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The countdown ends on the 1st of September. For me, the month of September is Halloween Eve. So, I have oriented the countdown as such.🎃

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Busy Busy Busy

Today is cheesecake day. I'm making two of them. It's a sinch to make once you know the ins and outs. I started at 5am this morning.
So I'm waiting for the first cheesecake to finish its cooling cycle in the oven before I take it out and then I'll start on the second one.  It's the most perfect day for baking. Not too hot and not too cold. 

Well, I have a cheesecake to get out of the oven. It's been two hours on the cooldown time, so it's time to get the other one started. Y'all have a magical day, stay safe and wear a mask.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Stuff n' Thangs on Monday

Over the weekend I had a fairly bad Lupus episode. I was wondering if I should go to the ER but they wouldn't be able to help me. Most ER doctors have no idea how to treat autoimmune diseases. they just leave you alone in an exam room until they remember that you are there and then send you home without treating you. That's how I've been treated at the ER here in town. Anywho I took two sleeping pills and slept it off otherwise, I was talking with friends via email and phone calls with the help of heating pads and Tylenol. But I got through it. So there was that.
Today I'm going to make cheesecakes, one for us and one for my neighbor. I love baking and sharing so I have a reason for baking a cheesecake other than for ourselves.
Over the weekend David was helping out with neighbors with plumbing problems and other things. I didn't see him at all on Saturday or most of Sunday. My husband, the renaissance man. He says he works harder since he retired than when he did at the office. It's a good thing. Keeps him in condition.
We have had a nice cold dry weather spell for the past week and a half and now we are heading into another week of wet weather starting today. It's overcast and I love it. I really need to get my ass moving to get my house plants outside so when it rains they will get some of it. I do that every time I can.
David did the laundry on Saturday for me so there is nothing for me to do today. He already vacuumed the house and swept and mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned the bathroom, and everything. I wonder why? I usually can't get him to even take out the trash without yelling for him to do it. Something is up.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Anatomy of The Capitol Attack

It's Monday Fuckers Time to Wake Up!

Hey, y'all. I do hope y'all are doing fine today. We had a very wet rainy day yesterday. What we call soup and grilled cheese sandwich weather. There were a few instances of chunky rain and then snow but it never stuck. This morning it's fucking cold and the sun is trying to warm us up and dry us out a bit. Fat chance. It will be in the low 40's all day.

Last week, I really don't need to remind all y'all that it was a trump fiasco of sorts. A few people lost their lives and the blood of these people is on the hands of that coward in the White House. He should be put on trial and do time for putting everyone in danger. He instigated this shit. He should pay for it, severely. In my book trump doesn't just deserve impeachment, he deserves to face jail time.
On to better shit. I've been baking my heart out over the past three days. I made two poppy seed loaves. One lemon and the other orange. Also four loaves of bread and an apple pie, and a pineapple upside-down cake. I had the baking bug bite my ass something terrible. Most of what I baked, I gave away to neighbors. I kept the cake for ourselves. Other than that I made a humongous pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner on Sunday and yes I made grilled cheese sammies. Really good comfort food.

Well, I have an appointment to get ready for. Pain doctor time again. So all y'all have a magical day, stay safe, and wear a mask.

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