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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where In The World Is Leeanna

Seguin Dam, Guadalupe River
Everyone, Well not everyone, more like a few of you who don't really know me, have been wondering where in the hell do I live. Well Texas of coarse.
  But where??? Oh hell It's in Seguin Texas my dear minions. Seguin is pronounced Sah-geen. The town used to be called Walnut Springs but they changed it to Seguin in honor of Col. Juan Seguin the man who ran for help for the Alamo. Seguin is one of the oldest towns, settled in 1838 by Frontier Rangers. It's a small town of about 21,000 give or take a few with the Guadalupe river running through it. We are also a college town for Texas Lutheran Univ. We are the County seat for Guadalupe county and just outside of San Antonio. We are just off I-10 highway between San Antonio and Houston.
David and I are crazy weekenders that love to ride around, sometimes with the dogs. Our favorite haunts are New Braunfels which is a small German styled town, also I used to work there at their hospital. NB is about 13 miles from us. San Marcos is a small college town. Home of Southwest College. We can take the scenic route up there through the Hill Country. It's so darned pretty. Then we also like to take the real country road from San Marcos to Luling. It's home of the Luling sausages and Watermelon Thump. They say it smells of money... it's just the oil wells pumping. Nasty smell!!
So now you know where I live. Are ya happy now? ;P


  1. Oh sure, now you're rubbing it in. tee hee. You have two adorable flying monkey dressed pugs, live in the hill country of Texas with the bluebonnets and cute little German towns and close to the most cosmopolitan city I have ever visited and they have a wonderful festival in April and you have a fun blog and well dang I'm gonna have to go calm my old green self down now. whew.

  2. I promise to not feed him any blond brains... ever.

  3. okay i swear Im gonna make it to texas one day

  4. I miss being in Texas. Leeanna, please cast a spell that the winds will pick me up and land me in Texas.


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