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Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Bites!!

So far 2012 is the shits for me. My knees are so freaking swollen from the cold and sometimes wet weather that it's hard to walk or exercise. But I am trying hard to keep going and doing what I need to do. So to let you all know, we didn't get to go on the road trip like I wanted.

David is sooooooo like a freaking mother hen! He took one look at my swollen knees and called off the trip. Instead he took off the whole week to take care of me and work on the cabinets, which are bitchin! The man is talented for sure.

So in between doing my exercises and going on small walks around the yard with him and the puppies, it's been pure fun, yeah right. I am stuck in bed most of the time with my knees up on pillows with ice packs to bring down the swelling. And high on pain killers which most of the time knock me out. The only reason why I'm on the laptop is cause David went to get more paint and some more goodies from Home Desperate Depot. Otherwise, I won't be on unless he takes a slow boat to China.
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