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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ET Take Me With You!!!

Hey, did you hear the great news this morning? We don't have to finish packing for the end of the world. Yeppers!! It's not going to end on Dec 12, 2012 like they said it would.

Nope, seems that the scientists were wrong in their evaluation of the Mayan Calender. Like maybe 50 to 100 years, so they say. Personally I think it all ended on Dec 31, 1979 when disco died.

So my thoughts are. If the world isn't going to end in a couple of years like we thought ... then why are we seeing so many UFO sightings.

I mean, is this all a ploy by the aliens to keep us from going with them? They are finished fiddling around with us and don't want us to pack up the whole planet and take it with us.

Like they don't want us cause we're Intergalactic Trailer Trash?

" Oh man, there goes the galaxy!"

" NO! you cannot put that deer head on the front of my space ship!!"


  1. LOL!!! THIS END OF THE WORLD HAS BEEN A RUNNING JOKE IN MY FAMILY.. MY SISTER TOTALLY BELIEVES THE MAYANS KNEW EVERYTHING...LOL... IM GONNA TELL HER NOW.. believe it or not she was even insisting my whole family call in sick that day so we could be together when the end came... i joked with her that I wouldnt Christmas shop early next year...

  2. Wait, the world's not ending? You mean I really have to pay off all those bills!? Damn.

    Ha, ha...intergalactic Trailer Trash...ha, ha, ha!

  3. Aw! I was gonna have a party and finally run naked past all my coworkers! Oh well, I'm sure another Armageddon prediction will be upon us sooner or later. :P

  4. I never thought the world was going to end in 2012.

    I think humans are just going to destroy it all at some point.

    And I believe in UFOs and all that. Military training my ass.

  5. Ended after disco died? My facegook avatar is a shopped Laura Croft (the computer game one) holding two pistols up (like she does in the game) and on her green Tshirt with pointy big boobies I put the phrase Disco Sucks. LOL Laura probably would like disco, though and probably do the dance moves really well.
    I thought the Mayans were really good actors in the Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto a very under rated movie. Also there is some conspiracy theory(I put the in for Mel) that there were no Mayans and it was just a publicity ploy...
    I lived in Vegas, my husband was in the Stealth Squadron....and we saw zoomies.

  6. I still think we are Intergalactic Trailer Trash. Aliens just want to poke at us with a stick like we were dead things on a beach. ahahahahaa!!


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