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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What A Wonderful Weekend I Had ;P

Okay my minions, I'm back for a little while. I need to let you all know that I'm having a bit of a problem with my back. This is in no way trying to get any sympathy from y'all but a little is nice, ahahahaha. I hate being the proverbial Lead Balloon but last week Wednesday I was outside picking up some dead grass that David had tilled up and left in a pile. Knowing me I hate things out of place and I grabbed some trash bags and picked it up and set them up next to the trash cans for weekly trash pickup.

Only thing, is that while I was doing the picking up of the dead grass, I felt a light pop in my lower back. I finished the job but the pain started to hit hard so I took a hot shower and then went to ice my back down. It was still hurting when David came home so I was in bed on the heating pad and he was icing it for me. I spent most of my time trying to stay comfortable thinking this will go away like it always does bit I was getting worse.

Saturday afternoon right after lunch,I couldn't take it anymore so David took me to the ER here in town cause I knew I wouldn't make the long trek to New Braunfels. When I was getting out of the car my back popped really loud and David even heard it.We were the only people in the ER except for the Code Blue that was being worked on. I understood the urgency of the matter and  blew it off. Finally the doctor was able to see me. I wasn't able to sit or lay down at all and walking was like walking through mush four feet high. Each step was so hard to take. The pain was so bad that I remember asking David to kill me.

The doc wanted to get an x-ray and I said it wasn't possible unless he knocked me out with a mallet.  He left and the nurse came in with IV goodies and set me up with an IV in the right hand and gave me three humongous syringes full of goodies that made my day. I was never so happy in all my life after she did that. David said I slept for about two hours while they got the x-rays and an MRI of my lower back.

Found out I have two slipped discs L3, L4. And the disc for L5 is completely gone and has a severely pinched nerve . So I am on Valium and Hydrocodon, yep good stuff.I wish it was something much better but don't look a gift horse I always say. I have called my pain doc and I have an appointment next Monday and hopefully we can get in to burn some nerve s on the facets ASAP. I will have to have total lower back surgery soon but I hate the thought of the knife. So I'm putting it off for now.

So just that you all know my dears. I am fine and dandy and I will be on to give you a glimpse into my crazy life when I am able and I will be looking into your's now and the too. I love you all very much.
Ciao Bella
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