Halloween Begins

Monday, February 29, 2016


Well, I'm back at the ol' grind, so to speak. I decided to take another week off just because, so don't go there, and don't judge me. I wasn't feeling so great. We had three weather fronts hit our area of Texas in less than 48 hours 2 weeks ago. I felt like my bottom half of my body was coming off. Really! It was that bad. I spent the whole week in bed and couldn't eat because of the pain. Sitting, standing, and walking were not on the agenda. Even my pain doctor couldn't help me. So I just rode it out and hoped my sanity stayed intact. But hey, we all know I'm crazy. I have the papers to prove it.

Anywho, onto other shit. I had to have blood drawn and another MRI this morning. Big whoop, I know, right?!  Well, if I had known it was going to take so fucking long I would have taken my laptop along for the ride. At least, I could have hammered out this shit while I sat there waiting and watching my life sucking. This shit is getting too old for me. I want something better. Why doesn't someone come up with a body shop for humans, where we can trade in the old models for newer younger ones. Shit, I'm way ahead of my time here.

Oh, the puppies got their very first BarkBox on Tuesday the first week I was out "technically". They somehow knew it was for them when I cut the packaging tape off the top. I guess they could smell the bacon infused doggy chew toy. They were so crazy, I wished you could have seen them. It's almost as bad as when I take them to the dog park. Anyways, they got a bag of dog treats made from turkey meat, some doggie gummies to freshen their breath, the bacon infused chew bone toy, a squeaky ball, and a lambs ear to chew on. They absolutely loved everything that they received. I'm wondering what will be inside their next box, which should be here by the 20th of next month. I don't have a say for what goes inside the box. I can only let them know if they are on certain diet restrictions or are allergic to something. The people at BarkBox will accommodate for those two reasons.

Well I have little minds to warp and values to twist.

Monday, February 22, 2016

In a bad way

I just finished what exercises I was able to accomplish. I am flat on my back again, in such pain that you could only imagine. It's my arthritis acting up in my back again. It feels as if someone is beating me across the back with an iron rod. The weather isn't helping much. It should be better tomorrow afternoon, but the weatherman has lied so much recently that his nose should be a yard long by now.

I'm hoping to be up and around by tomorrow at best. If you don't see a post from me by then, I will most likely be out the rest of the week. David says he is taking my ass to the hospital tonight if I'm not any better as if that's going to help. HAHAHAAAHAAHAHAAA!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Oh My GAWD ... It's Finally Friday!!!

I know this is a late post, so sue me. Anywho I was busy this morning looking over different doggie toy and snack home delivery services on the internet. I found that is the best in everything available. They are simply amazing. I couldn't believe the service. I had to talk with someone about my puppies. I asked if they could leave out the plush toys because my dogs tend to demolish them within seconds. The person I chatted with on Live Chat was more than happy to make changes for me. These guys are 1st rate when it comes to making your dog happy. The prices are the lowest of the three different places I visited too. I opted for the six-month plan. Oh, and if y'all are wondering, I am not getting paid in any way, shape, or form to say all this about this doggie site. If you have a dog or dogs you really love and you want to show them, then I would highly recommend Oh and delivery is free.

This weekend David and I are going out for breakfast for V-day. Yeah, we decided to not do the dinner thing this year because it's always so fucking crowded and loud at a restaurant. I can't believe that people bring their kids on Valentines Day. It ruins the atmosphere when you have a screaming or loud child at the table next to you and your significant other. So we are doing breakfast and spending the day together and then watching The Walking Dead that night. Squeeeeeeee!! I can't wait.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One Way or Another, We All Get Screwed

Y'all in the upper middle to the east of our great country are fucked aren't you? It's either raining or snowing. I have only one question. What the fuck did y'all do to piss off Momma Nature? I mean, DAYUM! Y'all can't catch a break out there can ya. I'm aware that some of you are thinking "Aaaaa shaddappp already!" But is this not the truth? Momma Nature is kickin all yall's asses.

The weather here is great. We have cold mornings in the 30's or 40's and it's around the mid 60's in the afternoon. It's really very nice. Although the puppies hate it. They want to stay outside longer and enjoy the sun, but it's just too cold for them. 

They are also a bit miffed at me because they can't go to the doggie park. I've been having flare-ups and it's quite painful, to say the least. Sometimes I just stay in bed where it's nice and quiet and I try to sleep off the pain. Other days it's just minor stuff like eye problems or being off balance. I've been keeping a diary to monitor the flares so I can see what brings them on and what helps them go away. I've noticed that weather changes, depression and excessive heat causes my flares. It also causes a certain degree of intensity. I need more evidence to prove this so I can keep these little bastards at bay.
BTW, please bear with me, I'll get to your blogs soon as I can.
Ok, on to bigger and better shit. Some of you out there are great big fans of The Walking Dead. Well, they are starting their second part of Season 6 this Sunday the 14th. YES!! YES, I know!!! David and I are counting down the hours. SQUEEEEEEEEEE! We love The Walking Dead. Moreso that we would be the two happiest people in the world if there was a Zombie Apocolypse today. Maybe not for me, more for David. I would end up as Zombie bait. All I can say is I can't wait for Sunday night.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I'm Soooo Damaged

I am sooooo damaged. I haven't cleaned house at all this week. The puppies need a bath because they are getting stinky. I need to also wash their blankets. But my cooking is priceless. Woot! Really, I need to get off the internet. I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest and playing online games. I need an intervention.

OH LOOKY!!! I got some more seed porn! YES! Yes, I did! These came in the mail this morning and I was likeHoly Shit they love me! I harvested a lot of  the veggie seeds from many of the crops we grew last year, so I won't be buying too much this year. David also wants to add 3 more raised beds for more veggies and he wants to set up a few small starter beds for watermelons and cantaloupe that he loves. I want butternut and acorn squash for my pumpkin pies and pumpkin for fall decor.

I will be buying quite a bit of flower seeds and a few flowering  plants that I get from Home Desperate. I went through all the seed catalogs and found everything I want to grow for the potted garden in the courtyard. I have sooooo many empty pots in the garden shed and I really want to use them all this year. I need to repot my cannas and sift through the soil in my barrels. The squirrels stashed a lot of pecans in November and December so I need to start sifting before they sprout. So much work so little time.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello February

Short Monday Morning Blog

DAYUM!!! It was 84 degrees yesterday. The sun was shining and we had a light breeze. It was absolutely beautiful. It's going to be the same today with more wind blowing than it was yesterday but it will be just as pretty. Since the weather was great David did a few chores over the weekend. Yes! It was strange because I didn't have to nag him. He actually did something on his own. So, so strange. Well, the puppies were also happy about the warmer weather. The girls, Lucy and Pebbles played with the tether ball most of the day while Spunky warmed himself in the sunshine. He loves doing that when he gets the chance.

Oh! I have to tell y'all! I got my MOJO back. I'm cooking again. YES! I know, right?!? After almost a whole week of fucking up everything in the kitchen, it felt wonderful to make dinner without a single problem. I'm still dancing inside my brain. Anywho, things are back to normal around here. I just hope it stays that way for a long time.

Well the puppies are nagging me to take them to the dog park. I better take them now before it gets too warm for them to run around.
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