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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Blog Year To Me

I seem to have lost a minion or two. Please remember you must return your Laser Death Rays and costumes within 24 hours of leaving the Dominion. Or pay the consequences, what ever those things are.

 Mmmkay, I'm in a nice little Valium / Hydrocodone  fog today so let's not waste it. I was looking around and found out my ass blog is approximately one year old this week, give or take a few days. Yeppers, I was in here sounding off and writing my first thoughts if you can call them that about a whole year ago. Wow, how time flies when you're gathering minions. I have also found so many friends along the way too. I never knew blogging would be so much fun.

 If I could I'd have the puppies blog in my place cause all they are is foreign children dressed in fuzzy clothes with a speech impediment. But then all they would talk about is the cats across the street selling nip to the kittens next door, trying to get them hooked and shit. Or the time they almost caught a squirrel. Lucy would just blog about her mailman boyfriend, the little hussy. But I will spare you the trials and tribulations of puppies that blog.

 Be as it may I am in a world of hurt lately and being drugged up and no place to go, I will be cutting my blogging time down to a few days a week. Now the deal is I won't tell you when I'll be blogging cause I won't know either. It will be on a how fucked up am I kind of thing. If I feel good then I'll blog my heart out. So for now I'm going to call this a week and go sack out for a bit. I have such a buzzzzzzz.


  1. Happy Blogaversary! We love having you!

  2. Ever since I have come found your blog I have enjoyed it!!! Keep blogging....when you can that is. Hope you get to feeling abit better soon! =]

  3. I think blogging while high in the voice of one of your puppies = a total fucking rockstar win.

    Hoping you feel better soon so that you can drive your happyass over here and we can have a valium hydrocodone induced pontification of the universe while stuffing our facing with Doritos.

    Love you sistergirl!

  4. Happy Blogaversary to you! I really hope you get to feeling better. You make blogland such a far more interesting place to visit!

  5. Happy one year to you and your blog. so glad that I fell into it. Sea Witch


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