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The countdown ends on the 1st of September. For me, the month of September is Halloween Eve. So, I have oriented the countdown as such.🎃

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What It Would Be Like If Women Were The Avengers

Kepler 22-b ... My New Home

Not to mention lightning hit the Vatican when the Pope announced he's quitting, groundhog says it's spring and we get more winter, WTF? Seriously who the fuck is playing Jumanji ??!

Everything is going to hell in a handbasket. I'm waiting for the super volcano at Yellowstone to erupt then I'm outta here.

I mean it. David said he was building an ark for the next flood. Now animals are showing up in my front yard in pairs. I said fuck this shit let's build a rocket ship and hightail it to another planet.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Crazy Witches Daybook

My Mood:  I'm doing better than most I guess. A least I'm not in that nasty funk I've been in since the flu. Now that was quite nasty. I wasn't cooking or cleaning much at all. Poor David had to put up with my shit for three or weeks now. I'm lucky he hasn't divorced my ass yet.

What I'm Doing :  Today I'm kicking back a little with the puppies and going to watch last night's episode of Walking Dead. Yes, I'm a walker fan from when it first started. David came on board during the second season. So of coarse he is all caught up now because AMC plays all the shows from season one to the present when a new season starts. He keeps saying "Why didn't you tell me about this?"- in a whiney voice just like he said with Being Human, Breaking Bad, Eureka, and a few more shows that are now kaput. Thank goodness he was able to catch up on a few seasons of like Breaking bad and Eureka. I can't wait til Defiance starts on April 15th. It's gonna be pretty good. So at this writing David is now a Syfy and WalkingDead fan. Jeeeze! What's next.

In between writing this out I'm throwing a cold, wet doggy ball for the puppies. Spunky loves to have us throw the ball for him otherwise he sits and wrangles it. You know - dog with a floppy, ball flapping it it from side to side like he's trying to wring it's neck and kill it. Well Spunky likes to do this then let it fly and hit me like every-single-time. Or he hits something valuable. I have taken steps to child proof this house now. I feel like I have little two year olds running around here. One is the jock that loves to play with his toys. Then there's the little shy wall flower who hides unless we're going somewhere. And last but not least there is the mommy's girl who follows me around saying "I'm bored, can I sit with you?" They are nothing but kids with speech impediments and like to wear warm fur. Oh and they like to imitate dogs.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Hate Spiders Saturday

I think I used too much Napalm. I should cut down on the amount I use next time I see a spider. I wonder if were insured for this.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wasted Days...

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I'm starting to get deeper and deeper into this lazy funk. I want to sleep all day. It's like I'm always exhausted. It has to be the weather, just has to be.

David and I did go out to buy me another sewing machine not that I know how to sew worth a lick. It's a really cute Brother model from Wally World.  Like the one used on Project Runway not that I watch that trash. It was cheap, like me, what can I say.

I'm in the process of reading the Manual because this fucker is so complicated it would befuddle my mother one bright aspect in my life, my mother can sew. It's just after a few minutes of reading that Manual shit I get all wall-eyed and go find something else to keep me busy. I swear I have the attention span of a gnat.

I mainly spend my time looking for cool shit on the web to put on my blog for your entertainment, or I'm on Pinterest, or on Facebook, or Twitter. These guys on Facebook and Twitter need to get together. Everything is just about the same; just call it Twitface and get it overwith. HOkay, my work is done here. I've made my mess for the day. I'm gonna go play on POGO for a while.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What They Think I Do Thursday

The first and third pictures are David and how he drives. All the rest are my driving.

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