Halloween Begins

Thursday, October 31, 2019

More scary stuff

Happy Halloween and a Ghost Sighting

Today is Samhain or Halloween if you will. Halloween is the most celebrated of all holidays of the Pagan calendar wheel. It's a night for celebrations of the Witch's new year, the celebration of the last harvest, the celebration of the dead. We look forward to tonight even after the night is over and the countdown until next Samhain begins. So to all my readers, blogger friends, and my dear brother the Zombie Woof, have a blessed happy Samhain.

Monday, October 28, 2019

It's Monday

It's really quiet this morning at Casa de Loco. Lucy was still in bed and refused to get up. So I got up, put my TENs unit on and got dressed then went to the kitchen to make coffee. I grabbed a piece of toast and coffee and looked in on her and she was still in bed. So I went to the living room turned on my laptop and opened the front door to let fresh air into the house and all of a sudden there was banging going on in the hallway. Lucy obviously heard me open the front door and came crashing out of the bedroom dragging her blanket. I sware she could be my child getting up in the morning dragging her blanket half wrapped around her body. That's if I had a child. But I only have a little cute dog wannabe a human by the name of Lucy who takes close notes on how to do human-like things. Either that or she's an alien sent here from her planet to learn first hand what we are like. Poor baby girl, so strange, so misguided by me, soooooo spoiled rotten.
I finally got my TENs unit on Friday. It came with four 9-volt batteries. Yes, I am still thinking of getting a rechargeable 9-volt battery. Also, a big bag of electrode pads. David kept telling me I should read the distructions so I know how to hook it up and put it on. Really? Really, David? Me? I had a TENs unit for years and years since 1986 and you are questioning me? Oh, Puuleese! 
Shit. I hooked it up by plugging the electrodes into the leads then pealed the protective covers off the electrode sticky pads. Applied one electrode to one side of my lower back and then did the same with the other electrode on the same lead but put that on my leg after I traced the pain line from my back with my fingers to find the best place to put the pad on the outer thigh where the sciatica is the worst on the same side of the body, then did the same with the other lead and pads on the other side of my back. Then I plugged the two leads into the TENs unit and set it for one 30 minute timer of use and slowly turned up the juice until I could feel a light tapping on the surface of my skin on all four pads. Then I adjusted the frequency to just above 10Hz and the pulse rate to 180. My pain level immediately dropped. then I clipped it to my bra and walked away into the kitchen to make dinner, leaving David babbling to himself. He later came into the kitchen with the instructions and said okay, so you know how to do it. That was his way of saying I'm sorry I doubted you.
Anywho, the TENs is working fine for me. I have more than enough pads to carry me through until my next supply box comes. I am taking only one pill in the morning until I can hook myself up otherwise, I'm not able to get out of bed without the help of my cane yet. I can't wear this thing in the shower, of course, or to bed. So it's the same routine every morning and night. I'll just have to get used to it again like I did so many years ago when I had my old TENs back in the 1980s and 90s. By the way, to let y'all know that it's working, I was able to stand and make dinner Saturday and Sunday evenings without having to go sit and rest on the heating pad every 10 to 15 minutes. Just the idea of standing for 30 to 45 minutes when I couldn't do that before is a major plus for the TENs unit. Also to sit at the dining room table to eat is a MAJOR MAJOR plus for me. Before I had to sit on the sofa with my pillows and heating pad. I also loved the fact David and I can take our evening walks now without me starting to hurt at the end of our street. So, yeah, I'm better off with it now. I still can't stand beyond one hour but hey, it's working for me better than drugs.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Friday, October 25, 2019

It's Finally Friday

I woke up to a nice warm and toasty bed this morning. David/sexy beast/love of my life, woke up, as usual, to get ready for work and he did something really sweet for me this morning. He turned up the waterbed heater to medium and then turned on the space heater in the living room for me. I woke up so nicely toasted. Lucy was under the blankets at the foot of the bed and refused to come out. I was so fucking happy because it was freezing cold outside, 44 degrees and I could go for a nice walk outside without sweating to death. I got dressed in my warm, thick, long-sleeved Henley shirt and a pair of pants and socks and my Holy Grail Killer Bunny slippers. Really, actual socks and my killer bunnies to keep my feet warm. Oh, joy! So far my day has gotten off to a great start. I made coffee. Turned on my laptop. Read all the blog entries from other bloggers and commented and then checked my emails and then I checked in on Mabel on the goat cam here.
Okay, Mabel is a three-year-old goat that is preggers with twin kids. She is supposed to give birth at any time within the next two weeks. Poor thing is so bloated with the babies that she's going to pop. I got hooked watching when I was checking cams on I found her page by accident when it just came up and there she was. She's kept in the goat house which is an isolation room for birthing. She has this place all to herself where she can watch everything going on outside. She has fresh food and water. Hay and sawdust. There is a camera that gives the owners at Goats of Anarchy a great view so they can check in on her through their iPhones or laptops. If she gets agitated they go and check on her, give her treats and belly rubs. She seems fine though. No signs of early birth. There is also a chat block running in real-time too. Last night while everyone was chatting, a few of us started naming movie titles and we would slip in the word goat or Mabel into the title. (ie: The Goat and Mrs. Muir, Goats in Black, The Goat The Bad and The Ugly). It was getting to be a party and then I left. I came back in this morning and no kids yet. Soon, very soon. It's a bit of fun to check in when nothing is going on here at home. Yeah, I'm bored. So what. 
Yesterday, I got a new kitchen scale for baking. My old one finally blew up. So I was left with having to do any baking ingredients by the cup measurement. I find that the weighing ingredients by grams is so much more accurate. Besides, most all recipes from Europe or Japan or China are in weight measures. I also have several baking books that use this process too. When I put a recipe on my blog the measurements are in cups because not everyone has a kitchen scale. I would advise that everyone get one because all my future measured recipes posted will be from kitchen scale in grams. 
Well, I have two loads of laundry to tackle and a few minor things to get done. All y'all have a magical day and weekend.

Monday, October 21, 2019

21 Halloween Wallpapers For You to Enjoy

I love downloading wallpapers for my computer. So, here are 21 downloadable wallpapers for Halloween that you might want to apply to your screens. Enjoy and all y'all have a magical day.

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