Halloween Begins

Monday, May 29, 2023

Memorial Day Concert

Sam Elliott pays tribute to SGT Ray Lambert on the 2019 National Memorial Day Concert

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Silly Sign Saturday

 Hi everyone. I'm bringing back Silly Sign Saturday. I stopped posting that one element of this blog because I was having personal health issues and I had to cut back. The problems are still there it's just that I have learned to manage them a bit better over the years.

So, I will be posting a few thought-provoking and funny signs on Saturdays again starting today.

Friday, May 12, 2023

This is What Happens Every Morning, I Shit You Not

David says that every morning he gets up and the puppies act like he's chopped liver. No fanfare, no high-pitched barking. No jumping and going crazy. Nada. Nada damned thing. I get up and there is crazy running for their toys to bring to the Goddess of the Hearth and Home. Then there is much rejoicing, jumping, and performing of plays and high-pitched screaming and singing that which doth pierce the eardrums of all peasants near and far and pleases the Goddess greatly. 
Xander the Speed Demon - recharging 

Yeah, they go crazy and wait for me to open the hallway doors. Then they attack me with love and high-pitched barking. They get the blue ball and fight over it and put it at my feet until I throw it for them. Then Xander runs from the TV room, down the hall, into the living room, around the coffee table and back to the TV room. This is done at high speed and all you see is a blurred black and brown speed demon running with a blur of a blue ball in his mouth. Back and forth about three times. He basically wants  Frankie to chase him and get the ball but that isn't happening cause momma's up and Frankie is a lazy bum. Believe it or not, this happens every morning come rain or shine. Oh, and if the cat is inside taking full advantage of the bed and breakfast that we offer, she tries to swat Xander as he runs past her. He's very brave.

Frankie the Lazy Bum


Thursday, May 4, 2023

May The Fourth Be With You

 Back in 2016, Brian Kesinger, a Disney illustrator, started drawing his version of Calvin and Hobbes comics in an adorable and funny mashup of Star Wars Characters. The following comics are just a few pieces of what he produced. Please enjoy.

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