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Halloween Countdown

The countdown ends on the 1st of September. For me, the month of September is Halloween Eve. So, I have oriented the countdown as such.🎃

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Greatest Love Story of All Time

                                                                                        Happy Halloween     

Monday, October 29, 2018

It's Monday

Got a bit of a headache from no sleep last night but I'm back y'all. Last week was hellish with all the aches and pains but as soon as the rain moved on and the sun came out things became much better for me. I'm so grateful for that rain though. Everything is so fucking green right now and most of Texas is out of the drought. So nice.
Natural Maple
Over the weekend David went to Lumber Liquidators and picked up the flooring for the kitchen. It's called Natural Maple. Really pretty too. It's a vinyl waterproof floor that is supposed to last a long time and it's perfect for the kitchen. David will be installing it during Thanksgiving or maybe sooner if he gets the gumption to do so. Anywho, He is in the process of painting the kitchen and said: "not to touch that paint!" Yes, yes he did. He said he didn't want to have to take my fat ass to the ER for back pain or whatever. He painted the edges of the walls to the ceiling and cabinets o I will have to wait for the weekend again before he finishes painting. Yeah right like I'm going to wait for that to happen.
After the floor and the walls are done, we will be putting in a countertop and new sink. I told David under no uncertain terms, NO Garbage Disposal. I hate those things. They smell and cause nothing but trouble. Anywho, I have to go with him in a week or two to pick out the countertop and sink. I already know what type of sink but the countertop is going to be hard to choose. I need to really think about this thing and weigh the pros and cons of the different types because this rascal will be with us for the rest of our time in this house. I want something low maintenance.
Last week, David had his appointment with the family doctor and he got yelled at. All his blood work was out of whack. His fasting blood sugar was 115. So David is on a diet again. No candies, ice cream, or cookies. Yeah, those three things made him fat again, plus he got lazy. So he is joining me on the treadmill now and when it gets cooler outside he will be hitting the walking track at the park with me. Funny thing, I told our doctor when I saw him a month ago to yell at David for eating junk food and being lazy. Sure as shootin, ol" Doc R delivered because no matter how hard I tried, David kept buying and eating that shit and not exercising with me. So, I think I'll send a fruit basket for Doc R and his staff as a thank you before I see him in December for my appointment. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

I'm back...

This forest fire is brought to you by... oh sorry, it's a birthday cake. Happy Birthday, bro!! Yes, today is my brother's birthday. from the looks of that cake, it's the appropriate size fire too. You're what, 62 now? DAYUM you're old as fuck dude. Anywho, Happy Birthday Rick and many more.

I'm back, in case you missed yesterdays post. The wet weather and the cold was playin havoc with my arthritis in my back and hands so I had to quit posting for a while until it cleared up a bit. I'm doing much better and thank you, everyone, for the well wishes. This morning David and I are going voting and then shopping and then David is going over to Selma go get the flooring that I picked out at Lumber Liquidators and I'm guessing he will be putting it in the kitchen one of these weekends. First things first, I will have to paint. I picked out a pretty sunshine yellow for the walls.
Well, David is nagging me to hurry it up here so we can go vote. They open at 7am. Y'all play nice and have a magical day.

Friday, October 19, 2018


Sorry y'all but I'm going through butt loads of back pain here. I haven't slept in days. So I'm going to take a week off so I can recoup. I'm really tired. Y'all have a fandamntastic magical weekend and week ahead.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Semi Bitch Session About Halloween

Have any of you noticed Christmas decor is on display in stores and Halloween isn't even here yet? Yeah. It's so upsetting. By the time Christmas gets here we'll be so bored with it. 
David and I went to Home Desperate Sunday after lunch and the first thing you see are Christmas trees. Lots and lots of Christmas trees lit up and lots and lots of Christmas lights and decorations and shit. We finally saw the Halloween decorations way near the middle front area, all kinds of cool Halloween stuff. I was like a little kid having fun activating all the animation figures. There was a huge werewolf that howled and skeletons that laughed. I was in child heaven. I found a couple of really big fuzzy spiders that I wanted to buy but David said no.
I just wanted to scare the living shit out of the ankle biters. Is that too much to ask for? David said it would be a waste of money to buy Halloween decorations and candy for trick or treaters because their moms drag them to the local churches that evening and they celebrate it there. Nobody goes house to house around here. Ain't that a crying bitch! Kids will never know the fun in running from house to house yelling "trick or treat" and getting free candy. Then later, pouring out all the cool candy and taking inventory of the good stuff on their bed thinking they have more than enough candy to last the year until Easter. Kids are missing out on a part of a great childhood. It's a terrible shame.

Monday, October 15, 2018

It's Monday

It is cold and rainy outside this morning. I had to bring in my lemon trees, pineapple, and hanging baskets of bougainvilleas and petunias. It's 47 degrees right now and it will be in the 40's and 50's for a while this week. If David had built that greenhouse I wanted, all these plants would be out inside the greenhouse instead of in my pantry/laundry room with a grow light. I'm pissed. I'm thinking this will only be a temporary temperature drop because we usually have warm weather after the cold spell and then our usual cold weather kicks in around December. So, because of the cold and rain, I'm making my favorite potato corn chowder. David wants tomato soup so he's having that. Anywho the potatoes are simmering right now and the bacon has been crisped up. When the potatoes are done I'll add the creamed corn, canned milk, minced celery leaves, bacon, and onion and let that simmer for a little while longer. I'm making enough for freezing for later this week.
You know how they say pain lets you know you are still alive. Well, I have never felt so alive as I have this past week. I was in a world of hurt for the past 4 days until the cold front passed this morning around 2 am. I hate the fact that my back hurts so much before a front comes through that it makes my legs feel like they're going to pop off my body. The pain travels down my legs and because of that I lose sleep until I get relief which is very rare. Even painkillers don't work for me. It might be getting near time for another radiofrequency ablation. That procedure kills my pain anywhere from 2 months to 2 years. It's a crapshoot because sometimes it might not work at all. What's really bad is that it is the only thing out there that works for my back. So right now I'm still in pain, just not as bad as the past 4 days. 
Yesterday David and I went up to San Marcos to have a wonderful lunch with his daughter and new husband. We went to Saltgrass Steak House and had an awesome time. They presented us both with birthday cards and Visa prepaid cards worth $100 each. I gave David mine as an "I'm sorry" gesture. You see, I forgot his birthday last week so I was in the doghouse. He's happy now and I'm out of the doghouse for a while. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

This Man Went to Extremes to Sell His Suzuki

I showed this on my blog when this Youtube video first aired. I wondered, who would buy a vehicle with all that mileage after going to the moon and back and not to mention into the future if that's where it went. I'm also wondering if he sold it. But it's a fun video and the guy has some mad skills. Enjoy - again.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Throwaway Society

I was reading about our throwaway society on the Ol' Buzzard's blog. Case in point, we now have washing machines that cost more to fix than what we paid to buy it and what really gets me mad is that they don't even clean the clothes. So society makes up for it by making more crap to put into the wash load to make your dirty clothes smell really nice so you don't notice the filth that you are wearing. 
They say they are energy and water saving blah blah blah. Really? I end up having to wash clothes twice just to get them smelling good and to make sure they are clean. How I long for a washer with a real agitator in the basket that moves the clothes around and actually gets them clean the first time around. A washer that doesn't have a stupid motherboard in the controls that goes out when it feels like it and costing from $400 to $600 to replace YES! REPLACE! Just so the washer will work for a few more months before it breaks down again. 
It sucks to own one of these new fangled washers. They don't work and they are all pure expensive trash. What I wouldn't give to have an old washer from the 1970's. One that lasted 15 to 20 years like the old washer I had. I wished David didn't get rid of it. It's just a sad world we live in.

Monday, October 8, 2018


Sorry for posting so late but I overslept. David is home because. Just because. We stayed up late last night watching The Walking Dead. They started their 9th season and it's mainly going to be how the living re-establishes their new world lives. There are no cars to get around, only horses or walking. Although they are making ethanol with corn it's very little. I think it will be fun to see how humans live in a post-zombie apocalypse. They also started something else in the show. They showed how they do things or where they shot a scene in the show. I find it interesting how and where they filmed. 

David mowed the lawn this morning before it started to rain again. He got it all done in the nick of time too. It's been raining off and on all week and it finally stopped long enough for him to mow and to also fill the waterbed. Every six months we have to refill and put conditioner in the bed. Over time air builds up as the water molecules break down. So it has to be done. We also got all the sir air out of it too. Not much work to it. It's just a two-person workload. 
David broke the gear shift in my car. He was getting ready to go get his haircut Saturday and was putting the gearshift in reverse when it the button that you push disintegrated in his hand. It was the strangest thing. He was so upset. He took his truck, got his hair cut and came back and looked up how to change the gearshift on a 2004 Honda Accord. There it was, on Youtube. He was so happy. The channel on Youtube even had the place where you could buy the parts that you need to replace on my car. If we had had the car taken to the dealer to get the $9 button part changed out would have surely cost us about $200. The plastic gearshift deeley bopper shipped this morning so we should get it in the mail by Wednesday. I have no place to go until the 24th which is 2 weeks from now so I'm not hurting to go anywhere.

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