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Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

Quick Little Post Today

I meant to blog on Friday of last week but I got sidetracked. Things are crazy around here. I've been trying to catch a cat that has claimed us as her slave. Really, I've been feeding her every morning for the past two weeks now. She is caramel in color and white with a sweet little face. I want to catch her so we can get her fixed and get her shots. The only problem is, she's very elusive and won't let me touch her. She's quite fast. Yeah, I know. "But you hate cats,"said a whiney voice. I don't really hate cats I just tolerate them. But, this little girl has claimed us, so David and I talked it over and decided to let her into our lives. 

Oh, just to let y'all know, I went to my appointment with my back doctor on Friday. He just wanted to do a follow-up since the fall. I'm fine as frog hair split four ways. I won't need to see him again until November or unless I fall on my silly ass again. That makes me happy.

Well, I have laundry to finish and errands to run today. So, have a magical day y'all.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Really Really Short Blog Today

This is going to be another short blog post, y'all. Really short. You see there is a bit of a cute little storm coming my way with a front that's right up it's ass and it's making me feel poorly right now. So, I'll fill all y'all in on the goings on at Casa De Bellevue tomorrow. Yeah, it's been strange around here. But until then, check out this cute story:
And then there's this

Monday, May 9, 2016

Quick Note

Lazy Lucy in bed next to me.
I hope everyone's Mother's Day was good. My butt is feeling better. Still black and blue from the fall though. Lucy has become my shadow. She follows me closely these days. David says it's because I'm the "food giver person". Okay, so I feed them their meals, give them treats, take them out for rides, walks, and to the dog park. Not to mention they like to sleep next to me in bed while I'm reading to pass the time while I'm on the heating pad. I guess it could be also from the fact that I'm home all day long with them and David is here sporadically.
Water jug from the hospital
Anywho, I'm doing pretty good, except for during the rainy weather, which is going on right now. I'm just getting some ice water for my water "jug" as I call it. It's one of those big water mugs they give you when you spend time as a captive audience in the hospital. It usually sits on that tiny tray table next to your bed. I fill it with ice water and carry it around with me at home. I have to keep hydrated. I have like 5 of these things. 

Well, I need to get my water and spend some time with my heating pad. Have a great day y'all.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sinko Duh Mayo

Yes, it's Sinko duh Mayo. A day when we celebrate mayonnaise smeared all over the kitchen sink. I don't smear mayonnaise on my sink because ti's a bitch ti clean up, I just place mayo lids around my sink with little tea light candles placed in them. It looks so nice in the dark when I close the shades. I did that last year and David asked me what I was going to sacrifice in the sink. Shit!  Don't ask me why it's not my lousy holiday.
Anywho, A nurse from the pain doctor's office called early this morning. Woke me up  at 11 a.m. In the middle of my morning nap time. She said the doctor arranged an appointment for me next week Friday. Not too crazy about having to go spend extra money just to get poked and prodded when I'm just fine. I do have a nasty bruise the size of Manhattan on my ass but otherwise, I'm doing fine.
Lucy hunting squirrels from the living room couch
Lucy is still hovering around me close. Yeah, REAL close. She has been following me everywhere I go. She was looking for squirrels earlier this morning from the living room couch. Right now she's sleeping at my feet. If I try to sneak away she wakes up and goes looking for me. I think David told her to keep an eye on me.She's such a little sweetie. I don't think David has to tell her anything. She follows me no matter what because I'm the "fud givr pursin" around the house. If anything happens to me, they would starve.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Clumsy Ass

I'm posting late today because I had an emergency appointment with my back pain doctor this morning. Yesterday I was watering the roses in the front yard and fell and hurt my back. Yeppers, I sure did. I slipped and lost my balance and fell backwards down the concrete steps. I fell hard and almost couldn't get up. But I did. I cut the water off and went inside and called David. We went to the ER because I felt something might be wrong. I couldn't sit without screaming in pain so I had to lay down in the back seats.
Well, they took me right away and got x-rays. Then they gave me something for the pain. Personally, I want more of that, whatever "that" was. I'm fine now, nothing cracked or broken, just really badly bruised. I feel like I was beaten with a baseball bat across the lower back. My pain doctor told me to keep ice on it for today. His nurse will call me on Thursday to check on me and then I go back to the heating pad after my back exercises. I should be good in a few days. David on the other hand, says no more outside for me until he widens the steps like he promised to do 2 years ago. Anywho, I'm on heavy pain killers until Thursday. If the pain gets worse I have to go back to see him. So far I feel okay. The pills make me feel woozy but that's how I usually am all day. I was born that way.
I have three little dogs sleeping practically on me right this very minute. Two are on my feet and Lucy, my nurse is sleeping really close next to my side. It's like they don't want my clumsy ass getting up and falling again. Lucy has been very close to me all morning since I got home. I guess they know mom is screwed up and needs protecting. ahahahaaa!

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