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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pecans, Pecans Everywhere And The Squirrels Are Going Mad !

It's crazy outside right now. Why you may ask, my minions? Well tis the season for pecans to fall and drive the squirrels crazy. Yeppers!! The wind is blowing hard, knocking the pecans off the trees in our yard and the poor little fuzzies are running around trying to get as many pecans as they can before they all get picked up by the humans.

My puppies don't help in the matter either. They are constantly chasing the squirrels and keeping them from their gathering. I'm a bad person for letting the dogs out all day. I wonder what happens if they don't meet their quota?  Do they get yelled at by Mrs. Squirrel?

Mrs. Squirrel: What are you doing, you lazy good for nothing!?!!
Mr. Squirrel:  But the dogs, my love.
Mrs. Squirrel: Dogs, Shmogs !!!  Get busy and get to gatherin those nuts. We don't have all autumn, ya know!! Mother told me not to marry you!!  I should have listened to her and married that squirrel down the street!!


  1. I wish we had squirrels to pick up the neighbors pecans. Not only would it save me the odiferous dogs (after munching said nuts) and I would have some additional entertainment. I love eavesdropping on animals as they chat....don't you. And the crazy said, "what?", The Olde Bagg a funny lady, I love it

  2. Ha ha ha ha..... you crack me up!!!!

  3. Thanks girlfriends. I guess being crazy as a loon certainly helps me. ahahhahahahaaa.

  4. Squirrels are funny! We have one in the tree outside who yells at us and the cats whenever we go out there in the morning. Thankfully the porch is screened in so all he can do is yell. He even chases the birds away...that's HIS tree!

  5. Oh man! I miss pecan season! I used to be like your squirrels when I was a kid living in Louisiana. Of course, I never really collected them so much as ate them right off the ground. :P

    BTW, I have a little thank you for you over at da blog. :)

  6. Down the shore, the little monsters have to have more imagination. I found one of my hanging baskets, plants dug out, on the ground... and a blueberry muffin planted right in the middle of the basket!!!!! I thought it was a gient mushroom at first!!!!


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