Halloween Begins

Monday, October 24, 2022

Voter Protection If You Need It

 My good friend in California, Susan, sent me this via email yesterday. I made a copy of the Texas number into my cell just in case something happens when we go vote. David and I will be casting our votes tomorrow morning. I had high hopes on going this morning but David has a doctor's appointment and a few other things to do. So, it's tomorrow. Y'all have a great day and stay safe.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

It's Here!

Hey everyone. I know, I know. I rarely if ever blog about anything anymore these days but someone very dear to my heart, one of my soul sisters, Debra, at She Who Seeks sent me a CURLING MUG!! Yes! I LOVE CURLING!! It's like chess on ice. At least that's what I call it. Besides hockey, football, and soccer, curling is one of my favorite sports that I love to watch. The problem is, it's the least televised down here in Texas. Once in a while though, we get lucky and a sports channel will have it. This past winter Olympics, my husband got turned on to it when he heard me cheering from the living room. He came to watch and he has been a hooked fan ever since. In fact, he checks for any matches on the ESPN channels once a week. He was a little envious of the curling mug but he doesn't drink coffee or tea so I know he won't steal it from me.

Oh, look! I have pictures and everything. You can see the Canadian maple leaf emblem inside the mug. So cute!

The side view looks like a real curling stone.

And with my 2 cups of caramel coffee, that fit perfectly. 
Yeah, I'm a big coffee drinker.

Thank you so much, Debra. I have never been so happy about a hot mug of morning coffee until now. 

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