Halloween Begins

Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Funny

What do you do with a pear like this?

Give it a cute tramp stamp of course

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

It's Tuesday

Yesterday I got a surprise in the mail. I helped by donating money to a Kickstart program for someone who was going to make a gag gift. The gag gift is a Troll doll of that White House asshole with a bad spray-on orange tan, naked of course with a teeny tiny weenie covered by the CLASSIFIED tape, teeny tiny hands, and a cell phone. It's so funny. David will love it for his birthday next month.

On that birthday note, David sent me a birthday card today.  It was a mariachi band of dogs with a chihuahua singing lead in Spanish about birthday celebrations and too much tequila. It was soooo cute! He also set me up with an Amazon gift card. I haven't gone in to check out the amount but I'll guess it's probably $50.

We have rain today. my favorite thing about autumn. It rains more in the autumn and winter than any other time of the year. The rain cools us down into the 80's. It's a little muggy but the cooler weather will hit soon I hope.

Monday, September 25, 2017

It's Monday

It's been a crazy weekend with plumbing problems. The kitchen sink has been leaking water all over the place. David tore into the project Saturday morning. He proceeded to turn the water off and take everything out from underneath the sink and dry it out with a fan this took 2 days. Then he put one of my huge cookie making plastic bowls under the 2 drains, yeah, that bowl is really humongous. and he poured water into the sinks. Bingo! The main sink on the left was leaking. It was the flange thingy that connected the drain to the pipe underneath. It was totally rotted away. David says he never had to replace it since the last time he repaired the sink when we got married. That was 15 years ago. He replaced it with PVC this time. I'm so proud of him. He's getting better at this plumbing thing. He only had to go to Home Desperate once. He got what he needed plus other nonessential things that caught his eye. He's like me when I go shopping, he buys shit that he "might" need for the future like I buy shoes. He brought home several different sized nail strips for his nail gun, almond colored grout when we already have 2 tubes of it, also plastic bins with lids. YES! We need more of those. We have 4 in the bedroom closet that I have no use for.  
When I finally got my kitchen back to normal. I cleaned. I mopped like a mad woman and cleaned the counters off with 15% bleach and water. I was going to clean everything and then my back gave out. Shit! I was hurting so bad that I had to lay on the heating pad for a good 2 hours. Yeah, my pain meds weren't kicking in like I wanted. I did eventually get dinner made. I just had to take little breaks in my cooking routine to be with my ice bag. Numbing the pain with the ice bag worked long enough to finish washing the dishes and clean up my kitchen. I retired to the bedroom and read my book the rest of the evening.
How long has it been since Tropical storm Harvey hit the Seguin area? Hmmmm. Something like say August 26th when it happened. Well, I lost one of my petunia planters on the front porch. It fell and it sustained a bit of damage. The poor petunias are limping along. I have them hanging in the courtyard right now. When Harvey hit us the wind kind of blew in such a way that it unscrewed the planter hanger and that's why it fell. After Harvey left us, 5 weeks ago, I asked David to put another planter hanger up for me. YES! That was 5 fucking weeks ago. He finally put a hanger up for me this weekend. What am I going to do with that man!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Get Ready, The Rapture is Coming, Again

Hey y'all, don't forget that Saturday is the big rapture, again.

The last ones didn't take so this time will be the big one.

Since it's happening this Saturday, y'all be ready to score some cool free stuff. David has his eyes out for a free boat for weekend fishing on the coast. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

It's Monday

Last week Friday I had an appointment with my pain doctor. He was busy with a full load of patients at the Outpatient Surgical Center so he had his nurse practitioner take over for him. Kay is wonderful. She prescribed a Medrol Dosepak for my arthritis back pain. I started the dosepak which is a Methylprednisolone or corticosteroid that is used for arthritis pain, on Saturday I felt the effects of it almost immediately. Sunday noon I seemed to feel pretty good, then I noticed the sciatica pain running down my right leg. Last night I felt like shit because the sciatica pain was too much to bear. I took one of my regular pain meds and it killed it for a couple of hours, but then the pain began to feel worse. The only thing I could think of was either I popped a disc or I'm just pinching that damned nerve again. Anywho, I'm a bit pissed off right now because I was hoping to be pain-free for a while longer before I have to go in for another Radio-frequency Oblation. I see my pain doctor in December, a week before Christmas. Oh, joy. I just know he's going to set me up for another RFO. I hate that procedure. It's so fucking painful.
Ever since Friday when I got back from the doctor's office, Lucy has been my shadow. She had that worried look on her face when I came home and she went where ever I went. She was so close to me she was underfoot. She never left my side. David said it's something in the way she saw me on Friday. My pain level was 9+ and I think she picked up on it immediately. Lucy is on the couch next to me at this moment sleeping but she has her body so close to me that if I move she will wake up to follow me or keep watch on me. It's so cute. She snores just like a congested little kid. The phone just rang. David was calling me. Lucy jumped up with such a startled look and she let out a howl. She got scared because I moved. Poor little baby. She does worry about her mama. I guess it's because I'm the dog biscuit and treat giver around here. David never gives the puppies treats. Don't ask me why cause I don't know.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's Tuesday

I'm trying to get through this massive migraine. It's been going on since last week Friday. I thought for sure it was going away this morning but NOOOOOoooooo. It just seems to want to stay awhile longer. David keeps worrying that it could be what his mom had, bad migraines and then she died from a brain tumor. I've just gone through CAT-scans and MRI's and even an MRA to see if I had an aneurysm. I'm fine, I just suffer from really bad migraines.

Anywho, did anyone see how crazy Twitter got on Tuesday? Oh, Mamacita! Rep. Sen. Ted Cruz watched a mini-porn clip on Twitter and then did the silly thing of liking it. Yeah, he pressed the LIKE button and the Poster Boy for Anti-dildos got caught with, ahem, his hand in the cookie jar. Twitter was aflame with Teddy Tweets. It was funny as hell. This morning Teddy Boy was written about in the news too. Read it here:

Well, I'm going back to my nice dark bedroom and try to get rid of this pain. Y'all play nice nice.

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