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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Busy Shit Saturday

Holy shit-balls Batman!!!  The stuff David and I did in just one morning. Wow! First, he went and bought a new Router, which we dearly needed cause our old one was like farting dust all the time. which lead to upgrading the computers in the media room, including "Little Hal" my mini Hp laptop. So that is done.

My sweet ride -2004 Honda Accord 
Then we both went out and tried to get my car stereo back on. When David took to to get the sticker updated they unhooked the battery which changed the stereo code on the anti theft dealy bopper. Damned Honda!! So we tried to put in the old code but we didn't know the code had changed. What a major bitch! So I called the Honda dealership to see if we could get help without taking the "Rice Burner" down there.

I finally got some asshole cause he acted like it. Yes, I already emailed a scathing hot nasty letter to the manager about their service people.  Anywho, we accessed the new code through the guy and he gave us the new code. Then the bastard hung up on me! No problemo, you'll hear from me shithead. So I put in the new code and it worked. I set David's radio stations "on my car" and then went back inside. It was freezing out there and my legs were hurting.

Then David left for errands "in my car" because he likes all the surround  speakers I have in it. And his music sounds better than in his truck. His excuse to use my car is that it uses less gas. Yeah, whatever!

So now he's out getting my prescriptions and playing around in Wally World. Then he said he will be going to Home Desperate to see about getting side rails for the old kitchen drawers and the pull handles I wanted. So he will be out for at least an hour, which means I can play on "Little Hal" for a bit and write a few posts for Monday and Tuesday.


  1. I hope your knees improve soon. At least you can surf the net now -- that's a fun thing to do while recuperating!

  2. Glad to see you are on. Hope the knees are doing good.


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