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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Something to Make Y'all Smile

Tuesday - This and That

Sorry for posting late, I was busy this morning. Over the weekend my step-daughter (Goddess, I love that girl) and her husband came down to visit briefly. They stopped off at Luling City Market and picked up 2 huge bags of sausage links. If you are ever in central Texas you just have to stop off at Luling to see what I mean when I say their sausage links could be traded like gold on the open markets. 
Anywho, we did practiced social distancing and they were here for about 30 minutes. We asked if they needed anything in the way of groceries and they said they were set. But it was nice to see they were doing great. I so wanted to hug them because we hadn't seen them since they left for Europe for winter vacation. Don't worry they've been home since January 3rd.
Since I don't have any doctor's appointments to go to I've been doing a small amount of spring cleaning when I feel up to it. Yesterday, I washed down 3 walls in the kitchen before I started to have pain. Today I finished the cabinets and ceiling. I just have the back door and windows then it's off to the pantry. I still have one more bedroom that we are using as a catch-all, the hallway closets, and the bathroom and then I'll be finished with major cleaning.
David and I have been doing communal shopping. What I mean is we share in the shopping for all neighbors in our area. That's about a few families. If anyone needs something we share until we need to go shopping. It's working quite well and of coarse we observe distance rules. It does suck though when he goes to HEB to get groceries because there are people who haven't gotten the memo about 2 per customer shopping or safe distancing. Those who gripe about it are deniers and are screaming that the government is infringing on our rights. They say that they haven't seen anyone who has gotten sick so it's a hoax. People like that should be shot on the spot. So far we have 14 people that have tested positive for the virus but are confined to their home. That's 14 people in our county, not here in our town. Knock wood.
David will be off for the 4-day weekend for Easter and then the office will start a 4-day workweek. He still has to work because they are a government contractor. He says COVID-19 is a blessing in disguise because the drive to work isn't as bad as it used to be. Everyone is so careful about respecting everyone's distance. I have a feeling all this will change everything in the future for years to come.

Monday, March 30, 2020

DIY Face Mask - Two Ways

I found these videos in case anyone wants to help out the area hospitals These are easy tutorials for making two types of face masks.

Interesting Interview By Trevor Noah - A must See Video

This is an interesting video interview given by Trevor Noah of The Daily Show, asking Dr. Fauci about COVID-19. Quite an eye opening video. He explains how COVID-19 works, social distancing and what is true and untrue.

Thursday, March 26, 2020


We now have a total of 8 confirmed cases of CV-19 in Guadalupe county here in Texas. We haven't heard anything about them being in Seguin but they are in outlying areas of the county. The reason is most likely because uninformed people and that I-10 runs smack dab through the center of the county and we are right next to San Antonio. I don't know the ages, extent of their illness or if any of them are in the hospital or sheltering in place at home. Which is fine with me. David and I are being so very careful because we are both elderly and both have controlled high blood pressure, heart murmurs, he has asthma, I have immunosuppressed illnesses like RA, Lupus, and Raynaud's disease. So we are being so freaking careful. It is not a case of if we get it but when.
This morning I went out to pull some weeds in the front yard. One thing about spring is that weeds pop up like ... weeds. The front yard is overrun with them. In and around the roses, everywhere. I told David we should just throw wildflower seeds and let it go. The only patch of grass is along the street and side of the house. I just give up. I'll let David fight with it. I have my courtyard plants and trees to worry about. 
Well, today is the start of laundry day. I do a load or two depending on how my back feels. I might do two today and the last load tomorrow. I hate doing laundry over the weekend. I have my TENs on and so far I'm feeling good. Y'all keep safe and healthy and have a magical day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday - This and That

I can't believe what is going on. Last night, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas went on Faux News and said that the elderly should give their lives for the economy. Check it out here. Okay, Danny boy, you go first and take the rest of your stupid conservative followers with you and us smarter liberal old people will see what happens. If it helps the economy that one less conservative dumbass lives then we will help y'all by passing your idiotology to those conservatives that didn't get the word. It may take a little time to get rid of the rest of your kind so don't wait up for us. One good thing about all this stupid conservative idiotology is that here in Texas, there will be fewer conservatives voting in November and in 2022 if they follow Dan Patrick's views.
Yesterday, I was running errands, paying bills and shopping for the neighborhood. We aren't on lockdown, yet but we will be soon. Over the weekend, my neighbor and I got together to see what everyone needed and pooled and passed out the necessary items to everyone in need. Since David and I are one of the few elderly in the neighborhood, we get to flash our Driver's license and go into the stores to shop for the good stuff first. That means we can get TP, bottled water, meat, milk, bread, etc. Whatever we need. We have been taking these items and pooling them with my neighbor's items and filling boxes with food and needed items like TP and the like and leaving the boxes on the front porches of people with kids and homebound elderly or immunosuppressed that can't get out to do their own shopping. 
It's a good system. They just make a list of stuff on the HEB app that we can access and give us the money and we go get the stuff. Whatever we can't get, others donate to help. Everyone is helping each other on our street as best we can. The reason we are doing this by ourselves instead of getting HEB to do it is that it takes a week and a half to get your order if you order through HEB and they deliver. Yes, we are practicing safety by distancing ourselves by at least 6 to 10 feet, wearing gloves and homemade masks, etc. but we are just trying to help each other when some people can't get what they need to survive. We have also exchanged phone numbers in order to do wellness checks and to let each other know we need help. It's working quite well. This morning I called around to see if anyone needed anything. So far nothing is needed. Everyone is fine. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Busy Bee That's Me

I have a butt load of things to take care of this morning and I have a doctor's appointment so y'all be careful, stay healthy and have a magical day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Nice Rain Storm

We just had a nice big ol' gully washer of a thunderstorm. Our rain barrels are full to the brim again. My lemon trees are happy and the hydrangeas are happy, everything is happy but the bees. I found a few of them on the patio and they look like they're doing the backstroke in a puddle which is odd because bees know when to hide out during a storm. Anywho, I rescued them and they are drying off in a hanging planter on the back porch. That storm really snuck up on us. Y'all have a magical day.

Happy St Patrick's Day and Other Shenanigans

It's St Patrick's Day y'all. Everyone drink and maybe it will kill the CV-19 in ya. Yeah, it could work like the Purell we use as hand sanitizer why not get a 12 pack of Corona and fight this thing from the inside out. If it works we might be onto something.
Texas had its first reported CV-19 death. A gentleman in his late 90's. He was a patient at the Matagorda Reginal Hospital in Matagorda county. There is also news of a second virus case in Matagorda county this morning. Texas has moved into lockdown of schools, bars, restaurants, etc in order to curtail the virus. Everyone is to shelter in place and avoid crowds.
Okay, on a lighter side, if you haven't heard of Dr. Anthony Fauci then y'all are living under a bunch of rocks. He's with the National Institutes of Health of the U.S. He's warning everyone and trying to help Americans stay healthy amid this Covid-19 virus thing and countering the wrong intel that Presidente Anus Tangerinus is passing along like a bad PSA. I'm trying not to mock him or anything disrespectful but does anyone else notice that when he gets upset or excited he sounds a lot like Mel Brooks?
Asking for a friend.
Well, I have to take the puppies out. Y'all stay safe and healthy and have a magical day.

Monday, March 16, 2020

How The Covid-19 Came About and Why We Need to Educate Ourselves

Monday Stuff and Thangs

I've been staying away from people for the past few weeks now. Not going to movies, restaurants, grocery stores, meeting with neighbors, etc. David is doing what is necessary, all the shopping and going to work still here in our little sweet part of Texas. Since I'm immunocompromised he has made it his job to do almost everything like that. I'm trying to be careful but it's kinda hard when you have dogs and a husband that believes what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Speaking of which, Did you hear that scientists in Canada are ramping up their work on the COVID-19 vaccine? Yeah, hockey season has been canceled until further notice.
Over the weekend I finally died. Yeah, I haven't had any sleep since Wednesday night. Having a weather front tends to make me stay up at all hours. The pain is just too intense to sleep. So there's that reason. I finally canceled out. I think it was about 1am Sunday morning that I finally collapsed into bed. I didn't wake up until almost Sunday night to go to the bathroom and then back to bed. I was that tired. I think I woke up finally at 6 am this morning and cleaned house even though I was still in pain. But hey, when you have messy dogs that like to drag their toys and blankets all over the house and then a grown man who leaves plates and utensils all over the kitchen counters, it's a wonder we don't have roaches or rats living among us.
Well, that's it for me today. Y'all stay healthy and safe and have a magical day.

Thursday, March 12, 2020


I'm back from my appointment with my doctor. All my lab tests were great. Just my White Blood Cell count(WBC) was up as well as my Eosinophils. It's because I was going through a Lupus event at the time my blood was drawn. We talked at length about my immune health and Covid-19 and said from now on because I'm immunocompromised, he would like me to stay at home and not go out except in emergencies. So, he is telling all his patients to get on the Telemed bandwagon. This means all patients will forgo the usual office visit and go live online via computer or smartphone on a secure link at the designated time. He will take patients if they are sick with aches and pains at his office but for the most part, patients like me who are relatively healthy will do the Telemed from now on and only once a year see him in person for a physical. So, that works for me. I'm already staying away from people and I wear surgical gloves if I go out to get groceries or to appointments. Masks won't really help. You will still touch your face and not know it which will infect you. So I'm playing it safe at home.
I came up with something to entertain all y'all for the Friday slot on my blog. It's Hilarious Art History. I'll be featuring 3 art paintings that have been turned into memes. I hope it will make y'all smile or giggle a little during these troubling times ahead. Hey, it's my job. 
Yesterday, Lucy was outside in the courtyard with me as I was watering the lemon trees, hydrangeas, and the morning glory bushes. I still have bees going hog wild for the flowers all over the rosemary. She seems to be drawn to them because of the buzzing. I'm just waiting for her to get stung one day. Yeah, on day soon at the vet's office with her swollen mouth and maybe a reaction to boot. Her curiosity is going to get her hurt, bad.
Well, I have a few things around the house that I need to get done. Y'all stay healthy and safe and have a magical day.

Just a Quicky

I have a doctor's appointment in 30 minutes so I will be back later and I'll blog then. Y'all have a magical morning.
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