reading and sending interoffice emails around the world and talking to people on the phone or internet with the company to make sure everything is on the up and up. That's his day. He doesn't drink coffee all day or smoke and yack it up with office people. He's a rare breed that actually works until there is nothing left to do and THEN he visits parts of the plant, takes specs of weaved products and checks in with other QA people to see what is going on. He does work but he gets distracted easily and then he calls me to shoot the breeze for a couple of minutes. The poor man has gotten distracted three times this morning already. He wishes he was retired. I'm secretly glad he isn't but then I wish he was retired too.
This morning I'm moving a bit slow. I'm wearing the TENS unit and I want to do so much right now because David is gone and he can't bitch at me for overdoing. I really want to clean house because it needs to be vacuumed and mopped and the bathroom is a mess from David but doing so will put me out for days. I have his jeans in the washer with towels. He can't fault me for doing laundry when it needs to get done. I'm also going to make some Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies and some more oatmeal raisin cookies later. I found the recipe last year and it's awesome. It's sort of a trash cookie because it has everything in it. Believe me, this is a great cookie. 
Well, the towels and jeans are done time to move them to the dryer. I think I'll just vacuum the living room and hallway. I'll dust and mop tomorrow if I feel like I can do it. Y'all have a magical day.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Not Such a Good Day

I wasn't able to do anything yesterday. No New Year's Day dinner no nothing. Sometime around 11 am when I finished talking to my brother on the phone I had a massive flare and I just couldn't move. My body locked up in pain and I felt so freaking tired that I just laid on the sofa with Lucy for a couple of hours. I had to have David help me back to bed because it was so hard to walk. I took my pain meds and had some hot tea and just went to sleep. I didn't wake up until David came to bed at 9:30. The movement of the water bed made me hurt and it woke me out of a strange dream. I took a shower hoping to stop the pain but it just made me worse. So I took the pain meds and that made it better by a hair. I think I went back to sleep an hour later and I just woke up at 9:20 or so this morning. I feel like shit but a hell of a lot better than yesterday. I'm on the sofa with the heating pad and I'm watching some movie on TMC. I have no idea what it is. I'll probably turn it off in a minute. Lucy just moved closer to me. She isn't sure what to do around me when I'm in pain like this so she keeps her distance until things seem okay and then she comes closer and tries to comfort me. She's such a sweetheart. I'm so fucking tired, everything hurts. I'm going back to bed. 
Y'all have a magical day.
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