Halloween Begins

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Wet Cat Wednesday - Halloween Edition


It's Getting Cold And a Little Recipe

Hey everybody! We had a cold front come through here yesterday a little after 2pm. Cold winds came with it. The temperature dropped from 84 degrees to 72 in just 4 minutes. It finally leveled off at 53 around 7pm last night. After the front came through David turned on the furnace to make sure it was in good working order just in case we needed it. That is the one time of the year that I hate because we have to run it with the windows open because the smell is really bad. So we run it for a good 10 minutes to make sure that the smell is fully exhausted and then we set it for 55 and leave it like that all year long. we do have two space heaters that look like the old heat registers but they are on wheels and they have timers. they will run most of the time during the day because the house will stay a comfortable 68 degrees. We know Lucy would be cold because she is low to the ground where it's colder so we have the heater in the living room near to her little pillow bed. She sleeps with us at night and the waterbed is a constant 75 degrees and she has her own blanket so she's warm.

This morning when David got up the temperature was 42 and it hasn't moved. So he said it's time, meaning it's time for our soups. So he asked me what I needed and made the list and braved the sweater cold to go to the grocery store to get everything. While he was gone I peeled and diced potatoes and onions for both the soup bases. I also fried up some skinny sliced bacon and sliced up the leafy tops of celery to add to my soup. I have my soup which is a potato corn chowder, sooooo good and very easy to make. His is a spicy Tex/Mex soup similar to a menudo base but without the hominy and the tripe. He loves it but I end up correcting the spicy flavor of it because he doesn't know how to do it. But it always ends up the way he likes it. So right now both soups are on the stove on a very low slow simmer. Later I'll make my two-ingredient biscuits to go with the soups. 

The recipe for two-ingredient biscuits is basically equal portions of self-rising flour and heavy cream. First, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. If you are making this for just you and a significant other, make this with one cup of self-rising flour and one cup of heavy cream. If you are making biscuits for three or four people make it 2 or 3 cups equal ingredients. When you finish mixing the flour and cream together turn the mixture out onto a floured work surface and knead the mixture for a good 4 to 6 minutes and then roll it out to about a half-inch thickness and use a biscuit cutter or glass, touch the rim into flour so that when you cut the biscuits they don't stick to the glass or cutter. Lay the biscuits in a well-buttered cake pan, iron skillet, or whatever you want to bake them in that has a high side to it. Bake the biscuits for 8 to 12 minutes or until nicely browned on top, not dark brown. Serve hot. Perfect cold day for perfect hot soup and biscuits or is that the other way around. Whatever. 

Y'all have a magical, safe day. Vote and wear a damn mask.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Religion in a Nutshell

 Debra over at She Who Seeks sent this gem to me and I couldn't refuse. It really shows the stupidity of some religious Americans.

Monday, October 19, 2020

It's Monday


I'm hurting a bit this morning, more like my pain level being at 7 bordering on 9 because there is a cold front sitting practically on our doorstep trying to antagonize me. It's succeeding not only by making my life a painful living hell but it's pissing me off because it's going to stay there a while before it moves back up again. The weather guys say it will be just above us for most of the day and then move out because the gulf coast winds will push it away. So that means sticky humid weather. But then another cold front will move into the area sometime around Thursday. Just lovely. But that is why I hate autumn and winter and spring. The fronts are always on the move during this time.

Yesterday, was a good day. I took three pain killers and made beef stew for dinner. It's been a while and David loves my stew. Let's face it, he loves anything I make for dinner. I was going to bake a chicken and rice dish today but then this happened, referring to my pain level, so it's going to be whatever has been precooked and is in the freezer that David can find and heat up for himself. I'm not hungry and will most likely just go lie down for the rest of the day. 
Lucy at my desk ignoring me when I want her to move.

Our neighbor came over to see if David could drive him to Walmart. He's hurting too. So, David is gone right now. Lucy is sleeping peacefully next to me. She loves her mommy. The past three nights she has ended up on the couch either watching me or sleeping because I couldn't sleep. That little baby girl just has to make sure her mommy is okay. Since my accident two years ago, she hasn't left my side. She follows me everywhere. If I get up from the couch to get a drink of water she comes with me. No matter what, she has to follow me.

Tomorrow, if I feel good, I have a messy work table and drawing table that I need to clean off and get situated. I haven't been able to clean that area for weeks now and it really needs to get done. It looks like a rat trap with books, pens, pencils, paints, water color paper, and my camera all in disarray. I'm really a neat person but lately, I've just thrown things and left them where they lay. It's a nasty habit I have when I feel bad. I need to break myself of it.
Well, I'm going to go lay down and read for a while. Y'all have a magical day. Wear a mask, stay safe, and go vote if you haven't done it yet.

Friday, October 16, 2020

It's Friday Y'all


David and I just got back from voting. It was more crowded than this past week. We were going to vote on Tuesday but the line was out into the street and down the block at our precinct. On Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment and I swung by to see if the lines were shorter. Nope, just as bad as the day before. Yesterday was also bad. So this morning we woke up and decided no matter what, we were going to vote. We arrived three minutes till they opened the doors and stood in a long line out in the street. I ended up sitting on the curb a few times but hey, we voted. I'm hurting but I don't care it's done, I did it.

Yesterday evening around 7:15 we had the cold front come in. It pushed out the heat and the humidity so that this morning it was nice and cool around 63 with a cool breeze so that made it nice to be out. I'm sitting with my heating pad to drive away the pain in my back and the sciatic pain in my right leg. I started a load of laundry when we got home so I have time to dilly dally a while. Lucy is under her blanket getting in her morning beauty nap time. She got up early with us but regretted doing so because she kept yawning. She usually gets up with me at 9am. She doesn't get up with David at 4:30 anymore. Personally, I don't know why he gets up that early either. He has no reason he's retired. Anyhow, when we got home from voting this morning, she was still in the bedroom sleeping. She got up and moved to the couch in the living room and that is where she's stayed. She has gotten so lazy in her old age. 

Well, I'm feeling a bit better now after sitting with the heating pads for a bit. I have laundry to take care of and a house to clean. Y'all have a safe magical day, wear a mask, wash your hands, and go vote if you can.

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