Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pampered Puppies

Lucy snuggled in. Lazy bug!
DAYUM!!! Today is a lazy day around here. David won't be home for lunch today, "the company is feeding him". That's what he calls it when Hexcel caters lunch for a holiday before the they shut down for a week. That also means the puppies and I are in for a really do nothing, lazy day.

All three puppies were on the bed with me this morning. Just a snoring like little ol' men, all snugged under their blanket. Yes they have their own blanket on the bed. It's to keep muddy or other feet from leaving tracks on David's and my bed. I had the bed heater on David's side turned to 4 so they would be warm. It's fucking 73 degrees outside and they are trying to keep warm. Little pampered brat dogs! Here are a few pictures of them in bed.
All three spoiled puppies snuggled in for sleep. Spunky on the right in the back,
Squirt on the left, and Lucy, my snuggle bunny, up front.

Spunky is the blind ol' man. Sounds like one too when he snores.
He's 11 yrs old now.
I layed down on my side of the bed and not a second later this little snuggle bunny, Lucy, came
over to snuggle with me. She loves her mommy. Squirt is in the background. She came out from under the blanket to see where Lucy went.

No more pictures mom. I'm trying to sleep.
Snuggled in for a long Winter's nap.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

So cute! A big ol' pile o' dogs 'n you!

Birdie said...

Holy crap they are cute!

Unknown said...

Our Aussie/Border Collie loves the snow, but loves even more coming in after playing, getting a rub down and curling up on the couch with a blanket and pillow. He may be ancient at 12 years old and blind from diabetes (despite insulin twice a day and a special diet), but in the snow he thinks he is a puppy.

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