Halloween Begins

Thursday, December 28, 2017

It's Thursday

Hi y'all. I was so tired yesterday that I slept until 3 in the afternoon. Christmas day was a busy day for us. Anna came to visit and left her boyfriends dog with us to babysit. Scout is her name, she's 11 years old. She is a rescue dog, Heinz 57 variety when you don't know what kind she is, but she's a big dog. She looks like she might be part pointer, very sweet, mild-mannered. Spunky and Lucy took to her right away. They played in the yard. But Scout refused to come into the house. Anna came back from visiting with her grandmother, picked up Scout and then drove all the way to Dallas with her to see her boyfriend and his family for Christmas. David worries when she drives alone like that. She gave him an app that shows where she is while she is driving. It's really cool because he can keep tabs on her with his cell phone now. 
David fixed the headlight on the passenger side of my car while I slept yesterday. Then he took Lucy with him to Home Desperate to find some metric tools he needed. I woke up to a quiet house. Spunky was sleeping in the TV room. When David and Lucy came home, Lucy was prancing all around like she was saying "I got to go with daddy." She always prances when she comes home with David. I wonder if he lets her drive my car.

It's starting to get colder here and there's another cold front heading our way. It should be here by Sunday but I'm feeling it now. It was in the low 40's all day yesterday with drizzle. This kind of weather doesn't hit us until January. But it has been colder than usual and it's affecting my back. I've been taking the Diclofenac for those of you that are wondering about it.  You have to take it every morning and every night with food because this shit will mess up your stomach. Also, you have to keep taking it that way even if you aren't hurting. Talk to your doctor about it. He/she may have a different option for you since you can also die suddenly of heart attack or stroke. You have to really be careful. But for now, it seems to be working. The only problem is, this pain from the inflammation in my back from arthritis goes away for a while but then I can feel the real pain from my pinched nerves. That pain is fucking weird because it's been masked by the inflammation pain. Feeling the real pain is hard to explain because it hurts differently than the other pain. It's constant and it has something to it. It's like an alien feeling like it doesn't belong. So strange that I can't tell you what it really feels like but that shit runs all the way down both legs and it hurts like a mother fucker. 
Well, it's back to the heating pad for a while. Besides. it's fucking cold and I'm hating the cold right now.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

hi it me lucy
 mommy  sleepin
 she tired
 us run her raggged
us had  doggie come 
 her is scout
she from palce us dont talk bout
it scary palce
lot of sad puppys
she stayd for  while and went is car with my perty sister
scout said it big trip north
us neber go north
 daddy is fixin mommys eye on car
 it is cold
eye not work
daddy fix it make car open mouoth so he fix eye
eye work now
is workin now
us go now mommy wake

Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Funny

Christmas Ornamets

I was surfing in looking at ornaments and I happened to see this:

Yeah, Don the Con is selling ornaments. It's going for $94.29. I shit you not!!
But being the careful shopper that I am, I had to read the reviews. One was so completely helpful. I believe to will keep future shoppers from selecting this ornament. This is really on You should read some of the reviews on products on Amazon. They're quite funny.

on November 26, 2016
A Disaster! Ever since we found this weird guy in a gutter while visiting New York, 
it has completely dominated our house and now the internet.

I'm convinced this novelty has evil magical skills or something. As a joke, we put 
this stupid thing at the bottom of the tree for laughs, but then it started appearing 
over on the very far right. That same night some lunatic wrote with a permanent 
marker on top of our baby Jesus ornament. and wrote "Lyin' Joo Jesus" on it. OMG!
And the same person wrote on our Mother Mary ornament, "Knocked-up Mary." WTH!

Then, a few nights later, almost a third of our ornaments, I guess, flocked to and 
surrounded the cap.

Meanwhile, on the left side of the tree about a third of the ornaments surrounded the 
Donkey ornament that Mary was riding (which we've had since 1992), and everyone 
in the family thought that the tree was leaning left, although just barely, but enough to 
make everything alright and secure.

But the next week, to our complete dismay, despite more ornaments on the left, the 
tree fell over to the right somehow, I guess because that side had 3 more slightly larger 
ornaments than the left. But strangely, the Hat was at the top of the fallen tree all over 
our beautiful angel. We were so shocked. We still don't believe it. And our little blue 
donkey was on the ground and found crushed. Craziest part is, there was a wall of 
presents stacked up between the Hat and the nativity seen in the room. And now the 
tree is inching closer and closer to the fireplace as if it wishes to burn itself and the 
whole house down.

Anyway, this story somehow first went viral on Twitter and now the whole world is 
talking about it. Please God, help us all !!
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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Canada Eh?

Just to let you know that this is a warning. Starting next week, I will be posting Hockey Memes on Fridays. I repeat. This is a warning.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


It's been a wet weather week so far. The past few days it has been misty and foggy. That's the kind of weather I love but it doesn't love me back. David said I would be right at home in the great northwest with the gloomy wet weather. Well yeah! If it rained every day and night without flooding and I had my young body back, I would be in heaven. Maybe in my next lifetime, I'll choose better.
Last Friday I was able to get my pain doc to let me try the diclofenac for my inflammation in my back. So far it seems to work. I still have pain but that's because of the pinched nerves from the degenerated discs. I will never get rid of that pain. But I'm taking the diclofenac once in the morning and once at night and it's only during the wet weather. I won't be taking this stuff all the time. Only when it's needed. Also, I have to let my regular family doctor know I'm on it now so he can monitor my kidney and liver health. 
Lucy, aka Bed Hog
Early this morning around 2:30 we had a thunderstorm. Spunky slept right through it because, well, the boy is deaf. Lucy, on the other hand, attacked me. Yes, she somehow got past the child gate and climbed into bed with us but she attacked the momma. She was panting so hard, the poor thing, she hates loud noises. So I wrapped her in the top blanket and sang her softly to sleep. The storm ended and I didn't have the heart to put her back into her bed. Yes, she stayed with us all the rest of the morning. Thank goodness the bed is a king size because she's a little bed hog. She stretches out when she sleeps and that means she takes over every unoccupied space. She didn't get up from bed until she heard David pouring kibble into the food bowls. Then I had the bed all to myself again.
About a year ago or maybe it was two. Fuck, I can't remember that far back. Anyhoo, I received a Roku from my step-daughter for Christmas. But since I don't watch that much TV, I never used it. Well, David has gotten sucked into binge-watching Stranger Things on his laptop. He asked me if I ever turned on the Roku and then before I answered he was watching the show on TV. Okay, so he won't bother me when he's off for Christmas vacation next week. If he should happen to run out of stuff to watch then I'll have a fair amount of outdoor chores for him to take care of. I'm ready for his ass this time. Yes, he will not get the better of me. I have enough stuff to keep him from bothering me until the 3rd of January next year. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

It's Monday

I wanted to stay in bed this morning but I had so much to finish. I got caught up in cleaning and then dropping off my boxes of goodies for the troops in Afghanistan at the main mail office. That line was so fucking long. Thought I'd never get out. I was so busy with all the baking and packing that I forgot to take pictures. But I sent off four boxes of stuff this morning. Two boxes of cookies in little baggies. I lost count of how many I had but the guys and gals over there will have a nice time with it. One box was nothing but toiletries like shampoos, lotions, soap, toothpaste, and brushes and the last box had small boxes of crackers, snack bars, etc in it. Just basic snacks they can carry with them when they go on patrol and stuff.
Anyhoo, when I came back I sat a spell with some coffee and watched last nights episode of The Walking Dead. When the commercials came on I did a little dusting and I took my lemon trees and pineapples outside for some sun and fresh air. It's supposed to be nice today so out they go. Also, I pushed Lucy and Spunky out the door for some fresh air. They've been cooped up in the house for almost two weeks now and they needed to be out for a while. 
David will be home for lunch all week except on Thursday. The company is feeding them before they shut down for the holidays. David said he's thinking of taking off starting the 22nd. He won't be going back to work until the 2nd or 3rd of January. Lucky me. 

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