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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Next??! Relatives??

Who hath sent this plague upon thee? First it's squirrels, then roaches, now my relatives snakes?!! What did I do to deserve this my minions? I'm a good girl, I am!

Yesterday, the reason why I wasn't posting, because I try to be faithful to you my minions and post everyday, or I'll lose you all to others.... well you know. Anywho, I had to go outside and try to get this snake that was terrorizing my Bostons. I know, I know. What in the hell could terrorize a Boston Terrorist besides a squirrel, you may ask? A Coral snake. YES!!! One of my family members. You know the saying, "Red to yellow, kill a fellow; red to black, venom lack "  A pretty little deadly Coral snake was slithering into my yard and the puppies wanted to play with it. Actually Spunky alerted me to it when I was taking out the trash. I saw it moving in the grass near the walkway David built out of bricks and I immediately called them into the house. But you know dogs they like to play with deadly things so I had to bribe them by giving them some chicken I had chopped up for some homemade penicillin chicken soup. They came romping into the house and I gave them the bits of chicken. Then I grabbed my pellet gun and ran outside to kill the snake but it was faster. It slithered into a hole near the gas meter pipe that leads under the house. SHIT!!  Now I'd have to stay outside when the dogs have to go, off and on all day long. What a way to spend the day. It was pretty much shot.

This kind of snake wasn't coming out until dark but you never know if it was hungry or not and where there is one there are others. So I called my neighbors to warn them. My neighbor 2 houses down from us said he killed one this morning he found under some bricks he was going to use. Everyone else was on alert.

I decided to tape my  flashlight to my Luger pellet gun and wait until morning to get the little bugger. My patience paid off. About 3 am this morning I got dressed and crept outside with my gun and killed it.  It was in my garden looking for something to eat obviously. I won't gore you with the nasty details or put pictures of it on my page cause I felt sorry for killing such a pretty animal. It was only doing what it does naturally.  I wasn't going to take any chances on getting bit,  not with my luck. So now you know how I spent my day yesterday.  


  1. oh my! what drama- I can see you lurking around your backyard with gun and light in hand.
    I hope no others come out to play!

  2. The pups are lucky to have you! And don't worry about not blogging everyday. You won't lose me!

  3. Did ya skin it ta make dem boots you've been a wantin'? - J

  4. Good idea with the pellet gun. I remember living in Florida where folks are just as worried about coral snakes. I've heard of drivers going out of their way to run over them if they see them in neighborhoods. Sad for the snake, but no so much for the pets and kids who don't know to stay away.


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