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The countdown ends on the 1st of September. For me, the month of September is Halloween Eve. So, I have oriented the countdown as such.🎃

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just a Quick Note

Yesterday I was late putting out the Wet Dog Wednesday blog post. Sorry about that. I had a date with a phlebotomist who had to draw my blood for lab tests. I see my family doctor on Monday next week. So, there will be no post on that day unless I can get out of there on a technicality. I also have an appointment on Friday with my Orthopedic doctor for my knees and I'm going to have him take a look-see at my shoulder to make sure I'm okay. Other than that I should be posting with no problems.

Monday, January 26, 2015

It's Monday

Well, my arm is feeling better. I've been exercising the shit out of it. Now I can lift it and brush my hair and set my hair in a ponytail. So nice to be able to do stuff again. I was losing quite a bit of sleep because of the pain. I finally got about 14 hours sleep yesterday. David knows I was having trouble so he let me sleep as late as I wanted. It was nice.
Brooklyn 1888
Today, some of my friends that live on the Northeastern Coast will be experiencing a blizzard of epic proportions. NOAA says it will start tonight in most places and end sometime Wednesday. The last historical blizzard happened on Sunday March 11th to the 14th in 1888. More than 400 people died and it took over 2 weeks to dig out of it. But back then there was no real weather service to warn anyone. I'm hoping everyone will stay safe and warm.

I was checking on my African Violet. You remember I showed y'all pictures of it last week. Go look, I'll wait. Anywho, I moved all my plants outside for some sun, fresh air and exercise. I noticed most of the flower buds had bloomed on my violet, but wait, there's more. For a limited time only, there are many more flower buds coming up and I have 4 brand spanking new baby leaves coming out of the center. SO COOL!! I'm so happy. Operators are standing by. What?! Wait! WTF?!
Really, I have got to stop staying up watching late night TV.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Fucking Train Wreck

I'm a fucking train wreck. Friday night I fell and jammed my arm. Yes, yes I did. I slipped on the hall area rug and fell to my right and in order to save my knees from hitting the floor and landing me in the hospital, I put my right arm out to take the brunt of the fall. It worked. Oh, it worked just fine. I saved my knees from a direct hit with the floor but I put all my weight on the right palm of my hand and it triggered a shock wave all the way up to my shoulder.

The pain was so bad that I thought I was going to pass out. At first I thought I dislocated it, but nope. So, I'm on Tylenol to keep most of the pain in check. I can barely lift my arm out or up, but it will get better because I did this before when I fell last year. It took about a week with my exercises and the pain went away. So I'm giving it a week to stop hurting and to get the rotation back. I hate brushing my hair with my left hand.

The weather here is unusually warm. Meaning it's in the mid 60's right now. My mock orange tree has leaf buds on it and my cannas are blooming and we are expecting a cold front to come through here in three days time. This happened last year too and the plants paid dearly for it. I wish Mother would get her shit together and make up her mind; is it winter or early spring. WTF! Make up your fucking mind woman!

The puppies couldn't care less what the weather is. They have a nice warm place to sleep. Pampered little shits! Lucy has the poots this morning something awful. Talk about smelly farts. DAYUM! She could knock flies off a shit wagon at ten paces. She's just plain nasty. I'm wondering what David has been feeding the dogs. I need to have a talk with him. Maybe I should go back to feeding them instead. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

My African Violet Bloomed

Yesterday I was watering my flowering plants that David gave to me for our last two wedding anniversaries. I love plants so I asked David to get me them instead of cut flowers. They last so much longer and I get joy from seeing them bloom over the years.

Anywho I have been keeping all my flowering house plants under a blue tarp in the spare room off of the kitchen with a UV blue light to keep them all happy. Boy are they happy as hell. The top picture is the African violet David gave me last year. It was a pitiful sight with the other plants in the basket it came in as it was tucked under some miniature roses out of sight. It had no flowers or even flower buds and the leaves were light green. Very poor looking indeed. I would have thrown it out if not for the UV light I bought for the winter.

Well, as you can see from the top picture it has thrived better than I ever imagined. It also gave me a present of a beautiful pink flower with a white lace like edge and tiny little purple specks on the petals. This is nothing like the usual dark purple or pink flowers on an average violet plant. Also, the petals give off a sparkle as if it was dusted with pixy dust. I showed it to David last night and he was amazed at how pretty it was.

I asked him later if he would build me a little window stand for my flowers. He said sure. I want to start buying more African violets and even some primroses. I showed him the primroses from a Logee's catalog that I want to start growing and he said it was ok with him. I'm in heaven right now.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's Thursday

Ok, I'm back, so some of you, that are my faithful, loving, readers have noticed. Thank you all for the get well wishes. I'm finally able to do some things around here that I haven't been able to do in a long time, like cleaning. But let me tell you something first. I got a $100 gift card from my sweet, wonderful step daughter this Yule. I used the shit out of that card and got myself a bunch of awesome much wanted and needed things. One was the soundtrack for Season I and II of the Vikings TV show. AWESOME STUFF when you play it loud with earphones and sit with your eyes closed. Just FUCKING AWESOME MUSIC!!! I love the TV show and can't wait until Feb 19th. Season III starts on the History Channel. Love it!

I need to calm down now. WHEW! Just breath.

Anywho, I got some Figma Sakura pens and pencils for drawing and doing some of my Zentangles and Mandalas. I also got 2 moleskin traveler sketchbooks for when I'm waiting at the doctor's office and 2 spiraled sketchbooks.

Spunky in lower right, Lucy on the left, and Pebbles(aka Squirt)in the top part of the bed.
Notice all the blankets. They love to make nests. You would think they were birds, jeeze.
The puppies got rawhide bones and toys, of course, as if they needed more toys in this world. David got a nice large orthopedic bed for them, Spunky is getting old and needs it for his tired bones. He seems to sleep a lot better since we got it for them. They share it reasonably well for small dogs. No fights yet, (knock wood).
 This year started off with a bang. I got sick with the flu. Thought I was gonna die. I kid you not. It was bad. Then on top of that the cold, wet, misty weather took its toll on my body. Yes, it was getting to the point that I was knocking myself out with my pain drugs just to ease the pain. But now, this week is starting to clear up for a while, I hope longer. Only thing is, is that winter is still around and will be here for another month or so. It doesn't start warming up into the 60's around here until the end of March.
*heavy sigh* I love my heating pad and drugs. *heavy sigh*

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