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Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Rant Friday

I'm back for more punishment my dear minions. So much has happened since I took my little hiatus. Dark Mother has left us again and I hope she get's the itch to come back and tickle our fancy again soon. Going to miss that crazy witch.

I went to see my doctor for pain meds and had to get another MRI cause it's been a year since the last one and he thinks I might have done something worse to my back this time instead of just popping the disc. So I have an appointment next week to see what the MRI results are. Still got no pain meds and I'm hurting like a bitch on PMS. David's best friend had a popped disc and had surgery to put in a few rods  and screws and he is still in a butt load of pain. Kinda makes me want to say no if the doc says surgery. But we will see.

Since my back got screwed up and I ended up in the ER almost 3 weekends ago, David won't let me do a damned thing and that includes house work. It pisses me off cause all he does is rant and bitch like an old lady namely my mother if I do anything around here. Shit, I asked him to get me some potting soil so I could repot some plants and flowers and he made me watch him do it while I had to tell him how. Then he get's all Farmer Ted on me and goes out and buys four tomato plants, puts them into bigger pots and won't let me water them.

Last Sunday was Easter as usual and all the Christians in town went to church. David and I were outside talking about how he wanted to tear up the other side of the yard and put down some grass and flowers. Our neighbors came home and said Happy Easter to which I replied Happy Ostara. She looked at me funny and asked what that was. David hurried me into the house before I could say anything. I know she will ask what it was that I said in due time. And then I will explain. She is very Christian but she has an open mind. David just didn't want to see anything started that day I guess. Whatever.

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  1. I'm refusing to take down DM's button. Won't. Do it. Good luck with your back, my Mom had a slipped disc in her back and managed to avoid surgery with chiropractic appointments and PT.


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