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Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy B-Day My Love

David, the love of my life, hubby/plaything, and my target for laughter is celebrating his birthday today. Yes, he made another trip around the sun, minus a small piece of his index finger on his right hand this past summer. See past posts for full stories. Stubby/hubby/plaything turned 57. Yeah he's ancient but what can I say, someone has to take care of him. If he's not trying to flood the house or electrocute himself by changing a light bulb or cutting off appendages with a table saw... I just have to keep my eye on him when he's home.
He took the day off from the office so that means I need to watch him. I should train the puppies to do that. To alert me if he gets to doing something that might be dangerous...

Spunky: Woof woof woof!!!
Me: Whats that boy? Daddy's down the well?
Spunky: Woof!
Me: And he's got the table saw with him??!?
Spunky: WOOF!! WOOF!!
Me: And he's changing a light bulb down there??
Spunky: WOOF!
Me: Timmy's with him?
Spunky: WOOF!
Me:  And Lassie too??


  1. ROFLMAO...
    Good puppies!
    Happy Bday to your stubby Hubby! May he have many more years of, um, injury free fun in his manly pursuits!
    And may you have many more years with him. I mean, who else is going to take care of him??? O_o



  2. OH Duchess you are funny ahahahahhaaa.

  3. You are so funny! Happy birthday to your hubby.

  4. Hubby/plaything says Thanks for the b-day wishes.

  5. Your blog cracks me up, I love your sense of humor! I just joined so now I won't miss a single post.

  6. @_@
    An undead bunny of my very own??? Oh you shouldn't have! I promise to take the very best of care with him. I shall love him & hug him & squeeze him... but not too tight...

    And of course I'll feed him the tastiest of brains. Formerly human zombies seem to prefer human brains, so do formerly bunny zombies like bunny brains? Or are they less picky? Hmmm...


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