Halloween Begins


The Title Page picture belongs to Colleen of I found the picture on   It is a picture of her two sweet Boston Terrier babies that she loves to make costumes for. YES, she made those costumes. I tried to contact her for rights to put this picture on my blog for the title. But I had no luck in getting a hold of her to ask. SO, if she should happen to see this and ask me to take it off I will. I have no problem with it.

All Photos are from either Stock Xchng or Stock Photography where I paid for the rights to display these pictures on my blog Otherwise the other pictures are from my own camera except for the memes. Those are mostly from places that I find when I'm bored.

I also post pictures that I got from my many emails over the years on this blog. If, for some unforeseen reason you see something on this blog that is originally yours or a friend of yours, please inform me via email from my contact page and I will give credit where it is due. If you wish me to take it off my blog, then I will have no problem with that either. But PLEASE email me about it.

Thank You

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