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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tickle Me Tuesday

I found this funny cartoon on facebook at
The artist is Gregor Czaykowski and I asked if I could use this comic on my blog. He said YES! I'm all a giddy cause it's the first artist that has given me permission. You can find more of this work on his website at

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Late Than Never

So sorry my friends for not blogging as early as I usually do, but so many things kept me busy this morning up until now.

First off David had put down cow shit on the front lawn yesterday and little Miss Piggy (Pebbles) decided that the fragrance was so wonderful that she needed to squeeze her fat little body through the fence poles and go roll around in it. Which of coarse Lucy said hey why not. So she got through the fence and they both were rolling in it.

I threw them both into the shower and gave them both baths. Dried them off and went outside to fix the fence hole. Then came back in and cleaned up the mess in the shower and bathroom.

I then went to start vacuuming the bedroom came out to the hallway and the hall was covered in water. WTF!!!?? I looked at the ceiling, no dripping so it had to be the bathroom.

There was water all over the walls, floor and toilet seat. The motherfuckers from the city (I found out later) were blowing out the pipes and they failed to tell anyone. I went outside to complain and I wasn't the only one. Three other women from the neighborhood were out there yelling at them. I was about to grab one of them and make him come clean up the mess in my bathroom when their boss showed up. Seems there was a complaint against them already earlier. Why the fuck they didn't let us know about what they were going to do is beyond me. But they said they were sorry. Fuck a duck! That ain't gonna clean up the water in my house.

I went in the house, washed up and cleaned and sanitized my bathroom. Then I finished with cleaning and vacuuming the house. It's now 11:30 when I think things are fine. Uhhh ... not quite.

I was washing the bathroom rugs when the washer started leaking. By this time I'm thinking what is going on here? Am I being punked?  I clean up the water and check the load in the washer. It was unbalanced. Our washer tends to leak water if the load shifts. So I fixed it and waited until the load finished.

By this time I'm going nuts. So I got out my baking shit and ingredients for cookies and banana nut bread. Because baking calms me down. I mixed up three different cookie batters and the bread. Put the bread into the oven and set the cookie mixtures in the fridge for later baking.

So now I'm here. It's almost 2:30pm and I'm almost finished with my post and the bread is cooling. The puppies are clean and sleeping. The bathroom is sparkling. The house is clean and I feel like I haven't done a fucking thing all day today.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Please Vote For Me - A Shameless Plug

Today starts the voting for the new leader of the Keyboard Throne. Brandon has taken it upon himself to look for a new ruler of the Blogging Realm. It used to be Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half. But she has gone missing and no one has heard hide nor hair of where she is or if she's okay. I personally miss her a lot. I'm one of her biggest fans. Really I hope she's just busy working on her book and will be back soon.

Anywho, you may have seen the throne on the right of my blog there looking all weird and shit but it would mean a lot to me if all my readers would vote for me. You can vote by clicking on the throne on the right or here:

When you get to Brandon's blog, just scroll to the bottom of the Game of Blogs post and you will see all the bloggers who have entered. Just click on the blogger you want to vote for. But please, please, please, please, PLEASE! 
Thank You

Friday Funny

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What They Think I Do Thursday

I used to be a lab Tech (Medical Technologist) before my knees and back gave out. The last picture is correct in what I really did. Lots of microscope work and computer reporting to the doctors. I hardly ever had to draw blood unless the Phlebotomist couldn't get the stick. The picture with Beaker and the fire is what one of my stupid co-workers did while cleaning a machine with alcohol before he got fired.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's Going On -

I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I had three different doctor's appointments to go to and it took me most of my day. UGH!!  First one was for my left knee. I was having some strange pains but everything is fine. Second appointment was for my back again. We may have to look into this little fucker to see if I'm pinching another nerve on L3. Otherwise I'm fine. Just getting old. Then I had an eye appointment late in the afternoon. DAAAAAYUUUMN I'm fucking blind in one eye can't see out the other. I'll have new glasses by next week. By the end of the day I was thinking I'm screwed, blued, and tattooed.

Shit! Just dig my grave now! I'm having trouble sleeping,  migraines,  knees hurt,  back hurts,  eyes ... I'm fucking blind as a bat!!

Yesterday I was without my coffee in the morning just in case I might have to be drawn for blood tests. I wonder ... does anyone understand what that does to a person? For me it turns me into a raging nut case. Yes I'm a coffee whore and I'm proud of it. 

Soon the morning weather will be warmer and I'll be back to my regular self. I only drink coffee in the cold months. Sweet iced tea in the warm to hot months. Yes, I know... you think I'm nucking futs but I have to get my caffeine fix some how because I don't drink cokes.

Over the weekend David and I finally switched our cell phones to Tracfone. We had T-Mobile for a  l-o-n-g time. Like since the dinosaurs roamed and got charged up the yingyang for it.

Anywho, we now have this Tracfone which we pay a total of $17 a month for 80 minutes one both phones. The minutes double and carry over; T-M minutes wouldn't. We also got texting and web which T-M would charge extra for. T-M was charging us something like $70+ a month and we hardly ever used our cells except for emergencies or when we go for a drive alone, like I did yesterday. I never call anyone on my cell to chat because I don't like driving and talking on the cell. It's a distraction for me. snicker 

David also finished the lattice or is it latti, there are two of them for the front porch, one on each side for the climbing roses. It will take about about two years for the roses to cover them. It will be so nice sitting out there with the front garden going gang busters. My double Knock Out roses are going crazy with huge rose buds all over them. They should be blooming in time for the spring equinox tomorrow. Have a Blessed Ostara.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Cool Shit On The Web

Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold at

Imountek Laptop Table (LPT-1079) at

Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls, White at

DCI 4-Port USB Power Strip, Assorted Colors at

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light on

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